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Fizik Antares R3 Kium Rail Road Saddle
Now available in 2 widths, 142mm and 152mm to provide the perfect fit for more riders, regular and large. Use the Spine Concept Evo system to find your perfect fit. The Antares is 1 of fi'zi:k's 3 Spine Concept™ Mens Road Saddle shapes. Of these 3, the Antares shape is wide and slightly curved in profile.
If you have an intermediate degree of spinal flexibility (approximately 90 degrees between your straight legs and your back when bending over as far as you can, keeping your legs straight a shoulders' width apart), you are a chameleon. Your degree of spinal flexibility helps you so far, before you need to rotate your pelvis slightly to achieve fully the performance position.
  • Shell: Composite glass co-injected Nylon WingFlex
  • Rail: fi'zi:k kium 
  • Cover: Microtex
  • Thigh Glides: Microtex
  • Integrated Clip System: Yes
  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: 142mm (regular) / 152mm (large)
  • Weight: 200g (regular) / 205g (large)
Antares / Chameleon - a slight curve towards the rear of the saddle, slightly wider than the arione.  Provides some pelvic rotation support whilst still allowing some movement of the rider on the saddle.
Paul B This is a fantastic saddle, definitely the most comfortable I've ever used. The Spine Concept EVO guide on the Fizik website gives you a very simple way to determine which saddle will suit you best (just be honest about your flexibility). The finish is top notch as you'd expect and the addition of the ICS clip means you can add a variety of accessories for a very clean look. My Ortlieb Micro ICS saddle bag clips straight in and is as solid as a rock. Great service and delivery from Merlin too
Mr Lee Got 4 road bikes all with Fizik Antares saddles really good product and great price and service from Merlin.
Maywood Great looking saddle. Really love Fizik, had an Ardea before and bought this for my new bike. Like the 3 categories idea with Fizik, seems to work, or at least it has for me.
Luc Excellent service as usual from Merlin Cycles. Good saddle, it's not my first Antares so I knew what to expect.
Stephen Supportive but comfortable. Used Fiziks fit guide.
Mr Matevish Good fit and finish. Despite being what Fizik recommended for my body type, it's still a little uncomfortable at times. That said, I rode a century and came away feeling fine, so it might just be in my head.
Mr Lim I cannot say this is the most comfortable saddle I have ever used, however this is an excellent saddle. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for the best saddle around 100quid.
Mr Allsopp Comfy saddle and looks great especially with the new style rails in the darker finish.