Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Magura Vyron Elect Wireless Dropper Seatpost is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Magura Vyron Elect Seatpost
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Magura Vyron Elect SeatpostMagura Vyron Elect Seatpost

This item was discontinued 25th April 2022.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

Magura Vyron Elect Wireless Remote Dropper Seatpost
Feel the ultimate rush on the bike. Built for extreme All-mountain and Enduro rides, across even the most punishing terrains, maximize bike control and handling with the Vyron eLECT seatpost. Adjust the saddle height on the go via the ANT+ wireless remote, no fuss with cables. Easily transferred between bikes.
Power supply: 
  • Remote: CR-2032 button battery. 
  • Seat post: NiMH rechargeable battery with micro USB charge socket. Charge time approx. 3 hours. A full charge is sufficient for around 400 actuations of the dropper, or around two months.
Travel & Lenght variants: 
  • 100mm / 396mm
  • 125mm / 421mm
  • 150mm / 446mm
  • ANT+ wireless actuation (no cable or tuning)
  • Minimum plug-in depth: 120mm
  • Saddle clamp: 2 bolt system
  • Seat post offset: 0mm
  • Weight: just 595g including remote


Mr Palladino Shipping was way faster than I thought it would be! Install was extremely easy. The remote comes with two rubber band like deals to fix to your bar. One was too big and the remote would flop around with it.. But the other was just right, and the remote stays put. The post's action is plenty quick. Travel is good. I really enjoyed this experience of ordering from Merlin. You guys have good prices and fast shipping. Thanks.
Davethedyer Great seatpost for bikes without internal routing. Great design and controls.
Mr Chiles Item is very well built and works well. Initial charging took longer than expected. Only minor gripes is the mounting of the remote uses a rubber band rather than a clamp, but is secure. Would love a 170 option.
Mr Slaymaker This is a great dropper post! I was able install in 5 minutes and like that can switch easily to other bikes. The 165mm extension is quite long, perfect for my 2m tall person. The shipping time was quick! Thanks and I tested yesterday on trails and works like a charm, can get it to stop at whatever height you want by having your butt in that place as release the switch
Mr Brown The dropper post is very well engineered and sturdy. Really, it feels like some high quality kit. No movement from the seat, seals are solid. So far very easy to maintain. Works every time, though with a slight delay that you get used to. The dropper post itself is easily a 5 star product. The remote, however, is a travesty. It's flimsy, hard to reach, moves around on my handlebars, cheap plastic, and is literally held on with a rubber band. It's so terrible that part of me believes there must be some mistake, but Magura has now gone through 2 iterations of this post using this same awful remote. No excuse. If Magura shipped this post with a proper high quality remote (and eliminated the delay) this would easily be the best dropper post out there, and half the price of the new SRAM wireless dropper. Until then this train wreck of a remote will continue to be its Achilles heel.
Craig M Fab, works well and overall a great product thank you
Philip Awesome product. No cables and works like a charm
Mr mitchell I thought long and hard before buying one of these droppers because my bike came with a cable one as standard, but this Magura Vyron is a massive upg4ade to the post I had. The delay from pressing the button to the post dropping is minimal, the build quality is second to none, and it`s super easy to set up. The button cover upgrade for the remote is brilliant! Even in the winter slop I`ve never missed the remote. I would thoroughly recommend this post, I`m one very happy customer,this is the first time I`ve bought from Merlin but you can be sure I`m going to be a repeat customer.
First Time Dropper Super easy to install, and measurements from the Merlin site (which was a bit hard to read) were spot on. My bike doesn't have internal routing, so this was ideal for me. The price at Merlin's is also the best on the internet! I didn't have a dropper post before, so the ever so slight slight lag between button press and actuation doesn't bother me at all. Yes, it can be a bit hard to hit the button (so they should make it larger, or allow all 3 buttons on the remote to do the same job). Also make sure you have enough space on your handlebars to mount the remote in a convenient position - it's not like a lever where you can get different lengths to give you more reach. Those are minor things, but on the whole it is an excellent dropper post!
