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High Five Zero Electrolite Tablets
High Five Zero Electrolite Tablets

This item was discontinued 24th June 2016.

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Code: H5-ZERO
  • Zero is the new electrolyte drink from High5. It is part of the system to improve fat burning during exercise and can also be used as part of a "train low race high" strategy.
  • Each tube contains 20 tablets and makes 10 litres of drink. Drop one tablet into 500ml of water to produce a zero-sugar low-carb anti-cramp electrolyte drink with added magnesium.
  • Zero comes in 3 flavours - Berry, Citrus and Orange/Cherry.
  • It also comes in Neutral flavour which can be used to increase the electrolyte content of existing sports drinks or make your favourite drink into a correctly configured electrolyte drink.
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Great taste. Keeps the post-ride-headache away.
These Zero tabs keep me going on longer rides mixed in my water. The Red Berry is my favourite - tastes good too
Wouldn't be without these in my bottle or camelbak. Great for long distance or strenuous rides & taste good too.
Tastes nice and stops you running out of salt.
Great flavours and easy to dissolve
These tabs are great - give you a bit of fuel and energy on a longish ride, or when its warm and you're likely to need fluids. Taste good, dissolve well, don't leave any colouration or atertaste in your waterbottle. They are just the job. In Summer I carry a spare with me to stick in my waterbottle when I fill up at the cafe stop.
All the flavours add a nice improvement to the bland taste of water (especially when in a hydration pack) and have the added benefit of helping stop cramp and aiding hydration. Great service, communication and speedy delivery as always from Merlin.
These do work to stop cramps. I use them at a slightly weaker mix and use them instead of plain water. The best flavour is actually pink grapefruit which is actually quite pleasant but can be hard to get hold of.
Very good taste, and very fast absorption! Really nice product!
Excellent elecrolites, I put 4 tabs in 3 ltrs of water when I'm doing my regular 4hrs plus enduros and they keep me feeling alert and cramp free, I never ride without em.
Not had cramp since taking these. Pink grape is best
Love these - cherry/orange flavour is pretty drinkable and seem to do the job on long and/or sweaty rides.
They`re supposed to be good for you and they taste good.
Tasty and handy.
Every little helps - these tablets seem to help me along, particularly on all day rides. They taste not bad either - the purple berry one is my fav !
Really good product and as always Merlin's prices cannot be beaten
Nice flavour and good for 3 hours rides.
These seem to make a difference and taste ok
Practical solution to adding electrolites to your drink. Great product and service from Merlin.
Less sticky than energy drinks and don't taste too bad - dead easy to make up.
Ive used the citrus version and experimented with 1 or 2 tablets per 750ml. Short rides <12 mile I just use one tablet, hard rides or rides > 15mile I take two, the taste with one is great with two its a little fizzy but still enjoyable. Ive used all kinds of sports drinks in that past and these are ideal to give a quick boost when you need it.
great tasting and helps me keep on riding,well recommended.......
Tablets with hold effect easy to bring on the ride.
Great for long rides in the heat or to flavour homemade sports drink. I find the berry the nicest.
I think these are the best allround sports drink tablets. Easy to mix, easy on the stomache and all flavours are very tasty. Really make a difference as feel fresher towards the end on long rides. Have used the caffine ones during an x.c. race which certainly helped me. I have also noticed when used regularly - 3 rides a week - the weight shifts noticeably quicker.
Pleasant taste. When driving in hot weather (+35), a very good thirst quencher, and restoring fluid and electrolyte balance.
I love these tabs, so convenient, just pop a tablet or two into your water bottle and away you go. No more powder over the worktop. And they taste good in all flavours too. On a more serious note these have really helped me combat cramp from which I used to suffer terribly if I was out for any longer than two hours. These have all but eradicated it. Highly recommended.