Gemini 4-Cell Battery
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Gemini 4-Cell BatteryGemini 4-Cell BatteryGemini 4-Cell Battery
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Gemini 4-Cell Battery
Rated at 8000mAh the Gemini super high capacity lithium-ion cells set a benchmark for energy density. At 15Wh per cell, the 4-Cell Battery 60Wh has the power to keep you going for much longer. USB-C is the new standard and Gemini are 100% on board. The reversible 24-pin USB-C connector means saying goodbye to figuring out which way it goes in.
In addition to charging the 4-Cell Battery, the intelligent USB-C port allows for charging of other USB devices, such as your phone. A durable outer shell made of high strength polycarbon has yielded an increase in double the impact protection from the previous generation.
  • 4-Cell Battery 60Wh 7.4V 8000mAh
  • Lithium Ion 4000mAh Cells
  • DC Port Input 8.4V, USB-C Input 5.0V
  • DC Port Output 6.0–8.2V, USB-C Output 5.0V
  • Onboard fuel gauge
*The 4-Cell Battery 60Wh is compatible with previous generation lights and chargers.


Gemini Lights are a relatively new bicycle lighting brand which has quickly established itself as an innovative company, creating user-friendly products using cutting-edge technology. By recruiting the top experts in the bicycle lighting field Gemini Lights hit the ground running, releasing innovative and well-engineered product straight away. This technical knowhow is combined with understanding the needs of genuine cyclists – Gemini are cyclists themselves. Gemini’s lights are regularly well reviewed in the press for being among the best available – with particular praise being singled out for their honest and clear Lumen output ratings. With a broad product range, from daily commuters through to night time mountain biking adrenalin junkies, Gemini cater to all cyclist’s needs.