KMC Missing Link 10 Speed
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KMC Missing Link 10 Speed
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Code: KMC005
KMC Missing Link 10 Speed
KMC's MissingLinks are easy to mount and 100% reliable. To connect your chain by using MissingLink, you do not need complicated (expensive) tools.
  • 10 Speed
  • Silver
  • Non-Reuseable
  • Individual link
Mr Augusto Junior Excellent product
Dunners Rider KMC Quality. happy with purchase.
Samuel Great link, can be used to repair a chain if broken.
Mr Ami I never buy chains held together with pins anymore as I have broke too many of those where the pin goes in. These links are far stronger than the pins. I buy an extra one to keep in my bike bag in case I run into a problem on the road.
kevin Easy to use, good to carry to get you out of a long walk!
Radiogram These are good quality bike chain quick links. KMC's Missing Link closes very tightly and securely when new. It is still possible to close without a quick link tool but it would be fiddly to do so. Best to use them with a suitable quick link tool. Get one that can be used to both close as well as open this type of link. KMC recommend its Missing Link be closed and opened a maximum of three times before it is discarded. In practise I have gone well beyond this limit without suffering adverse consequences. I've used this 10 speed missing link with KMC X10-EL chains on 10s Campagnolo drivetrains without issue for thousands and thousands of km. Ditto of 9s Missing Links with KMC 9s chains. Recommended.
Mr Filipek Great link for my chain makes cleaning easy.
Mr Vink So much easier than traditional Shimano system, great if you remove your chain to wax
Paul Works as expected for quick chain maintenance.
elreyoli This is equal, in more ways than one, to many links. And cheaper
Silvano Pereira KMC components not only possess great quality, but also transmit great reliability!
Mr Tomala I think KMC missing links are the most trustworthy one. I used 9 speed. Now 10 and 11 speed, they have never let me down.
Brian Great price so I ordered three. I never want to ruin another ride being without this quick fix!!
Sully No brainer if you want to be able to pop your chain off for a deep clean.
Hotchkin Amazing chain upgrade. Makes emergency chain repair far easier and chain removal for detail cleaning a breeze.
Steplewie These are great because they are reusable and can be undone by hand out on the trail or when you wash/maintain the bike. This is unlike the SRAM 10sp ones which require tools to release and are single use. I have used them on SRAM chains for years.