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Hope Vision R4 Front LED Light (ES Battery)
Hope Vision R4 Front LED Light (ES Battery)Hope Vision R4 Front LED Light 2013Hope Vision R4 Front LED Light 2013Hope Vision R4 Front LED Light 2013

This item was discontinued 26th November 2015.

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  • Multi-sport…biking, running, climbing, exploring, adventure racing, caving, skiing…versatility is what the Vision R4 is all about.
  • The multiple mounting options and quick release bayonet fitting enable quick and easy changes from head harness to handlebar mount to helmet bracket.  Whatever your passion is you will soon learn to love the R4 for being there and sharing the experience with you.
  • Four Cree XPG LEDs flood the path ahead with up to 1000 true, measured lumens of uniformly distributed crisp white light.  That’s 65% more light output than its predecessor – the original Vision 4, whilst also being half the weight and 30% smaller.
  • Burn time with the standard 2600mAh battery pack ranges from 1:15 hours in maximum, to over 8:00 hours in low.
  • As featured on the Vision R8, the dual sequence operation simplifies and facilitates mode selection.  RACE sequence offers the highest of the power levels with an emphasis on light output.  TRAIL sequence offers flash mode and the more economical power levels to maximise battery life.
  • The R4 also features a battery save mode.  When the battery life reaches a critical level the lamp will drop down into the lowest power setting and flash every 15 seconds in order to maximise the remaining battery life whilst also providing just enough light to continue with caution.  At this point you should take action to either change the battery pack or return home.
  • The six power levels are split into two sequences – Race and Trail –
  • Each accessible by either a quick press or a press-and-hold of the power button from the off position.
  • The two sequences mean improved usability. The Race sequence contains the three highest power levels,so switching from one level to another is faster and eliminates the need to pass through the lowest level,ideal for those times when maximum light is priority and battery life is not critical.
  • The Trail sequence is there for extended periods of use when only a low level of light is needed but battery life is more of a consideration.
  • The low power level is ideal for close contact use or to reduce glare when map reading.
  • Trail sequence also contains the flash mode (which now pulses from dim to high) for times when ultra high visibility is required from long distance.
  • Light Source: 4 x Cree XPG, R5 Bin
  • Light Output: 1000 measured lumens, 1446 generated lumens
  • Beam: Diffused uniform beam (+/- 12.5°)
  • Distance: 105m
  • Mounting: New for 2011/2012 – CNC machined aluminium QR bayonet mount for handlebar, helmet or head
  • Battery: 7.4v Li-Ion, 2600mAh - ES Battery includes charge level
  • Charge time: 3 Hours
  • Weight: From 235gPower levels: 6 (two sequences of three), including flash
  • Burn time: 1:15 hrs – 8:00 hrs


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This is an AWESOME light! I was tired of my old light turning off halfway through a night ride, so I spent the money to get a great light. I love that it has a meter display to show me how much light I have left, and the attachment of light and battery are super quick. If you want a great light to extend your riding season, this is the light. You pay for what you get! Five stars all the way. FYI: If you are in America, you just need an Adapter for American electrical outlet to convert it from our good English counterparts electrical outlet. This is not explained on the Website, but Merlin Cycles got right back to me with answers to those questions.
Great light. Bright enough to bring plenty of confidence for my first night ride on a fast downhill I had never ridden. This light is as well made as all other Hope products. These lights are scarce in the U.S. so I went off other reviews and my previous encounters with Hope bike parts. Bayonet clamp, light brightness, craftsmanship, and included accessories are all fantastic. Highly recommended.
The light itself is beautiful as it sits right at the centre of my mountain bike. The only concern I have is the battery weight, which is slightly more than I expected. Thankfully the outer casing does not have any 'horrid' plastic parts, and made out of metal and natural rubber, which is a big plus in my book. The elastic strap seems to do the job wonderfully and it is easy to attach it to the bike. Over all very good, probably the best in the market at this time.
Bought as a Xmas present for the good lady, looking forward to introducing her to the joys of night riding familiar trails and extending our time on the bikes during these short days. The R4 is easy to use and fix to the bike and brings near daylight to the trail ahead. A lovely engineered item which will give years of service.
Great little helmet light.. More than enough light for all but the fastest riding.
I did a lot of research on lights before I bought and decided on the hope's. They need to be both a commuter light and allow me to offroad every now and then. They provide excellent illumination even on the lower settings. Niggles are that the bracket is very fiddly to fit.
