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Look Keo Cleats is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Look Keo Cleats
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Look Keo Cleats

This item was discontinued 14th October 2022.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

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Genuine Look cleats

Look KEO cleat Bi-Material

Choice of 3 models

Alfie Cox Solid cleats, would recommend
Mr Cabahug bought this as a spare. if what is attached to my shoe is the gauge, then this is a very good replacement that will serve me well in my rides.
Mr Gordon These cleats without the non-slip grips are better and allow easier clipping in
Ronan Wears very quickly, but very easy to clip in and out of pedals for a beginner like me so would recommend for beginners.
Mr Miller The cleats work great. I like the 4 degree float much better than my old 7 degree cleats.
Mr Johnson Great performance.
Mr Bradbury Strong cleat for a robust set of pedals!
Hamson Does what it says on the tin. People say these cleats wear the quickest but i've never noticed.
Mr taylor Very good, have used them before, they last a lot longer than the all red copy's you can by
El Mohicano The best quality cleats available
Mr lockett Great product and at very good price so purchased two sets
rocket Old faithful, good as always.
c40jim Work well with Keo pedals and easier to get in and out of the pedals than the grip cleats.
Mr Newport-Black Good quality product fitted perfectly received very promptly
Will Mumby Do the job perfectly
Mr Magramo excellent
Mr Lamping First time with Merlin PpExcellent
Daniel Chow I brought the 4.5 float version, feels secure. Would have gone for a 2 degree if that exists.
Aidan They work better than the grip model.
Stuzz552 These Look Keo cleats are far better than the ones manufactured under license by the likes of exustar. They seem a more solid click when you clip in to the pedals.. IMO deffo worth paying the extra cash for them
Mr Smith What can I say? They work with the pedals and they're definitely better than the grip cleats,.
TB in Florida 9 deg of float is nice to have if you need it. The low friction material allows for less resistance to twist when clipped in. They are slick, so use cleat covers if you need to walk around.
Mr Allen I find the grip cleats wear out faster and make annoying clicking noises, these are great and merlin delivered them with their usual efficiency.
Jai better than the grip version and counterintuitively last longer, must have a tougher plastic. bit pricey though for what they are.
Mr Kirkham Excellent cleats - I much prefer these non-grip versions - crisp engagement and last a very long time (longer than the grip ones).
John Look Keo cleats have lasted much longer for me than imitation cleats that are genrally a couple dollars short. Good engagement, wear over time.
Mr Calabrese I bought the red cleats, which have maximum 9 degree float. I am thinking next to try the gray ones, with less float, since my heel moves around quite a bit.
Steve They are quiet on the pedals (no creaking) compared to the cleats with the rubber walking surfaces. But they are obviously a little slippy when walking. Worth it to eliminate the cleat creak).
Mr Lochoff Old ones held fine, but they squeaked with every pedal stroke. Evidently the pad had worn out. A lot of miles. Cheap way to improve the ride.
Alan Excellent service as usual.These cleats give the extra float neede for my old knees.
Joey Iuliano Best cleats out there! Easy to change, long wear time, and good interface with the pedal
Mr spatz I only use the red with teflon "touch points" good product, solid attachement. Easy in/out of the look blades
Justin For the middle-aged with decrepit knees the red cleats give you enough wiggle room to chuck out higher mileages and hillier rides with less pain. They're not the magic bullet, but if you keep your feet mobile on the pedals they take the edge off. If you're worried about power transfer you can order the grey cleats with less float and swap them on to your shoes for "race day". Disadvantages? You have to get used to the floaty feel and as they're plastic they wear out pretty quickly compared to metallic cleats, but my left patella says they're worth it.
Mr carr Good quality, smooth functioning cleat. Slippery suckers though, can be a minor issue when kicking off from a standing start.
Mr Garde Good cleats, better than the "non slip" ones with rubber underneath, as this interferes with the pedals and wears out quickly. These also have the longer wearing double density plastic, which means they will last much longer.
Robbobabble Got dodgy knees and require the extra float afforded by red cleats. What more is there to say? They do the job that they are designed for perfectly with effortless entry and exit and a reassuring click on engagement.
Mr Hulse Look originals at a fantastic price..
Mr DIMANT Good as alyays. durable cleats.
Mr Miremadi Very happy with the service. Product arrived just as promosed. Thank you.
Mr Clarke Always used these cleats and no issues what so ever