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Formula RX Disc Brakes - Front & Rear Set is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Formula RX Disc Brakes - Front & Rear Set
Formula RX Disc Brakes - Front & Rear SetFormula RX Disc Brakes - Front & Rear Set

This item was discontinued 10th February 2015.

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As the perfect brake for any XC or All Mountain/Enduro application, the RX features a radial master cylinder that combines with a one-piece caliper equipped with 22mm diameter pistons. This translates into lots of power and modulation while leading its category at a low 341 grams.

Master Cylinder:

  •  Removable handlebar clamp
  •  Flip-Flop master cylinder assembly
  •  Hard anodized MC piston
  •  Laser etched logos
  •  Full Set - Price Includes Front & Rear Brake + 2 x Rotors
  •  Front Hose 800mm / Post Mount
  •  Rear Hose 1400mm / I.S Mount



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Top quality Italian design and engineering. They look fantastic on the bike and the flash of red on the calipers really draw the eye. This was an Xmas present to myself to breathe new life into my old scott frame from 1997 and these formula brakes have brought my setup into the 21st century with a bang. Once installed and I pulled the lever on the front disk for the first time the whole bike vibrated with how grippy the action was on the rotor. A quick look in the instructions revealed how easy it is to dial some softness into the action. All in all a great product I am extremely pleased with.
My second pair. Work for me with no issues over all terrain (North Wales, Peaks, Lakes)
These are my first disc brakes and they seem to work in the same way as my trusty old V's... I pull the lever and my bike stops. I was concerned that there might be an all or nothing effect with them but there is a good range of modulation. Overall really pleased with the purchase and am unlikely to go back to V brakes.
Excellent Brakes. Unbeatable value for money. Light in weight, excellent in both design and construction, easy to fit and tweak, outstandingly strong braking performance and very good modulation. They are totally reliable too. This is the third set of Formula RX brakes that I have purchased from Merlin. I think I have made my point.
I purchased these brakes as an upgrade to my avid Elixir 5s which I was having problems with. The price that Merlin had them up for was amazing, they were delivered very quick, I fitted them that day, very easy to do they were already bled, hoses where perfect length for my 29" hardtail. I bedded them in by doing 20 hard braking stops then cooling them with water.They stop you so easy, one finger braking, front brake has a buzzing sound when braking hard which sounds great. These are the 160mm rotors compared to my old 180mm rotors, but stop much better, size isn't important!! Great brakes, Great service Merlin.
Amazing brakes very powerful & easy 1 finger braking. I was planing to replace my existing brakes in the new year & was planing to go for Shimano XT started to look around & went for the Formula's with over 60"/" off it was a no brainer. Usual Merlin service ordered on Friday pm delivered on Saturday amazing!
Excellent product at a very reasonable price. Formidable stopping power and smooth modulation even with the 160 mm rotors. No "bedding in" period required perfect from the outset and no issues at all over the 4 day / 180 miles of the Pennine Bridleway recently completed plus still going strong. Also arrived the day after ordering, all in all very impressive
The best you can get in my opinion, proper one finger braking, superb.
I have been using these brakes virtually every day for 5 months now and I have to say that they are excellent! The rotors look too small to be effective but have fantastic stopping power. Pads bedded in easily and with the adjustable reach on the levers this is a great bonus.
Easy to fit and set up. Good modulation and reach setup. Cable length was good for my hardtail.
Fantastic stoppers at a fantastic price. Vast improvement over the Avid Elixir 3s that they replaced. The Avids needed an overhaul and after pricing up the parts, it was a no-brainer just to upgrade thanks to Merlin's discounts. I was concerned that going up to 203mm rotors would be a bit overkill for a slack AM hardtail, but the modulation is great and the power is all useable. Would definitely recommend Formula brakes.
Great brakes! I have a Shimano XT on my other bike and they perform pretty much the same. The Formula looks a lot better!
Great brakes, great stopping power, easy to maintain, has a beautiful design and has the best mechanism. In any type of terrain it works very well. Recommend to everyone.
Great Price! great product! front one could possibly do with a bleed as its using most of its lever travel compared to the rear but that will only take me a few minutes. Very happy.
Quality product, however don't buy this set if you have a full suss bike where the cables route below the bottom bracket, as even on a small frame a 1400mm hose for the rear brake (as supplied in this kit) is too short.
Fantastic brake. A little patience is needed to set up, plus the pads took time to break in, but once everything settled, amazing! Stupid top end power.
Really love these brakes Changed from my avid elixir 7 The stopping power is great and for a full brake set you won't get cheaper on the net
Arrived ready to go .....just put on bike and away I went .....good quality and well made also easy to fit ......would highly recommend...........
I am happy with the brake now it is fitted and I have been for several bike rides. I have had no trouble stopping even on some fairly rough gravity fed trails. The brake is bang on for looks and is a doddle to install. In my opinion they could do with more reach adjustment and any feel adjustment would be good, but they are a very solid brake and a bargain at this price really.
Received my item within a couple of days of purchase as promised. Brakes are in immaculate order, at such a fantastic price there is no room for complaints. Brakes fitted and have been blasting them round my local Forest. 2 thumbs up merlin cycles, I will definitely recommend you to my riding buds
Great stopping power and well-designed. This is my second set of RX brakes, and though the first set squeaked for 6 months, they functioned better than any brakes I've ever owned, and that eventually went away (sintered pads helped). The price is incredible for these brakes and Merlin was great in shipping and speed.
Highly recommend. Top built quality for the price category, excellent stopping power. Very good service as usual from Merlin.
A high quality essential bit of kit for an amazingly low purchase price! As a long term advocate of V brakes for commuter use I was initially sceptical of advantages of performance vs weight gain. However for no real extra weight i've gained significant brakinhg power and enhanced safety. A must for all city commuters!
Outstanding value for a full set including discs. Mine came with longer hoses than advertised - 1000mm fr and 1650mm rr, so they will comfortably fit a 6inch travel full suss. Bought these for my hardtail, but at this price I'm thinking of get another set for my full suss.
Very Very good value product. Hassle free service, very swift too! I have used Merlin several times; never disappointing. 10/10!
Italian precision braking at incredible value from Merlin, having been searching for a suitable affordable upgrade for my brakes I have to commend the excellent value and quality supplied with my new Formula RX braking set along with the over sized 203mm rotors and fitting kit. The brakes arrived bled and ready to fit so far they have worked well and my only tip would be to buy some sintered pads as the resin ones aren't my favorite. Thanks again Dougie
BRILLIANT VALUE & OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!! I ordered these Formular brakes as an upgrade of the stock Elixir 1's on my Rockhopper after riding a pair whilst in The Alps earlier this year. The brakes themselves are of exceptional quality, well built and were easy to install as they came already bleed. After a few hours riding and a little play with the reach adjust these are working beautifully. They bite very early into the lever stroke and stop the bike almost dead. Those that like a slightly "spongier" feel to their brakes and a little more modulation may not love these as much as I do but I have to say that these are the best stoppers I've had the privellige of owning. Excellent service from Merlin, I ordered these at lunchtime and received them the following morning, superb service and a reason for me to keep Merlin in my Favourites list for future purchases. 5 out of 5
Light weight, and relatively cheap. Pads didn't take long to break in, and good power once they had, even with only 160mm on the front. Rear brake was not perfectly bled out of the box and no instructions came with the package, but all tech info is easy to find on the net