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Lizard Skins DSP Bar Tape 2.5mm

Lizard Skins DSP (DuraSoft Polymer) Bar Tape was created for superior comfort, optimised feel and control.

  • 2.5mm tape thickness
  • 56 grams/set - including plugs
  • Optimised feel and control
  • Superior comfort
  • Excellent durability
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Provides increased shock absorption

Ultra lightweight at only 56 grams per set including plugs. Tested in 12 countries around the world, DSP maintains its durability, increased shock absorption and superior grip in all conditions. DSP Bar Tape is designed for every cyclist who loves to ride the best.

As used by Endura Racing, Patterson Training, Sport Beans Wilier and many more.

“Championed by the likes of Alejandro Valverde and the MTN Qhubeka Lizard Skins bar tape feels incredibly comfy. We have fallen in love with the way Lizard Skins bar tape feels on the bars, so much that we have relished recent mild weather as an opportunity to go sans gloves, such is the pleasant texture of this wrap.” - Cycling Weekly

Mr Lao Can't really go wrong with lizards skins. they are grippy and so comfortable. no need for gloves at times!
Mr christie Fitted to my gravel bike which is used 70% of the time on forestry fire roads. I've got small hands so went for the thinner tape but still find it comfortable with sufficient cushioning . Have also ridden on hot days without mitts and found that the tape worked well even with sweaty hands.
Mr Lyn I love this bar wrap. Very easy to swap and do over if it does not wrap properly. It really takes two hands or some tape to hold it down while wrapping. The end plugs are the weak part. They do not stay in the holes so I reused my old ones from another set of wraps. The color matches my bike well too.
Matthew Lovely stuff this. Not the easiest to fit but once its on and you feel the supple comfort, you will forget its there :)
Mr mcindoe Best price on this from Merlin it costs a little more than other brands but well worth it
Mr Štefanec Light tape, nice finish
D Melis Excellent grip: Lots of padding and very grippy. Excellent for the bumpy London roads
Mr Womack I wouldn't use anything else, ever!
Adrian Sanchez Great product. Very grippy and comfy. I wouldn't go for a different bar tape.
Mr VENTURINA Nice grip and durable.
Patrice Great comfy bar tape. I love it.
Mr ELBİ Quite soft, no need to even wear gloves For those who prefer color will get dirty in a very short time. Pay attention to cleanliness
Alann Comfortable to grip and absorbs the vibration from the road.
Mr leblanc Love lizard skin tape. Use it on all my bikes.
Mr leblanc Awesome handle bar tape. Great feel. Easy to install
MR Steven Purchased 2.5mm black. I tried the 1.8mm before switching back to 2.5mm. No gloves needed for 2.5mm. I can cover gravel/ shitty roads and still have ample grip and comfort.
Mr Turner Good grip with wet hands
Mr Chua Been using Lizard Skins bar tape for years. Comfy and well padded. Great on uneven pavement.
Bruce B The best tape available, awesome improvement.
Mr Ebihara It`s so nice colour, also anti-slip effect and reduce vibration are good!!
Mr Vasquez A friend recommended the Lizard Skins-now they are on all my bikes!!! This is definitely an evolution in the world of the humble bar tape, which one tends to notice only when something is wrong. These are just right!!!
david Mega grippy, comfy and looks good. Slightly tricky to apply as not meant to stretch it so need to take your time...!
chris Fantastic. I've used before but most recent set was another brand (on offer) which was good but nothing compared to the comfort and grip of Lizard Skins. Love it, don't know why I swapped!! Slightly more difficult to wrap and more expensive, but first ride out on it puts that to rest. Definitely recommended.
Mr Angeles The tape is great and I have been using them since 2015 and they are shock absorbing tape on my handlebar and perform good. I have used other handlebar tape but I kept on coming back to this because of comfort and justified weight and good looks on my bike.
Mr Lourens Great texture. I am leaving the gloves at home since fitting the Lizard Skins to my De Rosa.
Casey Best bar tape I have ever used. Super comfortable and doesn't get slippery when wet. It's not cheap - so I usually wait until it is on sale and stock up.
Mr Brewer Incera Excellent grip, excellent feel, dry or wet, have not have a better one than this one.
Mr mcindoe Good bar tape, gives a bit of cushion on rough roads and looks good
Mr Henry Nice tacky finish helps grip substantially.
arri Nice cushy feel, lasts long and looks good...price is paid for what you get
Mr Ng This is my favourite bar tape. I wish the end plugs would stay in place better.
Mr mcindoe Great bar tape have the 2.5mm on all my bikes, helps soak up the bumps
Andrew Comfy and wrap well enough. Bit too shiny for my tastes though. Maybe I`ll learn to love it.
Mr Rabinovich I must say that the quality of the Lizard Skin bar tape is just awesome.
Holden Easy to wrap and also extremely comfortable and grippy
Mr Weckert Best regular road tape I've riden to date, in the wet too.
