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Knog Oi Classic Bell is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Knog Oi Classic Bell
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Knog Oi Classic BellKnog Oi Classic BellKnog Oi Classic BellKnog Oi Classic BellKnog Oi Classic Bell

This item was discontinued 25th August 2023.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

Code:: KNOG-119
Knog Oi Classic Bell

Bike bells generally look & sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy & sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel. The bells fit on almost all cylindrical bars. The Large Oi is for all bar sizes up to 31.8mm. The Oi will also work on any aero bar with a 16mm cylindrical section (usually near the stem).


  • Size: Small bell fits bars 22.2mm diameter / Large bell fits bars 23.8mm - 31.8mm (How to measure your handlebars).
  • Weight: Small 18g / Large 28g
  • Material: Aluminium with Nylon mount & acctuator
Mr Fava To be completely honest the bell has a great design and lovely sound but the trigger is a bit flimsy. One the 3 I order broke within minutes. The other 2 are still working. The spring for the trigger was too weak.
Mr Wigston Certainly different from most bells out there. Hopefully it will last as it has a lovely clear ring!
Mr S Great product - higher priced than others however I’m expecting this to last a long time.
Mr Sheraton Looks good & sounds like a quality bell should sound with a beautiful tapping on crystal glass piiiiing to it. It fits nice & secure and has a unique look about it
Mrs Davies I got this for a Xmas present for my 25 year old son. He loves it - really smart and quality of sound is so pure
Michael Service excellent and bell is discreet and works well
Mr Reid Excellent product, clear sharp noise to make people in front hear me.
Kyle Really lovely, the slim line profile is brilliant for the drop bars. Also seems the tune gets people attention better than the usual cheap ones, would buy again.
Russell Simple but effective alternative to a traditional bell. The smaller size works well with Brompton’s as it doesn’t get in the way when folding the bike.
David Oi Oi ! Great bell. Fits unobtrusively beside brake lever. Nice satisfying ping.
Mr Khiew Looks slick and distinct sound to alert others. Very happy with the purchase.
Mr Hruska Perfect design, discreet look, high frequency specific sound.
Colin Great stylish and functional design . Delivered on time and without fault.
Gravy Sleek design and very loud. Can be heard by runners with headphones, and that's good enough for me
Mr Brennan Fits easily and good quality
Patrick Was looking for a bell as my commute to work uses some shared paths. I wanted something discrete so not to spoil the aesthetic of my new bike. This bell is ideal. Nice loud ring and quite discrete. Overall very pleased.
Ms Greaves Excellent piece of kit, Who would have thought a humble bell could be improved! Low profile design takes up little room on the handlebars & the sound is enough to make aware of your presence without being intrusive.
Hamish Lovely sounding nicely designed bell.
Nick Don't normally do bells but having got into gravel biking recently there more need to ping people as you approach from behind. This little bell sits nice and unobtrusively on the bars to the side of the stem.
Mr Bech Elegant and effektive bell
Kval105 Great bell , very sleek on bike
Tom Great and compact.
Will Sleek and good looking bell
Mr hall Nice bell lovely tone
Dave Cockram Really good bells that dont look like bells but give a decent loud ring
Mr Shaw Nice discreet design. Could be louder. Make sure you order the correct size.
Mr Greer Nice product, got it for a friend, was impressed by design, quality and delivery time.
Ravi Mirch Sleek and fits well....decent sound as well
Geoff Been looking for a bell that would fit 33mm handlebars for ages, this is great. Elegant and nice tone.
Mark Very nice bell that doesn't look like a bell. I bought this for my gravel bike to try and give the walkers some advanced warning. Sounds nice and works well
Piers Clear sound, blends in well with other clamps on mtb bars, doesn't stick out, easy to operate from grips. Could be louder for some situations but probably the best compromise for mtb.
