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Handlebar Heroes Kids Bike Accessory

Give your bike added horse-power with one of these gorgeous horses on your handle-bars. Simply fold, snap together and clip onto your handle-bars.

  • Hard wearing foam.
  • Weather-proof.


Sparkle is a pink and glittery unicorn who is best friends with the fairies.

They love playing hide and seek amongst the flowers - Sparkle knows all the best hiding places. She is a great dancer and the others love it when she puts on a show for them.



Fudge has got a really sweet tooth. Sometimes he eats too much and gets tummy ache, but a good run about in the field makes him feel better. He also loves jumping in puddles.



Stardust is a glittery, white unicorn who loves to chase butterflies and follow rainbows. You can tell her anything - she is great at keeping secrets.

She is a great singer and plays the harp for the others to dance to.



Thunder is a jousting horse, and may appear scary at first because he is big and loud, but deep down he's a big softie.  He is great at charging in a straight line, but not too good at slowing down for corners.



Lancatrot is a really cheeky horse. He plays tricks on the other horses and is always reading joke books. He is great at making funny faces which makes everyone laugh.

Lancatrot is a good friend and will always be by your side if you are feeling a bit scared.


Jousting Jack

Jousting Jack is a twin, known as JJ to his friends, he loves to compete against his brother...even when there isn't a race!

He is fast and strong. His best event is the hurdles - he just loves jumping over anything...and everything!

Everyone likes Liquorice. He is a really kind and friendly horse. His favourite place is the beach and if you don't take control, that's where you'll end up - wet!  He likes jumping in the waves and skidding down sand dunes.  He loves hay ice cream!

How to choose a Child's Bike

In contrast to many children's bikes, Frog bikes are sized by the length rather than age, as this is the most reliable way of getting the right size of bike for each child. Age alone isn't a reliable measure as there is a large spread of "normal" leg lengths & heights for age.

Please take the time to measure the rider's inside leg. It's easy to measure:

  1. Stand the child in socks against wall
  2. Place a small book between their legs, as high as is comfortable
  3. Ask the child to move away and measure from the top of the book to the floor

Once you have measured the inside leg, use this table to find the right size bike for your child. Note we give the MINIMUM inside leg length for each bike, with the saddle at it's lowest setting. At this height, the child will safely be able to get their feet to the ground. Don't worry - Frog Bikes have long seat posts, so the saddle can be raised a long way as the rider grows.

 Bike Minimum inside
leg (cm)
Approx age Wheel Size Frame Size
Tadpole 34 2-3 12″ 4″
Frog 43 43 3-4 14″ 9″
Frog 48 48 4-5 16″ 9.5″
Frog 52 52 5-6 20″ 10″
Frog 55 55 6-7 20″ 11″
Frog 62 62 8-10 24″ 12″
Frog 69 69 10-12 26″ 14″
Frog 73 73 12-14 26″ 16″
Frog Road 58 58 6-7 20″ 11″
Frog Road 67 67 8-12 24″ 14″
Frog Road 70 70 11-14 26″ 17″

Of course all children have different length arms and torsos too, so to ensure a comfortable riding position, the handlebar height can be tailored, and saddles can be slid back and forwards on their rails.(These adjustments are easy to do and just need an allen key; instructions are in the manual that comes with each bike.