Hope District+ Rear Light
Hope District+ Rear Light 2012/13Hope District+ Rear Light
Code: HLDP33A
Hope District+ Rear Light
  • The District+ rear LED lamp has been re-developed to reflect the advancements in red LED technology since its initial release in 2010.
  • The LEDs have been upgraded to Osram’s high efficiency Oslon LEDs, as used in the rear light modules at the high performance end of the automotive industry.
  • The huge leap in efficiency has meant that we can maintain the high brightness of the original District lamp whilst increasing the run time with the 2600mAh battery to up to 200 hours. The lamp now features six power levels, three static and three flash settings.
  • The District+ rear safety light is bright!  Now that may sound like an obvious statement but until you’ve seen one of these on in the dark - amongst other lights, reflectors and distractions - you won’t quite believe it!
  • We tested the lamp extensively over an 18 month period and found it to tick every box on the list.  The most obvious thing came from those commuting - come rain or shine this powerful tail light really makes drivers of vehicles and other road users so much more aware that you are there.
  • You are given a wider birth when overtaken, not pushed along in traffic…just more visible and therefore SAFER.
  • Now, we aren’t suggesting that this means you won’t be unfortunate enough to have an accident, or at least a near miss - but it can’t do anything but help.
  • Designed, tested and CNC machined in Barnoldswick, England.
  • Light Source: 3 x Osram Oslon LEDs.
  • Light Output: 105 measured lumens, 135 generated lumens.
  • Power levels: 6 (3 x static, 3 x flash).
  • Battery: 7.4v Li-Ion. Compatible with both 2600mAh and 5200mAh battery packs, plus ‘piggy-back’ option via the included splitter  cable.
  • Burn time: 15 hrs – 200 hrs.
  • Charge Time: 3 hours (for 2600mAh Li-Ion battery pack from a fully discharged state).
  • Beam: 270 deg visibility.
  • Mounting: QR Band seatpost mount
  • Weight: 155g, with splitter cable.
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An excellent product. The overall unit is exceptionally well built though it's a shame that the previous models aluminium seat post fixing has been replaced with a rubber hoop tie which seems to be the fixing of choice for rear lights these days.. That said, all in all, a brilliant product that is very bright .
"If someone hits you they'd have to be blind, I could see you for bloody miles" quoted an elderly farmer who had passed me with this light on. Mission accomplished, just what I wanted and the battery lasts forever, 30hours on one charge and counting. Only negative is size but then you can choose any 2 of 3 things. Brightness, battery life and small size.
Utterly brilliant, high level quality, high level function and high level deployment. Think about how many 'cheap' lights you have gone through in the last 5 years then add up the total cost and time of replacing them. Now invest in this piece of Engineering and in 5+ years time you will still be using it for commuting or other night rides. I am very happy with the product and the safety it can offer when in traffic, more than enough options to cope with all weathers and conditions, night or day - Fog, low Sun in particular.
Great rear light. High visibility and so easy to install and use. I really like the battery "juice" indicator, it takes the guess work out of knowing when to charge up! Look no further, get this rear light to stay safe and visible!
Absolutely best quality light I've ever purchased with safety in mind. Exceptional performance in all weather conditions.
I could not be happier with this light - it's solid, bright, dependable, and just works (and works well.) I love the 6 choices of light, i.e. 3 steady and 3 flashing. I use the light mainly for day rides and with winter approaching here in New Zealand it is excellent on wet, gloomy days, on narrow country roads during the day. I really do feel safer knowing it is making me more visible from behind. It is a beautifully engineered piece of kit. I've owned it a couple of months now and ridden it in lots of rain with no problems at all. The pull apart connection from the light to the battery is very reassuring. The best feature though is the excellent battery life. I do shift work i.e. I work 4 days then do 4 days of 4 - 5 hour rides, sometimes shorter, often longer. I charge it once and it lasts my four rides* so no fiddling after every ride and the fact it plugs simply into a mains powered charger is a plus for me. The process of purchasing from Merlin Cycles was easy too, especially as I am from New Zealand, and was one of the only places I could find to purchase from, as strangely enough it is not available from the other "big two" online dealers. * It would probably last longer, but I just charge it after every 4th ride.
Reassuringly bright on winter training rides with the sun low in the sky.
I already have Hope lights so I bought this to go on the back of my long-distance commuter, using the battery of the Vison 4LED on the front, previously my MTB light. First off, it is beautifully made, all CNC machining as per Hope. On full power the light is incredibly bright, brighter than a car brake light. You cannot look into it. In the flashing modes, it flashes to that high brightness level so it's very eye catching. The lower setting is OK for regular riding, if you are on a country lane and it's dark and raining, the brighter modes might stop a collision from behind. One down side: The mount bracket is very bulky so you have to tweak around to find a place to mount it where your legs won't come into contact with the screw heads. I wonder if drivers might run you over and then say they were dazzled by the light.
Great light. Very bright and good battery life.
I bought this light for a mixture of commuting and general road riding. One of the flashing mode is more of a slow pulse which is not annoying to other road users but certainly gets you noticed. In the dull daylight we get in the UK, from October to March, this mode is very useful. Overall I am very impressed with the light. The build quality, mounting arrangement and brightness are all top notch. Buy one, probably the last lrear ight you ever need to buy with Hope legendary aftersales service.
Great light, when I was looking for a light that would be seen by cars from miles off in both daylight and night time I wasn't sure if I would find one, but this light is exactly that. Sure, the cost is on the high side, but it is a quality product and you can't really put a price on safety!
No excuse for not being seen, piercing light on strobe. Excellent build quality and hopefully reliable for many years.
Bought to go with my Hope R4 now I can brightly go in safety top quality build and long life with Li-ion battery pack that can be used in parallel only problem was where to mount it as seat bag covered seat post where the light is meant to go. A bit of engineering solved my problem but maybe Hope boys can help
Bought this for my wifes bike and she loves it to bits. Works great and perfect for the dull weather we seem to have in Hebden Bridge.
Without question the best thing I'be bought in the last year since I returned to cycling after 20 years. I've tried all sorts of other cheap and expensive rear lights and this is the only one which has survived the nasty Hebden Bridge weather we continuously experience here in the valley. Expensive but worth it so you don't get knocked off!!
Great piece of kit which just works. Tried nearly all rear lighting solutions over the years and the Hope solution beats them all hands down. Expensive but works and unlike other (expensive) solutions I've tried, it doesn't randomly turn itself off.
Spot on once again from hope. Some good modes to use on the roads. Gives a force field around me on dark roads. Cars give a lot of room when overtaking. Can be removed from the bike in seconds. Faultless service as usual from merlin.
Great light,really makes cars give you room plus it's Hope quality and back up.Great price ans service from Merlin.
Hope District will make you visible! I use the Hope district in combination with the Hope R4 and one battery pack with a splitter cable. This is a great combination for me. The District is very bright. On the lowest setting, it is usable for road,... second setting i use when riding in rainy conditions. Brightest mode I haven't used, but could be very useful when riding in foggy conditions may be. There are also three flash modes .