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Look Quartz Cover
The Quartz Pedal Covers conveniently fit around your Look Quartz pedals to increase the surface area under your feet for a bar-hopping application. 
Quartz Pedal Covers are an adapter to quickly and easily convert your clipless Quartz mountain bike pedals into platform pedals that are comfortable to ride with any type of street shoes. These will allow you to keep your clipless pedals on your favorite mountain bike and ride it to a pub, a restaurant or anywhere else in the neighborhood in comfort with your street shoes. These pedal adapters allow you to avoid the dilemma of either walking around in your clipless biking shoes once you ride to your destination or packing a pair of street shoes with you and switching shoes once you arrive.
  • Easy to use
  • Reversible
  • Good Stability
  • Compatible with all Look Quartz range
  • Weight: 270g