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At 140dB it's equivalent to a jet engine and 4 x louder than the competition. Now cyclists can actively alert lorries, buses, cars and pedestrians to their presence (rather than hoping to be seen) which makes cycling safer.
  • Piercing 140 decibel sound
  • 2 modes, including quieter 'Park' mode
  • Versatile design fits ALL styles of bike
  • Rubber trigger stretches round ALL handlebars
  • Thumb rests comfortably on trigger
  • Safe and easy to operate, even when braking
  • Easy to install
  • IP44 (splash proof)
  • 2xAAA batteries included
  • Only 96g (inc batteries)
  • Check out a video of the horn in action here
Nice and loud, so much better than using a bell for alerting both pedestrians and motorists.
Very, very loud. Great in Sydney hectic traffic. I had to use it a couple of times and I was not unnoticed or ignored. I definitely recommend it to cycle in busy area.
Unit sounds great. Nice and loud. Unobtrusive on handlebars, though bracket looks a little flimsy so will probably remove entire unit when necessary.
Pretty loud as promised, but the 140dB sounded like a car alarm going off and not like a horn at all. The 120dB sounded slightly more like a regular air-horn but still a lot more high-pitched than what I was expecting. Perhaps having a sound clip/youtube video of what it sounded like in the item description would have been helpful. The mounts I got looked different in the picture, perhaps because it is a different variant of the product - the ones I got were made of rubber and felt rather flimsy.
Well this horn certainly lives up to it's reviews. Bloody loud. Almost too loud; I have not used it on occasions that I had in mind when buying it, because I was hesitant to deafen someone if I was in fact wrong about the situation. It is also still my first instinct to yell "Oi!" instead of pressing a button, but I'm working on this.
Super Loud, I hope I don't scare anyone whilst riding :)
These things are loud, the battery lasts several ages, and they're very easy to fit. Most importantly they definitely get the attention of car drivers. Wouldn't be without one.
Very loud. Hope this lasts better than my other, strap broke, then trigger, where it goes in to horn snapped, they have changed the build quality...my first one had a clamp you screw up on bars now it's a rubber gel strap.
Excellent product - very loud, everybody notices the sound. Easy to fit, the only (minor) fiddly bit is changing between the two sound levels while on the move at speed, as it's only a small button and if you're wearing gloves you may not get the tactile feedback to confirm operation - only way to be sure is to sound the horn! Wouldn't stop me buying another one though, thoroughly recommended
Very good horn. Can be operated without taking hands off brakes. Good service from Merlin cycles
Excellent, brilliant for making people jump when on towpath etc
Horn is very loud, will definitely get you noticed. Remote control within quick reach is a nice and important touch. Would definitely recommend for the urban cyclist.
It's certainly loud. The multi adjustable rubber fixing strap isn't the best. I had to put some amalgam tape on the bars to give some extra grip. Overall the fitment is a tad fiddly. A greater variety of tones would also be useful.... mix it up a bit. Overall good but not great.
Excellent product but like other reviews shame there isn't more actual sound variations as a lot of people don't recognise it as a bike horn.
Easy to fit and certainly produces a great sound, however only use it after first attempting to attract attention of a pedestrian using the bell, and it has worked very succesfully.
Excellent in stopping pedestrians in London walking in front of the bike it does startle people and stop them in their tracks. Not as effective for cars but there is so much noise in London anyway. I have bought several cheap Chinese horns but they dont last.....buy this one.
Seriously loud piece of kit - the "quieter"! option seems to be better as its a single tone - the louder option is more of a warble, although its definitely going to wake up the iPod wearing lemmings that we all encounter. I had one incident where a micra with its windows down pulled away from the kerb as I cycled round - a quick beep from the hornit woke up the kids who were sleeping in the car and made sure the plank driving hit the brakes rather than me! I thought about getting the "airsoundz" but this is a better fit on the bike and as it's a folder (the bike not the horn)! I went for this. I have been a bit reluctant about buying bike bits off the web (I'd rather give my money to an independent bike shop - not Halfrauds) but the delivery was quick and problem free - so I'd be happy to buy from Merlin again
I live in the country and the roads are very quiet. You would think pedestrians would hear my bell as I approach from behind roaring hearty greetings, but no. They continue ambling along, arm-in-arm usually, across the width of the road, completely immersed in their chatter and laughter. I'm still going to use the bell first, but if they ignore it to the point where one of us is going to get hurt then they're going to get a blip from the Hornit. So far I've used it only experimentally so I have no idea if it will work any better than the bell, but I can tell you that even a quit beep in the open air makes my ears ring for a moment. Construction seems good, and the button is easy to position where you need it. Very pleased.
After a near miss with a pedestrian on a steep downhill my local bike shop (LBS) told me about the Hornit. They had sold the last one that they had so I found this one at Merlin's. The unit is simple and mounts easy. I have ridden around the place and have used it a time or two already with no issues. Watch out - it is loud! It does give me a sense of security in auto traffic and has allowed me to signal and get acknowledgement from motorists and pedestrians. I just wish that they would use all their fingers when they wave after I honk at them.
I ordered pretty late on a Thursday but the Hornit arrived on Saturday morning. Fitting it to my bike was simple, all tools were provided in the box. After fitting it, I went out for a ride. I live in Portsmouth which is a bit of a black spot for accidents involving cyclists. Within 10 minutes of being out, I had alerted several dog walkers that I was behind them (In the cycle path) and had stopped 2 cars in their tracks as they were pulling out in front of me. It's well built, attaches securely and is LOUD!!! Basically, it's paid for itself already in my humble opinion. Best price I could find online too.
If you wish to be heard on the road this is the horn you need. It's also small and neat. Oh, and did I mention it's very loud.
Very powerful horn and easy to mount on bike.
The loudest, easy to use cycle horn you can have on the busy london streets. And this was the best price I found
Arrived as ordered and was just as described. Shipped to th USA in a timely fashion. I have only had limited use but so far so good. Thanks
It is LOUD very LOUD, to loud for a towpath/shared use path. It is also a strange sound so some cretins(pedestrians) stop dead and look towards source of strange noise. Perhaps if the noise could be changed to something more akin to a car/lorry horn it would be better.
Fantastic service and value. Found the Hornit with lowest price with Merlin,but out of stock. Left my interest to be contacted when back in stock,they did this within the week,and then offered a further discount and all post free. Delivered on time. Recommending Merlin is therefore easy.