Sorry, this product is no longer available!
KMC X9-93 9 Speed Chain is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
KMC X9-73 9 Speed Chain
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KMC X9-73 9 Speed Chain

This item was discontinued 17th August 2023.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

Code:: CHA09SKMC00
KMC X9-93 chain, - excellent value 9 speed chain
  • 9 speed lightweight chain.
  • Top performance at a budget price point.
  • Silver / Grey finish.
  • Campagnolo, Shimano & Sram compatible
  • 108 Link or 114 Link
Dr Midgley Easy to size, shorten, and fit with the KMC split-link. 250 miles of smooth and silent riding - no problems at all.
Simon Excellent chain. Have used KMC chains for years, wouldn't use anything else.
Mr Cleasby I have been using KMC chains on my bikes for the last 5 years. They are good value for money. The quick link is excellent.
Richard I use KMC chains in both 8 and 9 speed and they are fine. Merlin's price and delivery were excellent.
Mr Andrews Good hard-wearing chain
Mr Coolican An excellent chain that will certainly boost the performance of your drivetrain. Thanks.
stuart Love KMC chains never had a problem
Simon KMC chains as reliable as usual. Good service from Merlin order arrived promptly.
Tom KMC, always good value and work well
Amanda My Son is well over 100Kg with legs like a Gorilla. Only one chain can handle his hill-climbing pedal power with peace of mind... and that's KMC
Mr Moody Have been using these chains since the start of the year, and they appear to last as well as the Srams I had been using. Oh and the price is much better.
Serge Terrific exchange for my ageing chain. Runs smoothly and good value for money.
Mr Osbourn At this price it's not a massive expense to replace the chain as soon at the chain stretch gauge suggests it's time to change. This replaced a KMC chain my LBS fitted so I can't comment on longevity, but I've had no issues with KMC chains in the past.
James Nice, cheap replacement for an old Shimano chain on my stationary bike, which works just as well as the original. The fact that KMC bundles a "Missing Link" into the package makes it a no-brainer.
Mr J Allen Great chain, yet to use in anger but pleased so far. Usual great delivery and price from merlin
Mr. Chiacchio Leonardo Excellent chain. That's the second KMC chain I use. Smooth gear changes (with shimano tiagra groupset), reliable and cheap. Nothing to complain about.
Capt Slog I bought this because I was happy with the original one I've used for two years, in that time it's been ridden for 3500 miles. I used dry lube for the first year and then changed to wet, oil based lube for the second year. It's been lubed frequently, never been 'dry' and been cleaned a few times. I checked the new chain against the old one, and found the older one is longer by about 4mm over 106 links, so not badly worn in my opinion. The old one I've kept as a good spare. The chain does what it's supposed to do, runs quietly (better with wet lube), and changes well. The re-usable link has been removed several times and not given any cause for concern or complaint.
Mr Van Doorn Works nicely with my old 9 speed Shimano LX set up mtb. Blows away Shimano on price, ease of set up, removal and performance.
Mr nogueira de camargo Excellent chain, no noise and very fluid.
Mr Allen What's not to like? It's a decent priced chain, that works well with my Shimano drivetrain and seems to last well. Quick link means it's easy to take off and clean. Got KMC chains on both mountain bikes and my road bike; seem to last longer than SRAM chains and Shimano don't have a quicklink option.
Mr Taylor Great value long lasting chain
Mr Clifford Great budget chain. Have had 2 of these in the past and seem to wear very well. The current one has done 3 months of Lake District mud riding and 6 months of australian dust and is now time for a replacement due to stretch.
Mr Simmonds Strong, heavy duty chain
Mr Brooks Always had KMC chains for the last three years. Never snapped one yet and they wear really well. You can't go wrong with them.
Mr nichol KMC chains seem to last longer than those from Shimano and Sram. I expect this one to do the same
Mr Brown Brilliant piece of kit - rides and shifts very smoothly but goes on even smoother especially as this is the first time I've ever changed a chain. Split link makes this a complete doddle.
