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Look Keo 2 Max Cro Mo pedals, including cleats
  • Injected fibre glass reinforced polymide body
  • Tension adjustment 9-15 Nm
  • Oversized axle with dual seals, making this a pedal built to last
  • Axle to sole height 17mm
  • Chromoly axle for strength/weight 130g per pedal
  • Includes cleats
Mr cartwright I'm normally a Shimano man but bought some of these for a track bike when they were on offer. I've been very happy with them and hence bought another pair. They are light weight and very good value compared to others
John I bought these as an upgrade to the Look Keo Classic 3's that I had tried previously (with which I had endless vertical cleat play issues). So far they seem to be a vast improvement, after a fair bit of adjusting I have got the cleats to fit tightly and they feel very solid, even when power-climbing. Perfectly suited to my needs (mostly commuting) so far. Only criticism is that the steel plate on the pedal surface has already become quite scratched already so not sure how long it will last for. Other than that I'm very happy with these pedals!
Guy Tried and tested. I have these on both my road bikes. Last pairs survived about 15,000 dry km and 10,000 winter km.
Guy Bought to replace a previous set whose bearings had given up the ghost after about 15000km. If these last as long I will be happy but not sure how long they're supposed to last!
M Simpson Pedals with lots of composite pedally goodness. Work just as a pedal should.
Mr Tasdemir Its lightweight. Clip in-out very easily and keeps the clips really tight. My first impressions are good. I can recommend for now. Bu` we`ll see what will be after 4000 kms. Recommended
Mr Gallagher Great pedals, hence I keep going back to them
Mr Garcia Love these, just changed from Shimano and getting along with these much better.
McCormick Great price for these pedals, I've had them before and lasted years.
Chad. Light and good quality. Previous Look pedals I've owned have had smooth, long lasting and well sealed bearings.
Huddle I've been using Look Keo Pedals for years and have yet to have one fail on me. Fairly light weight and bulletproof.
Huddle Outstanding, well-made pedals. Clip in and out is easily managed, load bearing surface is large for all day comfort, and the bearings spin forever. I've yet to have any of my Keo pedals fail.
Mr Thomson A great pedal which provides the required stability on both my road and track bike.
Mr Porter I love these pedals. These were my first clipless pedals and I am forever a Look customer now. Extremely high quality build and very dependable. Would not hesitate to purchase again
Mr Romanovskiy My second pair of Keo2. Completely satisfied so bought it again for replacement after 20k km
Mr Corbman Perhaps the best pedals and best value on the market. I've never used the Blades, but these are light, work well, and have a comfortable platform that allows you to transfer loads of power.
Mr ZHOU (Tel: 18600525695) Maybe the best road Pedals at this price range. Always good service and fast delivery from merlin.
Mr Carson I bought these as an upgrade to replace my look keo classic pedals. A great pedal with lots of spring tension adjustment. The design of the pedal makes it an easy pedal to use if you are new to clipless. A very good quality product which will last for quite a few year with minimal maintenance.
thompson Superb pedals. Easy to clip in & out of. Light weight & very well made. Definitely recommend.
TW I've used these pedals for years and love them. They're light, strong and of high quality. I received what I expected at a great price.
Tom Just bought a new carbon road bike so returning to Looks after years of riding SPDs. Quality bearings and finish. Firm cleat engagement (even on lowest setting) should ease off with use.
Mr heming Great looking pedal and they are much more stable thanks to the larger steel baseplate. Great pedal, great price
R Winder Great pedals at a great price. Metal plate addresses wear issues on body on previous versions. Spin smoothly and easy to adjust.
Mr Hammer I bought these to replace my ageing Keo Carbon pedals. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the bearings were, and the obvious increase in power transfer offered by the increased cleat contact. I feel like I am now about 5% faster, especially uphill! No squeaks (I used my existing cleats), no problems and a smooth ride. I strongly endorse these pedals AND the remarkably low price from Merlin!