Bought for trail/fell running and is ideal. Only need the high setting for technical descents so battery doesn't run down quickly. My other half used it for mountain biking and says it's ideal in conjunction with another light but wouldn't use this on its own. Build quality is fantastic and it's much better than the cheaper lights I have bought in the past. Would highly recommend, especially for serious fell runners.
This is the second set, I bought the originals and after some heavy use managed to loosen the connections into the battery/lamp. Posted to Hope and returned with new wiggly leads in 2 days. The new version has charge indication and seems to throw the beam slightly further. It is perfect for bar mounting with a really wide beam spread that is diffuse enough to maintain shadow detail and give you better depth perception. Brilliant lights and even more brilliant after sales back-up at an epic price for a twin battery set-up.
Not the brightest lamp around, but certainly the most versatile, brilliant. It is used for mountain biking, commuting, running and night orienteering.
Great service and price from Merlin. As for the Hope Vision R4 - beautifully crafted and a great mounting bracket system. Worth the money but output not quite as bright as I was expecting as compared to my Xera CREE XM-L 800 Lumens but the Hope 4-Cell battery life is a real plus. Advice - buy it with the 4 - cell.
I've not used such lights before so I can't compare but I'm very impressed after a few night mtb rides. Plenty of bright light, solid mounts (I like the helmet one although it seems quite high), good battery life & it's beautifully made.
I purchased the light for a bright commuter light that could be taken on to night trails. So far its been stupidly bright, so much so I've been flashed by several cars and thats on the second lowest setting!! There is no indication when the light is about to run out which is a bit of a worry. But bar from that, I've been over the moon with the light and I`d very much recommend one. Just take a daft back up light with you. Just in case. Minus one star due to the lack of battery indication. 4.8 really.
I bought the Lightweight option R4 light as a helmet light for mtn biking and it's very good. Beautiful build quality, as expected from Hope and good light output & spread. Obviously you're paying a lot more than for a dodgy Chinese torch, but if you're looking for a long-term reliable, quality light and excellent customer service, this is a good choice.
Very good product used the lights on the mounting bike for some night time riding in the forest , rather good light vision from them . Also used the head harness the other night for a night jog which worked out ok the head harness secures the light and battery sufficient for you to Jog .
Built to a high standard and long battery life make this one of the best lights around for serious off road use. Still need a helmet light for tight bends at speed. Also great as a head torch for trail running
Only one night ride with it yet but very good so far. Very good spread of light enabling you to see hedge, verge and in particular overhanging branches.( very useful!) Hope claim 105m which seems a bit much, but plenty bright enough on full power to desend at speed. Seems well made too.
Fantastic light, button is easy to use and precise, functions are all easy to find, build quality is excellent, batteries last longer than published, beam is focused and spreads well. I've had a few lights but this is truely the best so no complaints, fantastic!
Excellent product - really good beam in front and to the sides. Battery light is good but you can dazzle other road users if not careful. I often use on unlit canal paths and feel completely confident.
My first proper off road light so wasn't sure how much light I actually needed. Seriously impressed with performance both in distance and spread, used it all winter in all conditions and can't fault it! I used it on the HIGH setting and found its more than enough, ive even found myself using it on the LOW setting the more ive got used night riding, never felt a need for the MAX setting at any time.
Hope Vision R4 Front LED Light 2013 is and excellent light and compact design perfect for early morning rides where light is mininal or where motorist can clearly see you from a disance. The brightness is second to none with multiple settings to suit your ride condition. With limited running time I have clocked up only 4 hrs running time in conjunction with the hope district rear with the splitter cable. I have to say i am very pleased with speed at which i recieved the light in less than a week to Australia. Also to mention the prompt customer service before purchaasing. Cheers
Fantastic product and price, whats not to like? Delivery as usual without fault Getting the extra battery means more burn time and options, the smaller pack means great for commuting and using on the head torch. Having had 3 sets of lights now, these are the best. Great beam and options on power. Fantastic build quality and service back up if its ever needed. Finally, cheaper lights can have dodgy batteries, shonky mounts. These are the best
I bought this light for a mixture of commuting, road riding and MTBing. The flashing mode is more of a slow pulse which is not annoying to other road users. In the dull daylight we get in the UK, from October to March, this mode is very useful. The maximum brightness is enough to allow descending at speed even on unlit roads at night. Overall I am very impressed with the light. The build quality, mounting arrangement and brightness are all top notch. Buy one, probably the last front light you ever need to buy with Hope legendary aftersales service.
I use this for off road running - fell and trail. It's great. It's comfortable enough and secure. I now have no excuses though, 9pm comes and I can still get a run in!
