Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Look Keo Blade 2 Carbon Pedals Cromo Axle is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 25th March 2018.

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Look Keo Blade 2 Carbon Pedals Cromo Axle, with Keo Grey Grip Cleats

The Kéo Blade 2 is the result of a long process undertaken by LOOK engineers to optimise all the innovative concepts which were developed for the Keo Blade Carbon.

The Kéo Blade 2 is a more reassuring, more stable, lighter and more powerful pedal. Its design completely integrates the blade for better aerodynamics.

Very Secure Cleat Entry/Release

The Kéo Blade 2 concept, based on a carbon blade, allows for a more rigid cleat release, which ejects the foot much faster at the end of the release process than a traditional sping.
This makes the pedal very safe and allowed us to remove the resistance setting. However, to satisfy all cyclists, the Kéo Blade 2 is available in 3 different hardnesses Version 12 that will be ideal for most users, Version 16 for riders seeking more support and Version 20 for those looking for maximum support. It is possible to switch from one version to another by changing the blade with a special tool.

Aerodynamic Profile

With the full integration of the carbon spring blade into the body of the pedal, the Kéo Blade 2 is the pedal with the best aerodynamic profile ever created. In addition, the two channels on either side of the body allow for optimal air flow.

Maximum Pedaling Width and Surface

The Kéo Blade 2 features a 68 mm wide stainless steel plate moulded into the body, which allows the cleat maximum contact with the pedal at all time, whatever the pedalling angle adapted.

Permanent Cleat Stop Contact For Better Stability

To improve the stability and the foot support, the new design ensures that the shape of the cleat fits perfectly that of the stop and is always in contact with it, whatever the pedaling angle.

Very Light: 110gr, Cleat + Pedal Set = 144gr

The weight of the pedal has been reduced compared to the previous version. This is possible thanks to a new and thinner spindle which is lighter, and also to a weight gain on the material of the pedal body.