stephen Awesome post, liked it so much I bought a second one.
Dr Ganis This is an excellent dropper post. The delayed response some folks describe is minimal. I love that I will be able to use this post on two different bikes with minimal wrenching to switch over.
Brano Bought this for my wife after her being envious about my RockShock Stealth dropper post. Her Scott Spark wouldn't accommodate the internal routing so this was the only option. I read the complaints about the 0.5 second delays which was my only concern. For my wife's style of riding this post is perfect. If you are not spoiled about the instant response from hydraulic/mechanical system and this is your first one then it is perfect. Otherwise you'll get used to this in minutes.
Mr Johnson So far, the dropper post is working. Physically, the post is very well made. It was very easy to charge and to install. I purchased this for my Fatbike, which does not have internal frame routing. You do have to adjust for the 0.5 second lag in response to a command (The remote) but it is easy to adapt to this. What is critical to its smooth operation is the proper tension on the seat post clamp. You cinch it down gradually until you reach the point of tension where the seat post will not rotate. If you tighten it too much, it will interfere with the smooth operation of the dropper post. It's reasonably light in weight. If Magura is able to decrease the response time, I would rate this product 5 stars. Time will tell how durable and reliable this product is, but for the moment, I am very pleased with this product. The only other flaw in its design is the tiny center button on the remote. It should be designed larger and the band used to secure it to the handlebars could be improved. For a first generation electronic post, it's a great start, and Merlin's pricing is incredible
Haibike rider I needed a removable dropper post so I can put my Bulls Ebike inside my car. I replaced the Rocksock stealth reverb which weighed just the same but 80 g lighter on the handle bar because now it's wireless, no hose and heavy push button. Pro`s 1. Very well designed, good construction 2. Lesser effort to operate, as my daughter told me compared to the hydraulic. 3. Lesser chance to get damaged in a crash vs the long hose and long push bar "button" 4. Good travel and easy to use except the 1st sync with Bluetooth, however, so far after a month still very smooth. Cons 1. Still heavy 540g (after change the support plate and ti screws) 2. No off button on the remote but very light the unit by itself, though the rubber band that holds it looks thin but in a crash it will hold because of flat profile and light weight. 3. Button on the remote is kind of small, might be difficult to operate with full glove. Summary - functional post 2 years ahead of others in the MTB world
Mr leach This dropper post is a dream to install and switch between bikes. I use it on both my Trek FS and my Salsa Bucksaw. It works flawlessly and looks awesome. The slight delay you read about in other reviews is not an issue for me! Love it and would recommend it to friends.
Rjyz Very easy to install with no wires to feed through the frame. Works well.
Mr polkinghorn I had not ridden a dropper post extensively until purchasing the Veyron but really don`t like the idea of tricky set up and more cables so given the competitive price of the Veyron on Merlin it was a no brainer. It was a good choice, the post is incredibly easy to set up and works like a charm. What else is there?
Mr CORDERO Bought this for my electric Mtn Bike - Bulls FS 27.5. After being out of mountain biking for 10 yrs, I come back and all these new cool doodads. Well, this Magura Seatpost is another wonder. Dont mind the 1/2 second delay going up or down. It was very easy to adjust. Btw, this is my first dropper seatpost. Only cons is the remote thats held with a flimsy O-ring. No matter how I try to position as close as possible to my right thumb, its still a bit of a stretch. That and the tiny button to press. Forget about wearing long fingered gloves. Oh and Merlin Cycles had THE BEST PRICING! I placed the order from SF, CA and the shipping was very fast. Well packaged for its overseas international trip.
Mr Haleua Works great. Just has a slight delay between button push and activation. Also, the rubber O-ring that attaches the remote to the handlebars is kind of flimsy. Nothing to worry about. Just double check it's still there after you wreck. Everything else makes the price worthwhile. This is the cheapest I could find it anywhere.