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Fulcrum Quattro Wheelset 2013
Fulcrum Quattro Wheelset 2013Fulcrum Quattro Wheelset 2013Fulcrum Quattro Wheelset 2013Fulcrum Quattro Wheelset 2013

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The Racing Quattro Wheelset boasts a deep section clincher profile of 35mm, probably the best value aero wheel available.  Not only are these wheels aero but Fulrum have managed to keep the weight of the wheelset down to just 1710g, that's better than many similarly specced shallow section wheels.  The Quattro's come with straight pull aero spokes and red anodised nipples, coupled with stealth decals to finish off an impressive wheelset.  Offering everything from an aero profile to Fulcrum's legendary durability and a competitive weight these are a leading all-round road and triathlon wheelset.


  • 35mm alloy aero profile clincher rim
  • 16 stainless steel, straight pull AERO spokes on the front and 21 on the rear.
  • New aluminium antirotation system hub with adjustable industrial bearing.
  • Fulcrum’s very durable fully sealed cartridge bearing hubs
  • Mega Drive hub flange for excellent power transfer
  • Great looking graphics and red alloy oversize spoke nipples
  • Weight only: 1710g
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Truly a great wheelset. They are a much higher quality build than the price would suggest. I absolutely love these! The 35mm rim depth gives you the feel of aero wheels on the flats while they still roll like climbing wheels. I will upgrade eventually, but probably to the Quattro carbons!
I am very satisfied with these wheels. They are very smooth and much quieter than any of my previous wheels. They feel very stiff and strong also. As expected they are a slightly more difficult to handle in cross winds, but hardly enough to mention. I have put about 500 miles on them with no issues. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a good wheel at a reasonable price.
Wheels are amazing value for money. Replaced my stock wheels on my Allez elite and what difference. They roll well and although not the lightest wheels around they are much lighter than my stock mavic CXPs. They are well built, they also look like they should cost twice as much as they do. Overall , bike feels lighter an more responsive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these for all but the serious racer, where the weight will be an issue.
The wheels roll well on the flats compared to my previous Shimano stock wheels. I was able shave 4 min off my time on my local 50k TT course. But they are a bit heavy, I didn't notice much difference when doing a 5 k climb (as expected).
With Merlins competitive pricing and shipping to Hawaii of all places, these were a perfect upgrade from being on OEM/base Mavics. I wanted a bomb proof set for every day training on Hawaii's terrible roads. These fit the bill as I wanted to retain the alloy braking abilities for safety. These roll well and spin up great, feel solid and no problems so far. Great looking wheels for the price and came very well packaged by Fulcrum.
Best looking wheelset that I can afford for my bike. Made a big difference on my everyday ride from work to home. I bought this wheel set with a pair of Continental GP4000sll tires and these tires really love the Southern California road. Great on cornering and very responsive. Thank you Merlin Cycle for taking care of my package. Really love this wheelset bundle!!
Best price anywhere and believe me I searched. Came well packaged and as advertised. Lighter than expected no problems climbing hills and overall pace up .5-1 mph on familiar route.
Excellent wheelset, added some overall speed to my long rides. Bought the bundle set with Continental GP4000II tyres - definitely recommend the tyres also. The box came with the spacer required to fit a 9 speed SRAM cassette. Also, good delivery service from DPD. Couldnt be happier.
These are my second pair of aftermarket wheels. Nice deep Aero rim which took a little getting used to in crosswinds. Roll beautifully. Unlike another review, I find these to be a little loud, for my taste, while coasting. Were delivered to the States in perfect rolling condition. 400 miles on these in last two weeks, Love them. Would definitely purchase these again. Amazing price from Merlin!
Smooth & strong wheels. Only been on one ride since mounting them but first impression is a great, solid wheelset. Rolls smooth, climbs very well and corners awesome! I'm a large guy(215lbs) so a solid wheel is important, these quattro's feel bombproof!
What a fantastic wheelset! I have a training set of open pro's laced to 32 hole rims and this was an upgrade well worth my money. 1700grams and 33mm deep with butter smooth hubs. A great buy for a cyclist on a budget!
First run on these at the weekend with the Conti GP4000s II's fitted, amazing. A world away from the stock wheels I had fitted to my Felt F95. They keep rolling up hills which is a huge benefit, I no longer need to get out of the saddle at the slightest of inclines. First Strava KOM, hopefully not the last. Looking forward to summer riding with these fitted.
