High5 Zero Electrolyte Drink - Buy One Get One Free
High5 Zero Electrolyte Drink - Buy One Get One Free
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High5 Zero Electrolyte Drink - Buy One Get One Free
Buy One get One Free
Whatever quantity you add to the basket we will DOUBLE FOR FREE! Stock up on Electrolytes this summer at an amazing price.

Zero is a refreshing zero calorie sports drink tablet, with a hint of fruity flavour, Zero provides you with essential sports nutrition such as Vitamin C and 5 electrolytes including sodium, magnesium and potassium.  Zero has all natural flavours and no artificial colours or preservatives.

  • Light & refreshing sports drink with a hint of fruit.
  • Includes Vitamin C and electrolytes, including sodium, magnesium and potassium
  • Zero calories.
  • Suitable for a wide range of sporting activities.
  • With natural flavours.
  • No artificial colours or preservatives.
  • 1 tablet makes up a 750ml serving.
  • 20 Tablets per tube.
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Great value and great tasting hydration drink - fab for the bike, for the gym or just as a refreshing drink!
Wouldn't go for a long ride without these in my bottle now.
I first brought High5 Zero electrolyte drink because after my long day rides, I was cramping up in the night. I've been mixing two tablets in with 750ml water in my bottle (2 bottles on a long ride) and now I don't get muscle cramp. I also use them when swimming or in the sauna. There's an added bonus, they taste good as well.
These do the job for me and taste pretty good too.
Have tried various types, and prefer these, especially at Merlin price.
Berry flavour good and price very good. I have a sensitive tum on longer rides and the drink works well not to set it off.
Great item I've ordered these loads of times and they taste great gives you back all the minerals lost through sweating.
Good for rehydration and energy maintenance
Nice complement for riding, keeps me fresh, hydrated and away from cramps.
Use them all the time, great.
Tasty drink. Good value.
Having tried most other brands, the Zeroes are without doubt the best that are out there. Great flavours without the salty bitterness of other brands.
Firstly best price around and the best tabs I've ever tried, refreshingly tasty!
Love these tabs - disolve quick, great flavour with no funny after taste and they don't sit heavy.
Excellent product, great tasting and keeps you well hydrated.
Recieved very quickly and was a good deal at buy one get one free. Have found these drinks help reduce fatigue
Use these all the time, better than water
Stops me cramping and doesn't taste too bad!
Bargain two for one price. Nice flavour with no after taste
These are the best re-hydration tablets, taste great and great price from Merlin. Used to get cramps and headaches before I started using these....not any more!
I use High5 Zero in lower dosage to add flavour to the water I drink while cycling and prefer the citrus flavour over the others. Recommended.
These are awesome flavours good and gives me the needed boost.
Bargain :-) One during/after every ride and run - no calories but proper rehydration
Always handy to have in your backpack. Keeps you hydrated and stops cramp on longer rides. Great product.
Seems to help with rehydration after a long ride and tastes great
Tasty hydration tabs. The citrus flavor is subtle but the berry one has a stronger taste. Great price from Merlin and delivery was speedy.
Taste great and the best price around at the moment.
Have used these tablets for a while now and they do a good job at re-hydrating and replacing electrolytes.
I've used these products for years and found them to be refreshing and extremely palatable. Many tasty flavours which not only make water taste better, but as a heavy sweater, replace the lost salts and minerals allowing me to train longer and harder.
My go to Electrolyte product. Works well at a great price.
Have always used these. Seem to be the least offensive of the flavours and you can adjust strength by adding one, two or even snapping one of the big pills in half to make your own strength. As to whether or not they work, who knows? I know the only time I've had cramps is when I've been out without this sort of drink so that suggests they do something!
Does the job. Easy to carry some spare ones to refill with. Taste ok
Nice flavors and pleasant to drink. Stops you getting cramp. Does what it says on the tin!
Use these all the time to make sure I stay properly hydrated and at this price you can't fault them
Good value on the BOGOF - pleasant taste - though only used a single tablet strength. Dissolves easily.
Was easy to order. Product arrived promptly. I have always been very satisfied with Merlin Cycles service. Hi 5 Zero does what it says on the box. Since using it I rarely suffer from cramp especially at night after long rides or intense activity.
Super quick delivery. Product dissolves quickly with no residue. Tastes good. Spot on
I like these as they have not got the teeth stripping sugar of others. Having tablets saves measuring out powder and they taste great (citrus and berry are the ones I've tried) too.
Love these, been using them for a couple of years now.
Been using high 5 zero for tears. Great flavours, light, refreshing taste not too sweet and great price on Bogof deal. Like orange/cherry and berry flavours best
Great tasting electrolyte tabs, taste like normal juice in the bottle with no awful aftertaste or chalkiness. High 5 stuff is always good quality, easy to use and convenient, recommended for long days in the saddle or races if needed. At the buy one get one free price there's little not to like.
I used to cramp quite a bit before using these but now very rarely do. Just a note of warning to anyone who hasn't used these, they are not an energy drink just a very good way of keeping hydrated and maintaining the correct balance of body salts. As always, service from Merlin was faultless, ordered on the Monday and delivered on the Tuesday.
To me this is a magical product. Prior to using these drink tablets I was always suffering with cramp, now I seldom get cramp. To me they are a cramp fix all, so if you are a cramp sufferer get some ASAP. Great product.