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Hope Hoops - Pro3 RS Mono - Open Pro
Hope Hoops - Pro3 RS Mono - Open Pro
Handbuilt Hope Road Series RS Wheels with the choice of Mavic Open Pro or Stans Alpha 400 rims

Combining strength, lightweight and reliability - this combination is a great wheelset for those needing a wheel to train, race, tour or just RIDE on!

We use a combination of the benchmark Mavic Open Pro rim or Stans Alpha 400 rim and Sapim Sprint spokes which are hand laced, machine built and hand finished in house using Sapim Polyax Brass nipples onto our proven and reliable Mono Pro 3 hubs. This gives a smooth and free running wheel which will survive endless miles of regular use.

The resulting package is light enough to race, strong enough to train and reliable enough to complete sportives and tours on.

Wheels come individually and come complete with custom ‘Hope Hoops’ etching on the hub, rim tapes, spare spokes, nipples and rim stickers.

  • CNC machined in Barnoldswick, England
  • Built and hand finished in Barnoldswick, England
  • Bearing type: Cartridge (61803, 17.28)
  • Hub Body: 2014 T6 aluminium
  • Colours: Black
  • Hole Drilling: 32
  • Cassette body: (Shimano or Campagnolo)
  • Ratchet type: 4 pawl (40t engagement)
  • 11 speed freehub will work 8, 9, 10 or 11 speed with the supplied spacer
  • Weight: Front 782g, Rear 915g
  • Please note: No hope hubs or wheels are supplied with skewers
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So far impressed with the solidity of this wheel, while still a reasonable weight, and a big improvement on the Mavic I had on before. Will see how it fares through the winter, but looking good. Impressively fast service from Merlin as always.
Just installed on my bike and put the initial miles in them. So far the components are good, the hub's spokes nipples and rims. The major fault in this wheelset is the tension and how quickly they go out of true. Post 100 miles the spokes are already creaking due to being so loose. Comfortable ride over the giant pr2 wheelset on my defy. Overall all a solid 3/5 for the components but try need to be disassembled and hand rebuilt to proper tension. Intended uses : daily commuter and touring.
Fine set of wheels. Wherls are bomb proof, as expected from a high spoke count. Hubs are very good, 2000km, no maintenance needed. My wheels came true, but with a loose spoke, so check the wheel before riding.
I bought the front wheel with an open pro rim to match a rear wheel I'd sourced elsewhere. Tremendous wheelset. The high spoke count and durable rims make for a much stiffer and controlled ride in comparison to the Fulcrum Racing 5s I was riding on before. Combined with a steel frame an absolute joy to ride on. I'd have given 4 and a half stars if possible. My only gripe is these wheels are machine built - after the first outing (about 70 miles) I had to take them in to get trued & tensioned as slight wiggles had started to appear, particularly in the rear. Not a major problem, something I was anticipating anyway. Easily still cracking value.
I have been in the market for a new set of wheels for quite some time now and have been tempted by an endless stream of special offers from all over the place. After consulting with a number of other club riders and reading 100s of pages of reviews I decided that living in the Pennines of West Yorkshire these hoops were the most sensible option. In order to give them a fair assessment I quite literally took the rubber off my old Fulcrum 7s and placed it on these. The transformation of my ride comfort was instantaneous! It was actually a joy to ride on the disgusting, debris filled and pothole riddled roads of Kirklees because it felt like riding on the silky smooth tarmac of our mainland European neighbours. I found zero loss in power and a 100% gain in confidence. If, like me, you only have the budget for one set of wheels this year and you ride all year round (I do ride MTB on Hope Pro2s on a DT Swiss rim too) then at least 2/3rds of your riding will require a fantastic set of wheels such as these. They come highly recommended and will most likely out last many of your frames that follow. My Pro2s are currently sat on my 3rd MTB frame and are still going strong.
I train through the harsh Scottish winters and generally kill cheaper standard rear wheels within a few months. Having won the Merlin Cycles review competition (yes, someone does win it!) I decided to treat myself to Stans Alpha version rear wheel as it really was imperative that I had a wheel with a higher spoke count and reliable hub. Early days so far so can't comment on reliability but initial impressions are fine. The wheel isn't particularly heavy and it doesn't really feel all that much different to anything else I've had fitted in the past. I've seen many comments regarding the noise from the freewheel but it really is no more than a whir. No skewer included which is a bit of a shame but knew that before I bought it. Luckily I have plenty!
True, Straight. I might not race these, but are great trainers that have required zero maintenance so far. 6'2", 92kg.
Fantastic set of wheels, perfectly true out of the box and a lovely ride. Lifted the performance of my commuting / winter trainer with the added advantage of easily replaceable parts for rebuild or repair later. Comes with useful spare spokes for emergency repairs.
Excellent quality, smooth as silk, loud hubs sound. Would recommand for everyone who want a strong and smooth wheelsets!!!
Used Merlin MTB handbuilt on Hope for ages. Ultra reliable. No handbulit options for 700c so got these. Everything as expected....spot on! Best price and superlative Merlin service. Great to have the Hope Freehub Symphony playing on the road.
I've purchased hope hoops as a replacement from stock to more race orientated wheels. I'm a big guy and at 110kg I was destroying other wheels with ease. Always same issue, non drive spokes getting loose. With hoops this hasn't happened even once after 500 miles so far. They spin brilliantly and are very strong. Best thing is that those hope hubs will past forever! Well recommended.
In short: What do you get when you combine one of the most versatile and bombproof rims to one of the smoothest hubs around? This is what you get. As a guy weighing over 100 kg and with a riding style one could describe as "not so subtle" all the higher end low spoke count wheel sets just do not work. So when the need for a new wheel set arrived, I started looking for a set that would be a) sturdy b) lightweight(ish) c) durable. Well, Hope makes the best hubs around, and the open pros have never failed on me, so this was a good bet. True out of the box, bearings already adjusted etc. They don't flex, they roll extremely nice and basically do what the doctor ordered. And in this price class the quality is unrivaled. If you need a wheel set that have classic looks and fantastic build quality so buy these. Sure, the alphas are lighter but IMHO that rim should have eyelets, and for my taste they are a bit flexy. The only real niggle is that there are no skewers coming with the set. That isn't exactly a problem, because you probably have a pair or you're going to get those in some sexy colours. 5/5
Great set of no nonsense wheels suitable for fast training and good enough for racing. Wheels are stiff yet comfortable and soak up vibrations much better than many factory built wheels. Look understated in plain black hubs with black spokes and rims. Weight is reasonable too. No issues to report so far, wheels are true and hubs are smooth, personally I like a loud freehub! Always reassuring to know that any breakages won't result in a 6 week wait for some fancy dan spokes to arrive. Nice to have a mainly uk made wheel too for once.
Bought these for my wife as a cost effective upgrade to her Shimano RS10's. She loves 'em. Says that on rough roads like we have around here they are far smoother to ride on. We've not noticed a great increase in avg speed but she loves the way they soak up the bumps. I have personally got Hoop hubs and Mavic 717 rims on my MTB and Mavic open pro rims on my roadie. Quality products! Well recommended
Nice wheels had a few long climbs on them, great bearings and seem to be a good strong all rounder without breaking the bank. Good to buy something at least part British. Pity that skewers were not included if I had known I would have ordered a pair.