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Look Keo Classic2 Cromo Axle w/Keo Grey Cleats 140g

The new body of the Kéo Classic 2 is the combination of a dual material injection, one to provide a specific colour for the body and another for the support surface. With a new larger and dimpled support surface that ensures excellent stability for the foot on the pedal and comfortable pedalling.


  • New bi-injected body
  • New dimpled bearing surface
  • Resistance adjustable from 8 to 12
  • Large contact surface area for a high level of pedaling comfort
  • Very easy to use, ideal for beginners
Great pedals with good range to adjust the springs.
Very happy with the pedals they are really good quality. Comfortable when riding done a 117km ride on them today can`t fault them.
Love the performance and stability of your feet and legs, clipping out is as easy as clipping in...price is the best from Merlin and delivery is always on time...
Don't do much mtb stuff so I wanted pedals like my Look Keo carbon. Went for these and they don't disappoint. Simple but quality from Look as always. Great service from Merlin too.
They do the job, great system, simple, no hidden parts, Easy to clean and lube
These pedals are great for beginners and experienced racers alike. The tension adjustability is definitly their best perk. I have done a little under 10 000km on them and still have not had any issues.
Have these pedals on a few bikes and are more than happy with them, they offer a good pedal for a very reasonable price
First ride out with the new pedals and I think they are a great addition and look very smart with the white Colnago! Great service from Merlin also, 5 stars.
Very good value and easy to clip in and out of. Always used Look Keo pedals and these were recommended by a friend.
Very happy with these pedals, easy to clip in and unclip, look really nice and a good price.
So good I am going to buy another pair
Really satistied with these pedals! Easy to install and easy to click in and out, all that for a really good price!
They're called "Classic" for a reason. Large platform. Easy to clip in and out of. Adjustable. They just work.
I'm one for functionality more than how cool things look but I must say the Look Keo's look quite nice on the Sensa. In short I admit, Cool. Now that's said, they did the job perfectly clipping in and out was no problem at all just in case you're not used to clipless pedals, they have enough float to suit your needs. Good VFM.
Great beginner pedals!!!!!!!
Good pedals, easy to clip on and off, excellent alternative without spending too much, the bearings feel smooth, good quality.
Slowly converting all of mine and my sons bikes to Look Keo pedals, 4 down 2 to go, that says it all really, great, easy, lightweight, good looking and cheap especially when you buy them on offer.
These pedals are good, easy to setup and after getting used to they are fine for clipping in and out.
Such great value at this price and last for years. I've still got the first pair I bought on my Winter bike. Look terrific on a white or black frame bike.
They worked pretty much as expected but the white polycarbonate shows up grease and dirt so they require more attention when cleaning. I bought these as a stop gap with the intention of moving them on to my bad weather bike when I upgrade them. For the price though it is hard to complain.
I'm new to cycling. Was not sure how I would take to these pedals, but have to say they are great very secure but easy enough to clip in and out.
Bought as a deal with shoes so good price. Used double sided cleats so far so these are a bit of a challenge at traffic lights. Feet feel very planted though and just need to practice engaging the cleat. Good action on release tho can just slightly click out approaching junctions and easily click back if road clear
For a first time SPD rider these are quite tricky to get used to, as the none clip side is quite slippy. Once used to flipping the pedal before clipping in though they are very easy to clip in and out of.
My first clipless pedals, and they've been great. Combined with Shimano RP3 shoes and no problems at all - haven't even toppled over at a red light yet! Fantastic price - would highly recommend!
Super pedals, only issue I found is that they squeak a little more than my previous Keo's but I guess this will go away with time and a little lube. They look smart and are quite light.
Great looking, very easy to clip in and out. Essy to install, no issues found
Was always a flat pedal person...but being badgered by the mates I didn't want to spend a lot if I wasn't going to use them...the pedals were easy to fit (don't forget the grease)...and are really easy to clip in and out of ..what was all the fuss about ...the flat pedals are now safely in the garage gathering dust
Good price for classical clip pedals, and the grey grip cleats contained are perfect for a beginner like myself. Very easy to clip in and out after a short practice.
Looks great, work as expected of look products. Replacement for my old Look pedals.
Nice pedals, great price and easy to fit to the bike with an allen key, solid, supporting and no flex, easy to clip in and out of, haven't had a stack with them yet and I'm a noob. Would recommend
Classic and very reliable. Very lightweight against its budget
4th pair of these pedals. Never a problem - well made & reliable. Exceptional price from Merlin - best anywhere by a long way.
These pedals were half price, so thought I'd give them a go as an upgrade from my MTB SPD clipless pedals. Clipping out is very easy, although I'm still getting used to clipping in to a one-sided pedal. The cleats have started to give a slight croak or creak occasionally when pedaling, presumably as they rub against the pedal itself. This seems to be a common "issue" if you do a quick web search. Apparently some furniture polish or silicone spray applied to the underside of the cleat reduces the noise, although I've not tried it yet.
Great pedals, very positive action and secure once clipped in. Superb value for money
No complaints about an old faithful.
It took a bit to get used to clicking in/out of the pedals, but the Look system is awesome. The power transfer is considerably more efficient, as I can feel the force being more evenly distributed all the way down to my foot. I highly recommend these pedals.
Very good clipless pedals, secure shoe area and safety for sprints. The adjustment from 8nm to 12nm works very well. (From Brazil)
Great pedals to trust on a field sprint!!! I totally recommended for any competitive level cyclist.
This is my second pair of look pedals. The are great no complaints whatsoever. For the money you can't get much better.
I loved this pedal , it has smooth bearing and it's easy to use, especially for me as a beginner. I compared with my friend's look keo Classic and some shimano brands, this keo Classic 2 is way better and outperformed them. I liked the wide angle too it gives me more space to push it hard, very comfortable. Thanks Merlin cycles for that great deals and faster services.
Great deal and service from Merlin Cycles shipping to the Eastern US (FL). Great pedals, only went out for one 40mile ride but they immediately felt great. I am coming from Shimano SPD-SL and these Look Keo Classic 2 feel very similar if not better in some areas.
Perfect pedal for my first set. Just the right amount of features till I need to upgrade.
I would highly recomend these for beginner or advanced rider. Really good value for money pedal fully adjustable
An excellent light weight pedal. I would highly recomend these for beginner or advanced rider.
That's the first time I go for the clipless pedals and I found them pretty impressive. Clip in and out is a process to easily get used to with those pairs. A product worth to purchase.
Great budget pedals. I dont think you can get better for the price. The new shape makes clipping in and out easier than the original Keos. Bought to replace my 5 year old Look Keo Classics that were starting to creak due to bearing wear.
They're boxey but they're good. Really good value for money pedal - fully adjustable, light, look good, last for eons - perfect for that 2nd bike/trainer/winter bike. Can't be faulted for the money and coupled with Merlin's normal excellent service - top stuff all round.
Nice first clip in pedals, very easy to get in and out of, very nice design
Better foot platform than the original classic. Easier to clip in and out due to larger opening. Seem to be able to get more power down mainly due to the better contact between cleat and pedal interface