KMC X10 10 Speed Chain
KMC X10 10 Speed Chain
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KMC X10-EL Extra Light 10 Speed Chain. Suitable for both road and mountain bikes.
World-class professional racers proved that KMC Chain provides the right DNA leading to the championship! Next to our champions, it is important to offer a chain for all kind of riders. KMC's 10 speed chains are compatible with all major shifting systems. Shifting performance, durability and easy mounting are other key words for KMC Chain. We have the perfect chain for all type of riders.
With great shifting performance, it's light weight and smooth running. KMC now guarantees your satisfaction on the chain's life, which is much longer, compared to other major brands.
  • 1/2" X 11/128" - 112 Links, pin length 5,88 mm
  • Shimano,Sram & Campagnolo compatible (Including all 10X MTB systems)
  • Nickel Plated
  • NON-Directional
  • Hi-Performance
  • Extremely Durable
  • Only 262g in Weight


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A nice step up from my usual KMC X10.93. Been easy to clean on my MTB despite a decent amount of exposure to sloppy muck
Best chain I have used so far. Easier to fit than Campagnolo and cheaper too. Came at a good price from Merlin; highly recommended !
Good strong chain. Seem to wear better than the Shimano's. Joining links a a no brainer; much more sense than a pin.
First time I've used the missing link system, I found it easy to install and remove, liked it a lot. You would need to be a serious weight weenie to pay the extra for the EL10 over the standard 10 spd. Still it looks good. Excellent Merlin service and price as usual
I always use KMC chains for all my bikes, never let me down yet and I would not use anything else.
Was advised to put a new chain on the 7900 chainset, and did not realise this is a magic link chain, so once the length is sorted, the chain can be removed without the need of a link remover. It does say to only undo the link three times, but I can see no reason for this, but that's what it states, much lighter than the Shimano 5600 chain I had on, and does seem smoother, so all in all pleased with the purchase
Always found the KMC chains easier to fit and replace over Shimano becasue of their connecting link design so a thumbs up there. Not the lightest chain of the KMC range but not the most expensive either and is excellent value for money and it keeps its colour. Works perfectly with Shimano transmissions.
I never use any other chain than KMC, You`ll wear this out before it snaps. Top chains, cannot see me using anything else.
Have used this chain before. It is light, quite and trouble free. As with any chain you just have to keep it clean and lubed and it won't let you down.
Great chain at a great price. Long lasting and I have only managed to mangle one in about 2 years of using these. I don't buy anything other than KMC chains for all my bikes. Great price too.
Excellent product at a typically good Merlin price. Runs smoothly and quiet
Chain seeems to be fine, though only a few miles done so far.
Excellent chain and super fast delivery - thanks
These chains are very good indeed. Smooth, quiet and easy to fit. Great service from Merlin
Excellent and reliable chain. I have used them for several years now with no problems.
I've had a few KMC chains and they run pretty smooth. They come covered in a horrible sticky mess, which probably has great corrosion resistance butattracts even the slightest bit of dirt. I usually just clean it off and use my normal lube. The split link was a bit stiff to get in, but seems grand now.
Perfect for the job. Recommended if you need a 10 speed.
Used first time, work smooth with shimano casette
I have used KMC chains for several years now. Longevity is good if you keep them clean and the quality of gear shift is good when paired with my Ultegra Cassette and mech. Reasonably priced so you can afford to change it regularly keeping things smooth and making the cassette last longer between replacement.
Great chain for XC riding. I wouldn't say these were non-stretch but they are better than the Sram or Shinano ones I have used in the past, and not I dont use any other brand of chain on all my bikes. Great price and fast delivery as always from Merlin.
The best delivery and quality gear on the "net"
Excellent chain. They last well and I haven't had one break on me so far, despite lots of mud and lots of mashing. I keep the re-useable missing link for spares whenever I replace the chain and I've now got a small pile of them because I never need to use them for chain breaks!
An economical buy for a chain, for me the quickest item on my bike to wear out.
These are excellent value chains with a split link which can be re-used, unlike Sram links. I always keep a this chain as a spare in my toolkit for use both at home and abroad. Keep the chain clean and correctly lubricated and 3000+ miles is possible before replacement.
So far so good! It's withstanding the Peak District grit very well, not sure how it will compare to my normal Shimano XT chain but initial indications are promising and the Merlin Price was excellent
on my second kmc chain they seem to last better than orig equipment, and the snap link makes removal for cleaning a doddle
Replaced a DX10SC that came with bike after a crank upgrade (Compact to a Standard). Decided to stick with KMC after being pleased with the no-nonsense MissingLink (tip: carry one in your saddle bag with a mini-brute chain tool, one day you'll need it), price compared to other brands and performance of the prior chain. Whilst only a few quid more, it is a decent upgrade. The chain is lighter and quieter, although this could be related to the crank upgrade.
First time I've used a KMC chain. It seems to change as well as my previous Shimano's. I can't comment on the longevity at this stage but I'm impressed by the ease of fitment (the missing link joiner) & finish quality. The merlin service & pricing is second to none. I definitely recommend them. Merlin are now my first option when I'm looking for new or replacement parts & clothing.
Ordered KMC 10s silver chain at 11am and received the following day. Best price on web plus additional discount at checkout!! How's that for a bargain!! Always use KMC chain as they last ages, run smooth, clean up great and never break. I now use Merlin for all my cycling purchases as delivery has always been fast, prices always cheap and products great! Great online store!
KMC chains - simply the best. SRAM chains dont come with a re-usable link in the 10 speed, KMC do. Plus they last forever.......