After much research I decided to go for these over the racing zero's. Looking at the Fulcrum website, there was little difference to separate the two of them, with these having a slight 'aero' advantage. So the result, they are awesome, I have done 3 rides with them, a little try out, a slightly longer route and a long ride in the wind yesterday, the results are amazing and it's not a placebo effect. They are much faster than the stock wheels, roll beautifully and climb really well, my Strava times have gone through the roof without trying! The bundle deal from Merlin also was excellent, well happy. oh and they look great on the bike too :-)
I had a set of these wheels on my new tt bike liked them so much got a set for my road bike - they are stiff but responsive with average weight
Good solid wheels for the money. They do come in 100 grams more then advertised but that does not matter. The bearings feel great and best of the they are almost silent when coasting!!! My racing 7's from 4 years ago are obnoxiously loud. The wheels look really nice too. Some wheels in this price range look cheap. Fulcrum paid lots of attention to detail
Very pleased with my wheels, great quality, fairly light, build quality excellent. They've made a huge difference to the way my bike handles and feels , oh and they look great !
Good looking wheels for the price. Quality finish and well made. They were delivered in perfect condition. Very pleased with the purchase.
Superb wheels. I've had them 11 months now and are as straight as they were new. Have had a few spokes turn but that's easy to sort. 10 out of 10.
Only been out once on these so far, but seem to hold speed very well. Acceleration also feels very good. Very solid quality wheel set. Very impressed with the weight, fully built up with tyres cassette etc, only 110g heavier than my RS81 C24's (same tyres/tubes) ..... Oh, and they look damn sweet to boot :-) All in all, can't really go wrong with Merlin's great prices
Fast, smooth, and great looking set of wheels. These replaced an aging set of Ksyriums. Much smoother ride. Great price and fast shipping. Always a pleasure buying from these guys.
Very attractive wheels for the price. Performance is better than expected.
Straight out of the box these wheels are awesome.. I bought them to be my training wheels, but they might actually race with these.. Stiff = Speed!!
I upgraded to this wheelset from my Shimano RS30 standard set and the difference is quite noticeable. These wheels roll very well on flat ground and have increased my downhill speed as well. Climbing is adequate, though this is to be expected from wheels with an aero profile. They are a great value at the price as well and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good mid-level aero wheelset.
A good wheel set and a worthy upgrade to my C'Dale CAAD 8. They are stiff under load and have improved aerodynamics enabling me to maintain higher cruising speeds over distance. The rear hub has good number engagement teeth so pick up is noticeably better. Out of the box the wheels were true and have great balance when spun. I cant comment on longevity after only 250 km but the build quality is good. Overall a great wheelset
Absolutely love these. Didnt want to get the 3's 'cause just too pricey for me, but these babies made such a difference on the mavic's I had on the bike..spin forever and reduced my 1 hour commute by 10 mins...great looking wheels also......
This was my first proper upgrade to my stock bike. Firstly the wheels look great and make a big difference to the look of the bike. More importantly I suppose, I've noticed a real difference in performance and speed especially when climbing. All in all a great wheelset.
I really like the new Quattro wheel set from Fulcrum. I had a pair of Fulcrum Racing 5s on prior to buying these and I would say the Quattros are about 10% stiffer. So far they have given me 100 trouble free miles. For the heavier riders who are probably wondering what I was before purchasing these , I weigh 210lbs and they seem to cope just fine.
Only done 60kms on them so far but so far so good. Seem to roll much better than my stock standard wheels. Delivered damage free, great service from Merlin.
Cracking wheels, well build, straight as a dye and they feel fast. They also look pretty good as well which obviously helps!
Fantastic upgrade to the factory wheels that come with entry level bikes. Once you get above 25kph you definitely notice the difference with having an aero rim. I've taken them out on some long flat runs (100km +) where they really come into their own, but they are also great on very hilly rides (2000m +) where they are reasonably light for the ascents and fast, and responsive for the descents. I spent ages deciding on whether to go for the Mavic Cosmic Elites or this model and I do not regret my choice. Furthermore, they are a lot better value than the Mavic model aforementioned, and look better too!
What can I say - really beautiful wheels. Waiting for some warmer days to go out on them but look tremendous on my bike. Then envy of my cycling friends. Merlin price and the delivery as always superb. Recommend them to friends who all agree.
Excellent wheels. Aerodynamic and sharp looking. Workmanship is top notch. I looked at a lot of wheels and this set was by far the best value. Merlin Cylces rocks!
I haven't ridden on them much yet, but so far they seem pretty great.