  •  Use: Road - From Leisure to Competition
  • Body: Injected Long Carbon Fibre
  • Spindle: Chromoly Thread 9/16 X 20 MM
  • Roller Bearing: 2 Ball Bearings, 1 Needle Bearing
  • Height Spindle/Sole: 13 MM
  • Pedal Spindle/Crank Distance 53 MM
  • Tension: 3 Different Levels 12,16 And 20
  • Cleats: Grey Keo Grip
  • Cleats: Angular Freedom 0°,4.5° or 9° According to Type of Cleat (Black,Grey or Red)
  • Pedal Weight: 110G Per Pedal (288G Per Pair With Cleats and Hardware)
  • Colour: Black
  • Accessories: One Pair Grey Keo Grip Cleats + Hardware (6 Screws 5 X 11mm and 6 Washers)
When you push for the first time you will feel the difference. Its rock solid so that you can feel that your power transferring directly to the chain. Its very light and best price from Merlin. I'm using 20Nm coz the place I'm living is so hilly and didnt have any problem. Can recommend 20Nm if someone looking for extra support.
Bought 20 Nm spring tension pedals. Work just fine. I used to have 16 Nm before and 20 felt a little tighter, but it took a few rides to get used to them and I'm a women 130lbs, though I do have a lot of years under my belt.
Very good pedals, 20n is good. Some people think it's too hard to release but it's good for sprints.
I have been competing in road cycling as a kid until I was 18, using look pedals. After a break of some years I came back to ride my bike and compete in triathlon using Look Keo 2 pedals, very happy. I just upgraded to the blade 2 carbon model and I love them, same feeling but more aerodynamic, lighter and easier to clip. Not expensive for the quality that provides.
Nice pedals. Good grip. Holds tighter than my old pair of keo max classic. Totally recomended.
Excellent power transmission and very light body. Perfect
Replaced a pair of Look Keo Blade Carbon pedals with this new version. A bit smaller, lighter and more aero. One of the best road pedals out there in my opinion. Merlin cycles was a lot cheaper than others and fast delivery to Denmark.
Exceptionally light and stiff, these pedals perform as you might expect from the top of the Keo line. Look produces very fine, durable and beautiful products and continue to build on that reputation with the Blade 2.
It's creaking under load but locking mechanism feels solid. I bought another set for my 2nd bike after using these for 2000 km. 16nm is kind of heavy action but if you are a heavy-ish rider, it will be ok for you.
All the usual good things about Keos in a nice package. The blade gives nice engagement and the wide platform is very good. Wore out an old pair of Look pedals eventually-but it took a very long time to do it!
These pedals are incredible. I have the CR and TI but only use the TI for races. It sounds crazy - but the power transfer on these is very noticeable. It's almost like gaining free speed.
Beautiful pedals. They hold your foot more securely than anything else I've ever tried, and are awesome and durable too. Yeah yeah shimano is more popular but these are BLING and perform better. Delivery was crazy fast too. Be the change you wish to see in the world - buy cool stuff.
Great pedals, light and power transfer is superb. Top price and quick delivery from merlin too.
New model. The spring looks like it will be more robust than the old model, however I'm finding these new ones hard to nudge the toe of my cleat in to click in. Once in they feel pretty good
Very light pedals very pleased with this purchase. Large bottom plate for foot transfer which does not let my foot move down when pedalling.
I have used Keo Look Blades for the last 4 years and I thought they were the best, until I got these. The Blade 2's have a better platform and a much more stronger spring (I only use 16nm springs). Clipping in and out is also a lot easier that the previous model. They are awesome.
The right combination of performance and practicality. The 12N pressure for release is good for just about any purpose (triathlons, in my case)
Definitely an improvement on Classic Keo, feet feel more secure . The pedals feel more responsive when climbing or sprinting.
Another high quality product from Look. I have used Look pedals since 1987 and these are at the top of the list. Great design and features make for a top product.
Great pedals - light with a very positive action - replaced my 10 year old keo sprints where one of the shafts had worn oval! - only thing is that I should probably have gone for the lowest setting - I chose the middle setting and it takes much more pressure to unclip than my previous ones
Excellent - Pedal for the medal. This is just one of the best pedals around. At an affordable price.. A great improvement to its predesssor
Great pedals so far, no issues with clipping in as others have complained of, good strong spring so shoes don't accidentally clip out (with no feet in shoes during for triathlons, when running back into T2 with shoes dangling), very happy so far
Excellent pedals. I have these on all 4 of my bikes. Good value for money and they have improved a lot on the earlier model which used to always spin and end upside down so you'd have to flick them with your toe to get in. These stay in the same position as when you unclipped so they are never upside down
Change from Look S Track. Good rotation and weight. I can ride faster than before.
First, the positives: these pedals are light, handsome and robust and the build quality seems excellent. The platform's nice and big and when you're clipped in they feel solid as a rock. So far so good...but (you knew there was one of those coming didn't you?) there was an annoying click/creak sound emanating from the left cleat area that was driving me nuts. After doing some online research I switched cleats to some Exustars E-ARC R2s and the sound disappeared but now the resistance to disengaging the cleat is much greater - possibly too great for me - it's a real struggle to get my foot out sometimes. I'm living with it for now but if it doesn't start feeling easier soon (either by loosening up or me getting used to it) I might switch back to the Look cleats and just live with the noise.
Really positive action when clicking in - absolutely rock solid in use. Extra width over my original 8 year old Keos more comfortable and efficient, too. Recommended.
Only used pedals for a couple of rides so far but very happy so far. Light and low yet with a bigger surface area, a good upgrade.
Nice improvement over previous models. This has a firm but smooth feeling upon clipping in and a distinctly tighter feel when clipping out. The pedals also look great!
Bought these having read several online reviews. Really light pedal. Hoping I chose the right torque setting (16) but everything seems fine thus far on the turbo. Just waiting for the ice to go and then will hit the road. Great delivery and will certainly use again. Thanks for a great service.
Excellent pedals. Have always used Look pedals. The blade 2 give a good weight transfer from a solid base. Delivery to Australia in good time. Highly recommend look pedals and Merlin
Great light pedals - great platform. Don't spin as well as my old Look Keo blade ti's, but far more affordable. Got the 20nM tension, tight but not super hard to unclip from.
I changed to these from Keo Max 2s. Very positive clicking in/ out. Very light. The 2.7 mm less stack height is a big improvement. Feels easier to maintain a high cadence.
Great service from Merlin! Best price on the internet. Prompt shipping to the USA. Pedals installed, look great and function well. Have ridden look clip less pedals since their inception. Initially was not sure what NM spring to order but the 16 NM seems perfect. Not too loose, not too tight. Look forward to my summer deCycles trip from Bloomington Indiana to Nova Scotia with these pedals this summer.
I've had three different models of Keo pedals these feel way better than the other two models I had. Your shipping was fast! Thank you.
These are the best pedals I have ridden, light weight and comfortable, recommend these for your next upgrade
Hard to click in and out of but very solid
Light, good looking pedals. Release seems tight, but I could just be used to my three-year old pedals.
Serious upgrade on the old Shimanos I was running. Find the click-in of these very reassuring, power transfer is impressive from the wide platform and they have a very low stack height. Only reason there not 5stars is they don't hang in the most predictable manner, but at the price/build quality these were a great upgrade. Definitely now a Look fan !
Fabulously quick delivery to AUS ! these pedals are light, look great and engage even better than their predecessors - happy all round !
Have had keo classic before and ordered these for new bike. Only ridden a few times so far but clear connection seems very positive and much lighter.
Upgrade from the Keo Max pedals I've had for 3 years that are worn out. Used the blade pedals for the first time today on a 48 mile ride. First impression is very positive, larger platform than the Max feels like more power per pedal stroke. Only concern is the harder release even with the lightest Blade spring (9 vs 12) - takes much more effort to clip out. Great price and faster delivery than I usually get with US orders, thanks again!
Awesome pedals...just a warning with those who have an ISP on your bike...I am coming from the original KEO Blades, and the IIs have about a 2mm lower stack hight...your saddle may feel a bit too high..which is what happened to me. I ended up just putting them on my CAAD 10 instead
These pedals are exactly as advertised: light, secure, and compatible with the other Keo pedals. I especially like the elegant carbon leaf spring design. For those of you wondering what spring tension to get, I got the 16Nm spring and it is comparable to coil spring Look pedals with the coil spring adjusted pretty tight. I weigh 150 lbs and I have no problems clicking in and no problems accidentally clicking out.
Great upgrade from the original Keo Blade, feel really secure with great power transmission. Still very light with the Cromo axles. Look great too!
I read the previous reviews with interest. Initially, I agreed about the lack of a positive feel when clipping in. I'm pleased to say that this has improved and they are as good as my old Keo Carbons. I would definitely agree with the comments regarding the sensitivity regarding foot positioning while clipping in. Perhaps this is due to the supplied Keo grip cleats, which don't slide easily on the pedal. It would be interesting to try with regular cleats, but I've removed mine. The fact that the pedals don't hang like the old ones isn't to much of an issue (for me) I never liked the angle the old pedals hung at anyway as it was too sharp for the cleat to pick up reliably. My main issue is with the weight. Even with the loss of steel springs, they are only 2g per pedal lighter than my old Keo carbons. Hopefully the weight has gone into good bearings and bombproof construction - time will tell!
Much bigger contact area makes the new KEO Blade 2 pedal the choice. It is very light and has a positive engage and disengage feel.
Great pedal. Fantastic upgrade from the original blades. Very clean look. Great job Look.