Mr Sobery This is my first set of clipless pedals, reviews stated these specially injection molded ones were just as stiff as the more expensive carbon fiber model. Shipped in plain brown wrapper envelope, retail box was somewhat crumpled but contents were in perfect shape. Had bike shop mount with Parks polylube PLL-1 and bought a tube of it for myself to take off and replace periodically - only comes off with hex wrench. Took my first 40 mile ride using Garneau Carbon Pro Team shoes (size 12 fits my size 10 feet perfectly!) and included grey cleats and had much more power than my platform pedals, a more enjoyable experience with more control. Very pleased with these and Merlin had them much lower priced than any other source. Picked up a pair of Keo covers to protect them when walking (toes will be pointing nearly 45 degrees up from ground so not much walking anticipated with these) and a set of Pedaldabs platforms custom made for the Look Keo which make it possible to ride with street shoes - they clip in and fit very well. Pedals don't line up yet - have to push them in place to clip in with my cleated shoes, waiting for the bearings to loosen some for this to happen.
Mr Baker Took some getting used to and setting the cleats but now I wouldn't change back to my old pedals. Merlin Cycles service was quick and very efficient, will certainly use again many thanks
Tom I moved from SPD's to the look system. Easy to fit the pedals (even though I couldnt find an 8mm allen key from my box of flat pack freebies I have accumulated). Very easy to engage and actually easier to clip out of than my old mountain bike style system. I seemed to get better power down on the climbs, not a massive difference on the flat which was expected. Overall very impressed.
Mr stacey Replaced my old entry level with these at start of the year. Still bedding in but feel like a quality item. Clipping in feels more positive and clipping out feels smoother. Looking forward to the next few 1000 miles. The cleats seem to be no more wear prone than Shimano and I appreciate the fact that they are smaller and look neater. The 4.5 degree float is perfect and I think the cleat replacement locator is a great idea. Definitely happy to buy these again.
Miss waller These pedals have improved my cycling 100%, I can now keep up with the men on the Thursday night chain-gang club rides at 25mph continuos pace, well recommended for that little bit extra quality and fitment, Keo all the way!!
Ken Moloney I have a set of these already on another bike and they are far superior to the standard Keo Pedals, I suppose that is why the pros use them!
Mr Jennings Great pedals & fantastic price , had problem that both pedals were same thread , promptly sorted by merlin & return postage refunded ..... Thanks again merlin
Miss yaradox Very beautiful, high quality
Mr Shields Great service as always from Merlin. Second pair of Look Keo 2 love the first only being replaced after 3 years due to an "off" and damaged the metal plate. Still usable though for the "winter bike". New pair now a proper black not graphite so look even better. Highly recommend both pedal and Merlin especially at the best price on the web.
Mr Nessling Excellent fit and feel, well built and much more comfortable to walk in keo cleats compared to SPD-L. As always great value for money and very fast delivery from Merlin.
TMNT Excellent pedal , value for money. My 2nd pair.
Anonymous Great value for money
Angela Ackerley Got these pedals on all 3 of my bikes now, love them! Merlin were very fast sending them out too, I think I had them within 2 days of ordering them.
Mr Wadge Works well, light weight, good price and service from Merlin - as always! Hopefully will last longer than Look Keo Classic - time will tell.
Mr Kane This is my second pair so there's nothing to compare them against. However, I am really pleased with the pedals and the spped they arrived in.
Mr Clarke excellent product
Mr Beeler I was able to upgrade to Keo 2 Max from the Keo Plus which lightened up my race bike as well as my commuter which inherited the old one. Good price, great brand.
Mr Murkin two weeks of trouble free pedalling
Mr Lunt I bought these to replace my very old and worn out Look Keos. First impressions were that they are not quite as easy to clip into than the ordinary Keos but I think that wiith time I shall get used to them. Also they seem to hold the feet in a very solid feeling position which again I am getting used to. Excellent fast service and great price from Merlin as always.
Anonymous I've finally made the change from the Delta to Keo pedals and now wonder why I didn't sooner. These pedals were 30% lighter than my old one and it's so much easier to walk with these cleats fitted to the shoe. I know you can get light still pedals, but for me these were the best compromise between price and weight based on the amount of cycling I do.
Mr takahashi The design is good and is products more than a price.