Steve Putting this on my second bike as the first set stands up well to all weather, grippy and comfy
Jim My favourite tape, easy to install and nice to ride with or without gloves. But they have to be black..
Mr Rand I consider Lizard Skins bar tape an affordable luxury. The cushioning takes the sting out of rough pavement, with just a bit of tacky grip, and the colours coordinate beautifully. Worth every penny!
Mr Fitter My friend told me these are the best and he wasn't lying. Nice and tacky with good cushioning and the green looks great on my bike.
Mr Mcclure Lizard skins are better than bontrager. Much more grippy with a softer feel. Definitely worth the little extra cost.
Donald Best thickness of all the Lizard Skins DSP bar tapes. Superb!
Hughges The color tape gets dirty very quickly but the feel and cushion is superb. Easy solution...get them in black :)
Sunwoozy Great bar tape. Expensive, but worth it.
Adam Super grippy - glad I went with this, and not the thicker, thickness. The red is a nice colour (not pinkish like other brands I have bought before)
Tom Wright Used this bar tape before and will continue to do so. Excellent tape
WELLOYAJI It is the third purchase with my favorite bar tape. It is my favorite because it is not slippery in the rain and has a good feeling of grasping. It is a bit expensive so it is a minus one point.
Mr rosen Great tape. Wears very well. But not very abrasion resistant. Careful when you lean your bike against something, tape is relatively easily damaged.
Mr Ramirez Rayos First time to use the lizard skin bar tape and it is awsome, comfortable and there is no slippage on the drop bar.
Justin Woo Purchased the black 2.5mm and I'm in love with it! It looks extremely sleek and the thickness is just right: Not too thick such that it looked hideous and not too thin such that my hands get numb every 10 minutes.
daniels Lovely tactile bar tape, easy to install and absorbs road vibration
MATT Slightly tacky, very tough, perfect amount of cush. Merlin has the best price on this stuff, even after it's shipped to the US.
Mr ingram Great tape, although it would be better an inch or two longer.
Mr Aiken Nice and cushioned tape. Luxurious, even, if you can consider that for bar tape.
Doza I've been using these bar tapes for my bikes..Excellent gripping..Recommended
Mr Anthes Great tape, easy to apply and very comfortable to ride with - great grip too
Mr Ma The most comfortable tape I have used so far. The material could be far more long-lasting than others. Personally I think they could last forever
NC - USA Cyclist My favorite bar tape. Comfy and plush. Great price from Merlin.
Mr Pachuta Use Lizard skin on all my bike love the feel and grip. Its more with less.
John The priciest tape but overall the best. Best grip and vibration reduction you're going to get.
Walton The gold standard, a real worth while investment not cheap but far superior to any other bar tape. Comfy, durable and with a slightly tacky feel
California rider Probably the best bar wrap I have used. Provides enough padding which absorbs a good amount of road vibration. Long lasting material in comparison to standard cork or other synthetic materials used in my previous builds.
Mr Kilpatrick The best bar tape I have found. This is my second set after buying some last year and loving it.
Mr Manning Great! Cushions and absorbs vibration
Zugzug01 Improved comfort for hands. Great price from merlin.
Calum The material is very tacky, which works for me though not everyone. The tape is very light, I saved 60g. The packaging warns against stretching it when fitting, relative to my previous cork tape I found it trickier to fit.
Mr Pearce Superb stuff, comfortable and high quality. You probably wouldn't want to go any thicker than is though...
Mr Beasley Super comfortable
Mr Pepper Put these on my new Ritchey carbon bars. They seem to have good grip and cushion and are fairly comfortable. Can't yet say anything about durability. I;m happy enough with them so far.
Mr turner I have this tape in red on another bike and its excellent. It feels great in dry or wet weather with a kind of sticky feel, so no slipping off. The tape is easy to fit and stays in place. Highly recommended.
Mr Reid Pros: great grip, feels great Cons: not easy to fit as the stick glue strip is only 8mm wide and the undersurface is tapered. This means you need to be really accurate on the install and ensure that the overlap is exact other wise there can be high levels and/or gaps on bar bends.
Mr Reid After fitting lots of tape I found these the more troublesome. Basically there is a 8mm line of high adhesive to attach to your bar in the middle of the tape. I went for the 3.2mm version. The trouble is if following the manual you are not allowed to stretch the tape. With the thin adhesive strip this make fitting a pain. areas of the tape done fit well and can "pop" out when founding corners or round the shifters. If you do manage to fit them properly they are great. very comfy and great grip with a wide range of colours. I would stick to the thinner version if you don't have an issue with vibration.