What a fantastic light. Not just bright but a brilliant flood of light. Well engineered and straight forward to use and setup with the quick release feature. From biking to running this light has proved to be more than adequate.
Great light with a great service from both Merlin and Hope. Light arrived from Merlin within 2 days of order. Bought this as a second light to my original Vision 4 - mainly due to the price reduction offered by Merlin. Have had a couple of issues with my Vision 4 which given any other brand I would not buy again - however the warrenty service provided by Hope is 2nd to none - free cable change after 4 years of service, all completed within a couple of days of sending.
Amazing piece of kit. If you are looking for a new front light, this is the one. I've owned umpteen lights and this is by far the best one yet. When purchased you also get piece of mind from Hope's incredible after sales service which is second to none. My only complaint is this light was discounted by a further
Really pleased with my Hope Vision R4, the service was amazing, delivered exactly when said. Thanks Merlin!!
Awesome, very good "spread" of light very quickly dispatched thanks
This light is awesome so bright, very easy to use, the handle bar clamp is different to the one in the picture, if your quick it is even cheaper at the moment.
Amazing output for it's size, light beam has an excellent spread and as it's hope should be built to last and in case something goes wrong, as from my previous experience with hope products they are always there to help out. Delivery was very good also as I ordered this light during the xmas holiday, thanks Merlin
Great lights - have not used them off road, only on road as MTB being repaired. Good flood coverage, and definately get drivers attention. Every car coming the other way has slowed down and taken care - ace, just what's needed. They see you from a long way off and they dip their lights, which avoids getting blinded by headlights. Could do with a stronger spot area within the light - it is very much a flood based light. Would not want to off road ride without having a spot light as well. It would be good if there was a battery indicator light, as it's hard if you do lots of shorter trips to have to add all your minutes riding up to get rough idea when it will run out. It's fine if you are just doing one long session, and then you know you will have pretty much used up the battery. Second best light I have had - my other one is a fluxient and blows the Hope away as far as power and light distance - it's easily the equivalent to car headlights and almost the same as high beam. I will use the Hope lights on road generally I think, although will try them out off road. I would have no issues having this as my main light though. Definately would recommend them, and they are great quality build, and buying them supports a UK business and UK jobs.
Well made product as you would expect from hope. very bright on full power but battery (lightweight 2 cell) will only last 1 1/2hr roughly, worth paying extra for bigger cell battery.
Brilliant product for the price, very bright wide consistent beam, excellent build quality and handlebar mounting, great battery life and settings cover good range of options including flash, with intelligent controller. Best used with additional similar spot helmet lamp because doesn't have huge penetration for high speed trails but will cover you for most situations. Went with standard battery and mounts easily under down tube with included extension cable. Is small but also looks awesome whether its on or off. Can finally replace the old 7.2ah 12V 50W Halogen that i have used for night tril rides the last nearly 20 yrs! Great price (best i could find on net) and service from Merlin, arrived before many locally supplied products would.
Purchased this light ahead of a trip to Sherwood Forrest. Though it may seem expensive compared to some of the Chinese imports available, the quality and performance are well worth the additional expense. The R4 gives a broad and even "flood" light effect rather than the "spot" effect of many cheaper lights, a great benefit when navigating unfamiliar single-track at night. Highly recommended!
A great light with different ways to use it. The smaller battery is great for the headset, while the bigger battery is great for the bike. The light is very bright, even on a medium setting. A fantastic light, thanks Hope.
Nice and bright. Light is spread out over a wide area rather than having a long reaching centre spot. I have only used it so far as a head torch for off road running and for this it is great. The wide beam means I can aim it further away and still clearly see what is at my feet.
Fantastic thanks, brilliant service & so so bright!
Quite expensive compared to the myriad of cheap powerful led lights that have flooded the market, but as with all Hope products you get what you pay for. Tiny headlamp and solid clamp machined to a high standard look great. Although the clamp isn't QR, it does mean once set you know its always going to be at the correct angle. The central position over the stem is a neat touch and means you can mount the lamp in front of the faceplate to keep it low and unobtrusive. The light optics are superb for a bar light. Loads of well penetrating flood, great as a stand alone light or even better when used along with a more focussed helmet light for seeing where your looking. A great British product, ideal for the filthy British winter night rides!
Built to last and easy to fit. Used for commuting and the flashing mode beam goes 100mts to bounce off street signs. Easy to switch modes for off-road sections. Only downside is the mouting bracket which can not be angled if your handle bars are swept back ie most bikes. This means you are off angle and either point to the pavement or towards on-coming cars. Modified mine by using a angled brake washer and longer bolt. Simple correction that Hope should adopt.