Mrs Davies Good quality chain at a very decent price. Dispatched quickly. Chain was easy to fit to my bike, overall great product.
Steve Does what it says on the Tin really. More a review of Merlin than the product, 1st time using Merlin and have been impressessed. Good value product and great delivery time.
Mr Poland Absolutely love these chains. My last one lasted many many months of wet muddy abuse and didn't take the rear cassette with it when I did replace it. I'd have got through several SRAM or Shimano chains and cassettes in the same time.
Mr harper I ordered three chains at two pm and they were delivered the next morning, what more do you want, and they were the cheapest. excellent !!!!!!!!!
Mr Thomson Excellent product at an unbeatable price, KMC are the only company I trust when it comes to strength and longevity, combined with merlins top class service you can't go wrong
Andy Naismith Great service again from Merlin. Chain seems fine - it did snap on its 3rd run out in fairness but I think thats because I added a link and maybe didnt seat the pin as well as I should have!
Gaz Good quality stongnchain with missing link included. Runs almost silently on Shimano setup.
Mr Wood Super strong, bit heavy. Good price
Jonny the Leyther Light, easy to adjust. KMC are in my opinion the best chains. Merln as usual dispatched rapidly.
JonnyA Good solid chain, links are definitely harder to push out than SRAM/shimano chains which should give a better reliabilty in the long term, shifts nicely too.
Mr mason Excellent chain at a good price , prompt delivery of product and good transaction.
Mr Bain This is the first time i have tried these chains ,my first impression is that they are very good .They were recommended to me by a friend..Merlin are always very competitive on price and i find the delivery service outstanding.
Mr bridge These chains are a steal at this money v good quality. Best prices best delivery quality product why shop any where else
Mr Orpe Awesome chain , I find that they have a smoother gear change then the SRAM Durable and for the money what more do you want
Mick Maghar Very pleased with the quick delivery. So quick, in fact, that I haven't had time to put it on the bike yet.
not_finbar Perfectly functional 9 speed chain with a quick link - why pay more?
Mr Leckie
Mr Cornwall Bargain, quality chain, delivered in record time. HIghly recommend
Skippy... Ive had more expensive chains from sram, shimano and even impermanent all show signs of rust! In my opinion they all rust and all wear out quickly you're better off fitting a cheaper chain as you'll have to replace as much as the expensive brands and models... these are a really good value for money chain easily equal to more expensive shimano chains....
Matt Gander Strong, reliable chain at a great price. Smooth precise shifting and long life. Used on my DH and 4X bikes.
JAYDMF at 10 bucks a go you cant go wrong. KMC chains have always been super reliable for me and ive only ever snapped 1 unlike Sram and Shimano. May not be the lightest chain in the world but if you want something that lasts just buy one.
Mr Smith A dependable chain that lasts well. Fast delivery as always from Merlin.
Mr Finch Good product, great price and arrived the next day.Works fine with 9 speed campag cassette
Mr Sheppard Excellent chainm was a little pessemistic about changing from Sram, but my fears were unfounded this is certainly the DB's!! Service from Merlin was excellent - placed order in the morning, received notification of despatch and was on the doorstep the following morning - Superb sevice. :)
Mr Brown Easy to put in with joining link and the chain works well on my campy setup. No complaints after 300 miles and only
Mr Devriendt Excellent service and price. Not used yet but from previous experience KMC 9 speed chains outlast Shimano equivalents.
Dr o'dwyer great chain
stevef Cheap chain and comes with removable link, I like to take my chain off to clean it after rides so this is a must for me, better chains out there but not at this price.
Mr Miles Just about the best chains I've used. I used to break Shimano or SRAM chains all the time, one would last me about 3 months or so. These just never break, and they hardly stretch either. You can really take the abuse.
Mr evans best price by far, I didn't expect the recorded delivery. I will recomend this site to everyone. thanks.
John G from Weston-super-Mare Excellent value for money chain