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Giro Republic LX Road Cycling Shoe is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Giro Republic LX Road Cycling Shoe

This item was discontinued 20th November 2018.

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Giro Republic LX Road Cycling Shoe


The Giro Republic LX is a classic looking road cycling shoe featuring authentic styling for an unrivaled stylish look. Whether you want to commute to work in style or are looking for the ultimate vintage-style shoe to match to your classic steel road or touring bike the Republic LX combines great looks with modern, technical materials and contemporary construction techniques. The Republic LX shoe combines a supple, elegant high-quality leather upper with a stout nylon outsole that provides great pedaling efficiency as well as comfortable, high-traction walking off the bike. Key functional details include Giro’s non-slip laces, a mid-foot scuff guard and Aegis antimicrobial treated fabrics to help keep your shoes fresh.  



  • Classic vintage styling
  • Non-slip laced closure
  • Robust nylon sole
  • 2 bolt cleat-mount for easy unclipping in traffic
  • Walking pads on nylon sole
First cycle shoes, good design, good reflection for safety. Good for commuter or touring
Very nice shoes. High quality. The reflective fabric is impressive.
Excellent comfortable shoe. Ideal for club runs and cafe stops.
Having read the reviews, I knew that I would need to modify the soles of these shoes to work with Shimano A600 spd pedals. Sure enough, they refused to engage with the pedals out of the box. This is because the cleat recess is slightly too deep. One way around this is to shim up the cleat but I preferred to take material off the soles so as not to add to the stack height of the shoe. I marked out the pedal contact area with a sharpie and carefully sanded the areas inside the markings. I only needed to take about 1mm off in order to get the pedals to engage. It's not floating freely yet but I'm happy to let day-to-day wear do the rest. Modified in this way, the cleats remain recessed and don't damage wooden floors. It's worth noting that these shoes have a replaceable sole. I wouldn't have been too happy about sanding the soles had they not been. Otherwise, the shoes are great. The quality is good, the grey colour is stylishly understated and the narrow fit works for me. Only time will tell how well the reflective finish holds up but it certainly looks cool when new. Lace ups are a labour of love. I was initially struggling to get them done up tightly enough and was experiencing heel lift while riding. I now take the time to tighten every rung of the laces when doing them up. This way the shoes are super comfortable and secure, albeit not with the vice-like grip of a race shoe. Perfect for commuting and long distance rides.
These shoes were exactly what I wanted. They fit perfectly with the laces allowing a firm, yet comfortable fit over the length of the shoe. The heel is secure and the night light reflection is a brilliant detail, almost two shoes in one! The sole is firm enough for my needs and the ability to walk around normally really outweighs any minor benefits of SPD-SL type shoes.
Most comfortable, supportive shoes I have owned in 50 years of cycling. Bought initially for the replacement walking pads.. the grey/reflective ones I bought from Merlin, have the bolt on replacement pads, the 2018 version doesn't have replacement pads. The pads are too high/cleats too low for clipping in easily, but you can use this to your advantage,,,buy 'shoe shields' (metal spacers that go between the cleats and soles to raise the cleats ) when the walking pads wear down, take the shoe shields off, bolt the cleat directly to the shoe and extend the life of the walking pads. Very stiff for a nylon sole, so excellent power transfer. Walking around shops etc is fine, I wouldn't fancy a major hike in them. Laces mean no pressure points across the top of the foot, they look good off the bike. The combination of - excellent fit, walking pads contacting the pedal and stiff soles have cured my foot pain on long rides, going to use them for 1000 mile tour. You cant feel the cleats with the ball of your foot when pedalling either. The reflective finish does wear off easily, but I don't care. I stocked up on them, bought a set of replacement walking pads for each pair. I'm not going to bother with any other shoes from now on, these are the ones.
Brilliant versatile cycling shoe that can be used with standard pedals or toe clips and cleats can be added if required . Stylish and comfortable too !
What an amazing shoe. Fantastic price.
Ordered the tan leather ones - superbly comfortable right out of the box - fast delivery - recommended.
As the brand new leather smell wafted around me as I opened the box, I was optimistic I'd made a good choice. When I slipped my foot in the supple leather shoe and it felt like I was wearing the hide of micro-Bambi's, I was certain. All prose aside, the LX is simply the most comfortable shoe, not even cycling shoe, any shoe, I've ever put on my feet. That's it for this review, it's time for bed, and if you're wondering, I'm never taking them off.
I've had Giro's before, but in a half size (44.5) so wasn't sure to go up or down. Plumped for a 44 and they're perfect, with the laces allowing loads of fitting flexibility. I've got the grey one's and they're just as I hoped - in daylight a very matt, dull grey which look very smart, and then put them under a light and they glow light disco shoes! They're very comfy, look robust, and would definitely recommend. Shopped around and, not for the first time, Merlin came up top of the list for price and they arrived in 2 days.
Shoes do not allow cleats to clip into pedals. Very surprising and common problem based on other reviews. Others have modified their shoes (either move cleats up or shave some of the shoe pads down). I haven't yet. Hopefully Giro recognizes this and modifies the shoe pads (which are replaceable). Fit seems true to size. I am a US 12 and ordered a size 47 based on the fit of other shoes, however a size 46 probably would have been better.
Like a slipper! Very comfortable shoe, stiff enough for commuting but maybe too beautiful for the trails.