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Handlebar Heroes Kids Bike Accessory

Give your bike added horse-power with one of these gorgeous horses on your handle-bars. Simply fold, snap together and clip onto your handle-bars.

  • Hard wearing foam.
  • Weather-proof.


Sparkle is a pink and glittery unicorn who is best friends with the fairies.

They love playing hide and seek amongst the flowers - Sparkle knows all the best hiding places. She is a great dancer and the others love it when she puts on a show for them.



Fudge has got a really sweet tooth. Sometimes he eats too much and gets tummy ache, but a good run about in the field makes him feel better. He also loves jumping in puddles.



Stardust is a glittery, white unicorn who loves to chase butterflies and follow rainbows. You can tell her anything - she is great at keeping secrets.

She is a great singer and plays the harp for the others to dance to.



Thunder is a jousting horse, and may appear scary at first because he is big and loud, but deep down he's a big softie.  He is great at charging in a straight line, but not too good at slowing down for corners.



Lancatrot is a really cheeky horse. He plays tricks on the other horses and is always reading joke books. He is great at making funny faces which makes everyone laugh.

Lancatrot is a good friend and will always be by your side if you are feeling a bit scared.


Jousting Jack

Jousting Jack is a twin, known as JJ to his friends, he loves to compete against his brother...even when there isn't a race!

He is fast and strong. His best event is the hurdles - he just loves jumping over anything...and everything!

Everyone likes Liquorice. He is a really kind and friendly horse. His favourite place is the beach and if you don't take control, that's where you'll end up - wet!  He likes jumping in the waves and skidding down sand dunes.  He loves hay ice cream!