Mr Yip Ordered the small size which fits perfectly on my TT aero bars. Choice the black colour to blend in discreetly - don't want it to get nicked. Safety feature with a nice tone. Not as shocking as an airhorn!
NaoR134 想像よりも少し大きめでしたが、ベルの音は澄んでおり、また今まで使用していたCat Eye OH-2400も大きい音量で満足です。またOH-2400はハンドルの下につけていたため、雨天や洗車で水が入り込むと全く音が出なくなるのですが、Oiのベルはすべて露出していて水が溜まらないので、その点の懸念もありません。
Mr christie A very high pitched ring that seems to carry further than other bells I've had. Best feature is that it's not effected by the wet.
Mark Blood Great bit of kit. Good quality, looks neat & does what it needs to. Bought for my MTB & Gravel bikes. No more shouting at hikers. Ideal for anyone who thinks having a bell on their bike doesn't look 'cool'
Mr OKUYAMA 音色がきれい。カッコイイ。
daifuku 黒くアノダイズされたハンドルバーにはほとんど違和感が無いくらいにマッチしました。ロードのハンドルバーに装着する場合はサイズはLergeです。音は澄んだ綺麗な音でとても良いベルだと思います。
benji The design is good but the spring is fragile.
W412ren A low profile the handlebar means this design doesn't get in the way. Sounds nice too.
Mr Sutton Nice and neat. Does the job well.
Mrs Bratton This was just the right kind of bell I was looking for to fit my new E Bike and easy to fit. It also left me space on my handlebar to fit my front light. Excellent product
Stephen To Sound is good and decent
Mr RAVICHANDRAN Trendy classic bell, great value for your money.
ian lim I like this black version, as it's just completely unnoticeable on my Turbo Levo handle bar.
Mr Parisi Have a new Cannondale Synapse and the cabling slightly interfered with the bell install but turning it slightly downward works just fine. Truly a unique item. Bought black and on the black handlebars it is almost invisible. Until it rings and that great sound announces my arrival. Though I go a bit slower than I used to go, still want to avoid any collisions. Thanks to Knog for a great product.
CB So much better than all the cheaper look-a-likes. Loud, and well manufactured.
Mr Kuo Very sleek! Looks great and rings loud!
Yuma Compact, stylish, high quality
Hugh Superb little bell, I have one on all my bikes. Great sound, easy to activate and yet unobtrusive.
James Very high quality. Pleasing timbre.
buc_nasty Very low profile and you can`t even really tell its a bell looking at the bike. IMO far superior to standard bells. I`ll be putting them on my road and mtb
TRENT A nice bell innovation. The spring on the striker could be stiffer or more durable though as it appears to have bent out of position a little. However the bell still works.
Dr Lam Compact and stylish. Perfect for my roadbike bars.
Mr Wong Well designed and discreet in appearance.
Graeme R Very well made easy to fit and has a loud sound, just the ticket.
Mr Gilchrist Nice tone!
Pedant Nicely made and packaged. Doesn't look as clumsy as an ordinary bell and therefore keeps the handlebar looking tidy! Sounds good too.
Mr Conway OK, it's expensive and not very loud, but it's the koolest bell out there, it's unobtrusive on the bike and it's loud enough to alert peds you're coming through
Mr Holdgate Really stylish - looks great on my bike, and has a nice tone. I bought this because of the low profile, and it allows me to put my bike on its handlebars without removing the bell :) Also, I ordered the wrong size, and returning for the correct size was pretty easy
Trevor Nice product, looks good on the handlebars, easy to fit, and works well. Buy it!
Ms B Safety first, danger last. Works well. Little difficult to get position correct. Multiple attempts to perfect. Not really a problem. Happens with all products. Try until it suits you. Looks incognito.
Mathis Compact design with distinctive sound. Works and looks good.
Mr Smith Nice bit of kit, stealthy and stylish, and pleasantly loud enough. Spring seems a bit fiddly but time will time.
Steadman Neat bell. Nice design.
Nicco Gorgeous design, fits and works perfectly. Can`t address durability issues
Bryant Love this bell. Looks inconspicuous and not like the cumbersome bells of old
Mr Baker Fast shipping to Australia, no problems at all fantastic bell takes nothing away from the look of your bike.
Mr Martin Really look smart on my handlebars. It has a beautiful and clear ring.. Once fitted it loose a bit of its resonance.
Ferris Exactly what I hoped for! A nice unobtrusive bell for my road bike that is more than loud enough for my daily commute.