Chain Juice Ceramic Chain Lube - 130ml
Chain Juice Ceramic Chain Lube - 130ml
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Watch your gear shifts improve instantly with this Chain Juice CeramicLube


Chain Juice Ceramic a top of the range form of lubrication that utilises cutting edge, ceramic additive technology in order to improve gear shifting performance dramatically. You should also notice distinctively quieter, smoother, faster and more “crisp” gear changes when using Chain Juice Ceramic.


The ceramic additive behaves in such a way that even on a microscopic level it forms a laminar plate structure over the chain which in turn dramatically reduces unwanted metal on metal contact therefore giving you the benefit of enjoying better gear changes at all times, even under heavy load when you ideally shouldn’t be changing gear at all! You know the times – when your gears normally create a noise that makes your face screw up??!  It’s definitely a moment you want to avoid!


Chain Juice Ceramic will also massively extend component lifespan and protect against rust and corrosion. It is most suitable for use in dry to mildly damp conditions.
  • Quieter, smoother, crisper gear changes
  • Excellent Protection against unwanted rust and corrosion
  • Perfect for use in damp to bone dry conditions 
  • 130ml bottle



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Great lube as far as lubes go, would definitely recommend it
Runs a bit thinner than other ceramic lubes I have used (not sure what to make of that). Fairly easy to apply and first coat lasted about 90 miles before I started to notice it needed a clean/re-application.
Good lube, good amount, good deal.