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Fulcrum Racing 5 Clincher Wheelset - 2014
Fulcrum Racing 5 Clincher Wheelset - 2014

This item was discontinued 17th June 2016.

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The Racing 5 has been re-designed for 2014 with two purposes in mind.  Firstly to reduce the weight, and secondly to increase the reactivity of the wheels.  The weight has been reduced by 115g overall and the reactivity is up by 4%.

Racing 5 are designed for everyday use and training. An optimum proposal from Fulcrum which guarantees excellent quality.

  • Oversized hubs with flanges for blade hammer-head spokes and sealed high-quality bearings ensure smoothness.
  • The rear wheel incorporates a new single-piece body which embodies the freewheel body and pawl carrier in a single component resulting in a considerable weight reduction.
  • Fulcrum 2:1 spoke ratio on rear wheeldouble the number of spokes on the drive side for greater wheel stability and improved power transfer in the rear wheel. 20 radial aero spokes on front wheel24 on rear.
  • The wheels have two oversized spokes to balance the concentration of the rim joint material during wheel rotation, Fulcrum call this Dynamic Balance.
  • The Racing 5's also have a deep upper bridge on the rim to facilitate clincher tyre fitting.
  • Shimano/Sram model will work 9, 10 or 11 speed


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Well built wheels that roll faster than you would expect! I've already increased my average speeds and am clearing ride sections quicker than before. Amazing price too. Can only imagine how good the top level Fulcrums must be!
Excellent wheels for the money. Vast improvement on the standard wheels that came in my defy 2. These roll well and are very smooth. Spoke configuration gives them strength and also adds to their overall look, which, as with all upgrades, is very important! Would recommend them without a doubt
Got this set of wheels to replace my old factory supplied wheels. It's definitely an upgrade, they feel great, lighter but sturdy and have a nice sound to them as well. Can't find any faults at all so far. Two points to add, this set can accomodate cassettes from 8-11 gears. The spacer ring supplied with the wheel works perfectly with my 8 speed cassette, although on the spacer itself it states "for 9/10 gear cassette". The rear wheel rim is asymmetric, so the valve doesn't look like it is in the middle but it is really, it's how they are designed.
Laced the same as Fulcrum's cycle-cross wheel minus a second hub seal, these are great wheels for city cycling. The weight, the stiffness and ther price are an amazing combination. Highly recommended!
Massive difference to past Racing 5's, awesome spin up
Very smooth wheels and a lot stiffer than the wheels that came with the bike. For the price the quality is very good. The nice machined track on the rim has improved braking as well. Nice ratchet sound too...
These wheels were a big upgrade from the factory set on my Raleigh Revenio. Much stronger (no spoke creak), light weight and fast rolling. I also like the fact that they are wider and easily accommodate 25mm+ tires which my old wheels would not.
Fantastic set of wheels , strong and roll very well. I've already hit some big potholes and catseys and these wheels seem unfased. The bearings are silky smooth and seem to glide effortlessly . I only went for these particular wheels because I recently purchased a set of Fulcrum Red Power XL for my MTB and again silky smooth and very strong. If i did have any sort of niggle with these rims , that would be that the join in them is out by a few micron so when braking there is a small lip that catches every revolution but i'm sure over time it will wear down.
Bought as an upgrade to my heavy wheels. Added at least 1-1.5km/h to my overall speed. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for an upgrade to their cheap stock wheels.
Spins up easy, very little rolling resistance when paired with Conti 4000s. Cornering feels planted and predictable. Very responsive set, power goes straight to the road.
For winter training wheels, with Conti 4 seasons fitted, these are great, and roll really well. Usual Fulcrum high quality, and really well packaged.
Great wheels. Lighter than earlier versions, stiff, responsive, and very good value.
Great set of wheels and came built perfectly true. Bang for buck I can't think of a better wheelset out there if you want a reliable set of training wheels that come in at a respectable weight.