Garmin Vector 2 Road Bike Pedal Power Meter
Garmin Vector 2 Road Bike Pedal Power MeterGarmin Vector 2 Road Bike Pedal Power MeterGarmin Vector 2 Road Bike Pedal Power Meter
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Garmin Vector 2 Road Bike Pedal Power Meter


How does it work?

The concept behind Vector is powerfully simple — measure your power output at the pedal, where force is applied. Vector measures the slight deflection of the pedal spindle through your entire pedal stroke, measuring the force vectors and using this data to calculate power.

Power is an objective measure of your cycling performance on any given day, independent of environmental conditions or how you feel. Using power meters like the Vector 2 and Vector 2S allows you to gauge your training intensity with unprecedented precision. Working seamlessly with a compatible Garmin device, it helps you train smarter.

With the dual-sensing Vector 2, the force sensors are housed in both pedals, so it can independently measure power from each leg and report total power as well as the balance between your right and left leg. The dual-sensing Vector 2 also provides access to advanced cycling dynamics data.

In addition to total power, Vector 2 records cadence and a variety of power metric. Dual-sensing Vector 2 models even provide advanced cycling dynamics. All of your data can be accessed from your compatible Garmin device and in Garmin Connect™, our free online fitness community.

Dual-sensing Vector 2 owners can take their training even further with revolutionary cycling dynamics that show you where power is being applied throughout the entire pedal stroke. It also indicates where force is being applied on the pedal, as well as when and how long you were in the seated and standing positions.

Easy to use

The Vector system not only changes how power is measured, but also changes how cyclists get power — making it extremely easy to buy and install. With additional crank arm clearance — in thickness and width —Vector fits almost any bike. The standard pedal pods fit crank arms 12-15 mm in thickness and up to 44 mm in width. The large pedal pods fit crank arms 15-18mm in thickness and up to 44mm in width. 

In the past, owning a power meter was a complicated process and involved some mechanical trade-offs or considerations for your bike. Vector 2 changes all that. Now you can walk into your local bike shop, walk out with a Vector 2 power meter in hand and install it yourself in minutes.

The new Vector 2 design simplifies the installation process even beyond that of its predecessor, removing the need to determine if additional washers must be added. This new design also makes it even easier to swap the power meter between bikes quickly. Software updates are easy to install as enhancements are made and you can replace the battery (2032 coin cell) yourself.



  • On the dual-sensing Vector 2, the force sensors are housed in both pedals giving individual measurements from each leg
  • Standard pedal pods fit crank arms 12-15mm in thickness and up to 38mm in width
  • Large pedal pods fit crank arms 15-18mm in thickness and up to to 44mm in width
  • The cutting edge piezo resistive silicon strain gauges are protected and sealed inside each Vector pedal axle, requiring no recalibration or adjustment
  • Bespoke Keo-compatible carbon-bodied pedals designed specifically for Vector mean that the entire system only adds 30 grams of weight compared to composite Look Keo 2 Max's
  • Switch easily from bike to bike; once installed Vector 2 recalibrates in seconds making it perfect for those with multiple bikes
  • Integrated cadence sensor removes need for separate chain stay sensor
  • Pedal pods are neatly positioned adjacent to the crank, powered by replaceable lithium 2032 batteries with 175 hour runtime
  • Vector works with any power compatible ANT head unit
  • Weight - 160g (320g pair)


Some of the Power Metrics Vector records:

  • Left/Right balance
  • Power average at various time intervals
  • Training Stress Score (TSS)
  • Normalised Power (NP)
  • Intensity Factor (IF)
  • Total power in watts
  • Overall kilojoules
  • Torque effectiveness (TE)
  • Pedal smoothness (PS)


Compatible devices:

  • Edge 500, 510, 800, 810, and 1000
  • Forerunner 910XT and 920XT


Box includes:

  • 2 x pedals
  • 2 x standard tether pods
  • 2 x sets of cleats with 6 degree of float
  • ANT USB stick for updating firmware
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