Brilliant amount of usable light on the trails. Really nice fitting method means it can be swapped from bike to helmet with no tools in seconds and is still very very secure. Some good dimmer settings for road use too.
This head torch is without a doute a brilliant peace of workmanship. When looking for a strong headlight for my bike to use for night time riding, caving and mountaineering this cuts the mustard. I'm also using this at work. (British Army) and its got the fixings and clamps with is bayonet fitting to make life that little easier
best lights for whapping through the forests ive already got 1 for my helmet had to get 1 for my bars at this price.
Usual Hope quality, tiny head unit,and as bright as you could want for most normal trail riding, first setting is more than powerfull enough for less techy flat and the ups, 2nd does everything else, not had a real need for the max output as yet. The bar mount is not so easy to swap from bike to bike as previous (needs an allen key) which is annoying . Four star rating for the quality but has lost a star for value for money from me, there is stuff out there pretty much as well engineered and kicking out as many/more lumens for a lot less. I like to back British wherever poss and I love Hope quality and service I guess you will always pay a little extra for that peace of mind .
I have used Merlin cycles since 2000 and have never been disappointed with the products supplied. This Hope vision R4 doesn't break the mould either. Top quality item produced by Hope and sold via Merlin Cycles. Despatched on the same day as I bought it, came next day. Will keep on using Merlin Cycles for years to come. Thanks Merlin Cycles.
Very well made and very stable handlebar mount. The light gives a wide beam pattern. I use it in combination with a strong spot helmet light, and this is for me a very good set-up! There is no battery-fuel indicator, but if you can do some math, this isn't necessary.
Very bright and makes a noticeable difference in traffic. Feels robust, I hope it will run for many years.
Great British Engineering & Li-ion battery pack lasts much better than ni-cad 4 x cree LED's lights up the trail really well incl steep uphill/downhill but probably still need a head torch for all round vis
Great product and fast delivery! Thanks
A typically well made product from Hope as you would expect. The light came with a comprehensive set of mounts and charger. In use the light gives excellent illumination and proves that although you can get more lumens in some lights its more about the focusing of the power than the quantity of power. Overall, very pleased indeed with this light.
Upgraded from the vision 4 to this tiny beast, and it really is tiny. I use it for a mixture of road and trail riding and the settings are more suited to this than the vision 4 and off road the thing lights the trails up like the sun. The bayonet fitting means the lamp can be swapped between helmet mount and bar mount with no tools just hands and its super easy to do. Usual great quality from hope, even the bar clamp it a work of art.
Probably not as bright as I thought it was going to be, but then I've only ridden it once so far. The light from this unit is a very white light and well distributed. Lovely small head-unit and the box comes with different mounting systems for handlebars, helmet or for use asa head-torch when camping / walking etc.
Fantastic light, i havnt used it in anger yet but it was bright enough to light up the garden and terrify the neibours cat!. Excellent service from merlin yet again
I've owned - and really liked - the older four-LED Hope lights: this new R4 is just as well made, and is much smaller, taking up little room on the bars. It comes with a machined alu bracket which is offset so the lamp aligns with your stem. The lamp itself fits to the bracket using a 'press and turn' quick-release action. Upsides include the large top-mounted control button that is easy to use on the move, and a good choice of brightness vs running time options. The beam is bright, broad and even, which is great for trails, but on the road it's hard to get the light adjusted to avoid shining it into oncoming traffic or other cyclists. There's no on-the-fly adjustment of vertical alignment, and no lateral adjustment at all. This makes for a secure fitting (no chance it will slip at an awkward moment), but for me it lacks some practicality: you need to get everything set up before you ride. A helmet mount is included, but that broad beam makes it tricky to avoid dazzling anyone coming towards you. Run time is ok with the largest of the available battery options; Hope claim 7hr on 'medium' setting for the 5200Ah battery. So, beautiful engineering, and a great beam for trails, but a bit of a faff to adjust (Torx bolts). Set it up correctly and it will be fine and 100% secure on the road, but a simpler and more flexible mounting design would earn it more stars.
Not the very brightest but has all the bits and bobs for most applications. Very pleased with it.
Beautifully designed and a cracking light output. You get a head torch attachment in the box but it's a little heavy with the 4 cell battery. I bought the pack with the extra two cell battery, which is light enough for running but has enough capacity for a lengthy commute. You'd struggle to make it through a long off road ride on the smaller battery unless you were conscientious about dimming the light, but it's an ideal partner to the Hope District as the batteries are interchangeable. And it's made in the UK - what more could you ask for?