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Look Keo 2 Max Blade CroMo Axle Road Pedals is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Look Keo 2 Max Blade CroMo Axle Road Pedals

This item was discontinued 2nd July 2018.

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Code: PEK2MB09
Look Keo 2 Max Blade CroMo Axle Road Pedals With Keo Cleat


The new Keo 2 Max Blade presents composite blade technology.

The use of a composite surface has been optimised and provides excellent pedalling stability. The composite material increases better, if not perfect, engagement and disengagement of the shoe from the pedal.

The Keo 2 Max Blade is made of injection-moulded composite fibreglass material providing a cleaner engagement than a Keo 2 Max pedal but less radical than the Keo Blade 2. Integrating the blade into the pedal body gives the Keo 2 Max Blade and aerodynamic profile for optimal air flow.

The Keo 2 Max Blade has a 400mm2 stainless steel platform which provides excellent stability and very good pedalling efficiency. The rear stops of the pedal have been designed specifically to fit the cleats making it easier to engage the pedal and therefore make it easier to get on and off the bike.



  • Composite body
  • Composite blade for fast and efficient release
  • ChroMo axle
  • Large width and support surface for increased stability (60mm / 400mm²)
  • New stack height of 14mm creates efficient power transfer
  • Specifically designed cleat stops improve engagement
  • Weight: One pedal = 120g – Pedals plus cleats = 308g
  • Compatible with Look Keo cleats
  • High quality spindle ball bearings increase life span
Nice looking pair of pedals. Clip in is very easy and crisp. With the optional tougher blade a firm action required to unclip. So far so good ... Only down side is a bit of creaking occasionally when pedalling.
Upgraded to these from the basic Look Keo Classic 2. It was a simple case of changing the pedals (the old cleats on my shoes are the same.) These are a much higher quality product and they hold securely even when out the saddle sprinting. I can also feel the difference in float, as the smooth metal insert allows a more progressive side to side movement compared to the Keo classic 2 which was more notchy. They also look great in white, but if you're riding in a lot of wet weather I would suggest getting the darker colour as they get dirty quickly.
My favorite pedals at a great price! Engagement is very secure and they look cool. Best of both worlds.
For day to day use it is higly recomended and even for long ride it is responsive very good road pedals
Unbelievable deal on these pedals. Very light, easy to use. Solid platform. My first pair of clip-ins turned out to be a great choice. Recommend picking up some cleat covers to make walking safer and to keep the wear to a minimum. I got the 12N version but no concerns there - super easy to clip out. Cleats allow a moderate amount of float so I might look for other cleats later with less. Not a problem but assume I'll be looking to tighten up.
Very light and allow for some serious power throughput. I use 1000kms now and have no technical problems. They don't return to upright after uncleating, I put this down to them not having much weight at the back like my previous pedals did. Not a pedal for built up areas with lots of stopping. Great pedals.
I got these on sale, and these are comparable to Dura Ace pedals at half the cost. Nice engagement with a modest amount of float and lighter than Dura Ace pedals. Perfect addition to my Felt time trial bike.
These are the second set I ordered and they're as good as the first! Definitely a great purchase, and highly recommended.
I was slightly reluctant to buy these pedals after my other two sets of earlier Look bladed pedals very quickly developed a horrible creaking noise every time the cranks were turned. These though seem to be a much better design with a much broader bladed spring running down the middle of the foot bed as opposed to the older design which had a small carbon blade installed on the side of the pedals foot bed. I've ended up buying another set of these pedals. What better recommendation can you get than that?
Very happy with these pedals. Decided to change from another brand and I don't regret it. Easy to clip in and out and very light and easy to fit
Loved my Keo Blade Carbon pedals so much I bought these for my backup bike. Offer a great pedal at significant price savings and minimal weight penalty over the Carbons. Awesome pedal set!