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Gemini Olympia LED Light System (4 Cell)
2100 Lumen Powerhouse
Pumping out a massive 2100 lumens from a 94g headlight, the Gemini OLYMPIA LED Light is the granddaddy of our headlight range. An elite light for elite performers, the Gemini OLYMPIA will be in lock-step with you as you dominate whatever the night can throw at you.
10 Levels of Intense Brightness
Sometimes 2100 lumens of eye searing brightness is all we have between us and total darkness, and sometimes we need to come back to civilization. Like all of our headlights, the Gemini OLYMPIA comes with 10 programmable light settings, so you’ll never be caught out, no matter the conditions.
Handlebar Light with Flexible Mounting Options
Given its raw power, the Gemini OLYMPIA is the perfect handlebar light for those seeking serious performance, but if you're game to strap this beast on your head we’re not going to hold you back. The Gemini OLYMPIA comes with helmet, head strap and handlebar mounts as standard.
The Gemini OLYMPIA is a serious headlight and demands serious juice. On maximum output, expect the Gemini OLYMPIA to give you over 2 hours of runtime with the 4-cell and over 3 hours with the 6-cell.
  • Max lumens - 2100 Lumens
Factory modes:
  • Steady – High (2100L)
  • Steady – Med (1200L)
  • Steady – Low (400L)
  • Flash (600L)
  • Five programmable brightness settings: 5-15-25-50-100%
  • LED Battery Indicator
Run time:
  • 2:20 hrs – 2100L (4-cell)
  • 4:30 hrs – 1200L (4-cell)
  • 15:00 hrs – 400L (4-cell)
What is included:
  • Light
  • Handlebar Mount
  • Helmet Mount
  • Battery Pack
  • Charger
  • Extension Cable
  • O-Rings
  • Wireless Remote
  • Headstrap sold seperately!
There are brighter lights, there are cheaper lights but this is possibly the best compromise