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Hope Tech 3 V4 Disc Brake
Hope Tech 3 V4 Disc Brake
Hope Tech 3 V4 Disc Brake

Tech 3 V4 - Description

We have kept the key features of the Tech Evo master cylinder and worked to improve the ergonomics and integration on the handlebars.

The Tech 3 master cylinder can operate all the calipers from our range and offers a slight increase of power of about 5% over the Tech Evo.

Popular design features of Tech Evo remain the same, such as the reach and bite point control (BPC)adjustability.

The piston is actuated by a cam and a roller system to eliminate any free play and initial friction.

The classic split clamp design makes the master cylinder easy to install on the handlebars without having to remove anything else.

Hope Tech 3 - Some riders have previously commented on the relative bulkiness of the Tech and Tech Evo master cylinders,
sometimes making it hard to fit the master cylinder around already clogged up handlebars (shifters, fork and shock lockouts, telescopic seat post controls etc).

We have worked hard to make the new Tech 3 master cylinder easier to integrate on the bars although it does entail losing the ambidextrous design.

The Tech 3 master cylinder is now directly compatible with any Shimano I-Spec type shifter meaning no extra mount is required to attach the shifter to the master cylinder.

For those using SRAM shifters we have designed a slick and minimalistic direct mount adaptor.

V4 Caliper

Revised one piece caliper, CNC machined from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aircraft spec aluminium alloy.
Increased caliper stiffness for better efficiency as well as increased pad surface area for better heat management and pad life.
The new V4 as a complete unit inc rotor is lighter than the previous V2 model.


Available with a floating rotor or our unique VENTED disc.
The vented option can reduce surface temperatures by over 15%,
making it perfect for long Alpine descents or where fade is a problem through overheating.

Tech 3 V4 - Specification

  • 'On the fly' BPC (bite point control) and Reach adjustment
  • Direct compatibility with Shimano I-Spec shifter
  • Direct mount available for SRAM shifters
  • 5% power increase over TECH Evo master cylinder
  • Handed master cylinders for better integration on the handlebars
  • New piston dust cover design
  • New reservoir diaphragm design

CNC machined in Barnoldswick, England

  • 9.74 caliper with all mount options
  • 2014 T6 aluminium alloy
  • Wide angle hose connector mount
  • Top entry pad fitting
  • Floating or Vented (203mm only) rotor
  • Goodridge braided hose
  • Weight: from 546g
  • With unmatched power, superior cooling and with the adjustability of the Tech 3 lever, the V4 is surely - King of brakes.
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So far only a few rides on these brakes. A bit tougher to set up than Shimanos, but plenty of power and much much more modulation. The levers are super adjustable and very nice. FYI, the brakes come with an extra olive, insert, and brass washer out of the box.
The Hope V4 brake was super easy to set up, just like the other Hope brakes I've had before: Mini, M4, E4 and X2. I am running the V4 on the front of my all mountain bike and it replaces an E4 caliper. The E4 was good but lacked power on the steeper trails I ride on Vancouver Island. The V4 is very powerful indeed and matched with the Tech 3 master cylinder provides the modulation Hope brakes are renowned for. The V4 was that powerful it took a while to adjust to its power increase over its E4 sibling - I was locking the front wheel up on loose descents! I've run Hope's Mini lever [2003], Tech 3 and for the last couple of years their Race Evo master cylinder. The adjustability of the Tech 3 lever is really unsurpassed by anything else on the market. I like the bite point on my brakes to be just a few mm from the start of the lever movement. With the bite point control I can dial them where I want and on the trail if required. I changed the brake line from the braided one sent to the bike's current braided line that was trimmed to length so I did bleed the brake after fitting the caliper and master cylinder; so I can't comment on whether the factory bleed was great or not. The only thing that let my purchase down was the slow shipping from Merlin to Canada. With the TrakPak service it took 14 working days to arrive from date of despatch. With no option at the checkout for a faster couriered service this was disappointing and could be improved upon greatly. A 4-6 calendar day service would be acceptable.
I used Hope brake for many years and then try to use XT and Saint for few years, however once you use hope again especially V4 brake, your won`t regert, best brake ever, powerful stopping power with high QC.
Easy to set up! They give such instant feedback and extreme stopping power. I feel more confident in riding more tough routes. GREAT!
Superb brakes. Easy to set up with great braking power and modulation. Usual Hope quality.
Stunning brakes. After having the original V2's, these are a huge leap in performance. BPC actually works on this version. Have xt brakes on other bike, the difference in lever feel is well documented on the web and as far as I can make out comes down to personal preference between the two. I ran 203mm both ends with the xt's, 180 with the v4's and I am not left lacking in out and out power. The redeveloped master cylinder gives a very neat appearance on the bars compared to the older Moto and tech versions. First time set up took less than 30 minutes including aligning calipers. Included in box is a spare set of sintered pads, I have these in to cope with the winter grime, bed in was quick and power now consistent and huge! These aren't cheap, but ooze quality and have huge power coupled with superb modulation (something the xt's simply can't match)