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Mavic Aksium Elite WTS Clincher Road Wheelset
The Aksium Elite is a proven reference for all cyclist enthusiasts and racers in training. Its super reliable performance is now complimented by the Yksion Elite Guard tyres: extra puncture resistant, durable and grippy. A trusted partner in the roughest conditions. A wider rim profile than previous iterations means this wheelset has an improved level of comfort and greater rolling efficiency than ever before.
The rim's UB Control braking surface is designed for a heightened level of durability and controlled and reliable stopping power in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Rim: Aluminium, Clincher
  • Profile: 21mm
  • Brake Surface: Aluminium
  • Axle: Quick Release
  • Freehub: Shimano 10/11
  • Bearings: Sealed Cartridge
  • Spokes: Straight Pull, Bladed
  • Count: 20 Front / 20 Rear
  • Includes: Skewers, Rim Tape
  • Tyres: Mavic Yksion Elite Guard Tyres - 700x25c
I have used Mavic Aksiums in the past, great wheels for the price. I have ridden about 500k's on the Mavic Aksium Elite WTS clincher road wheels & I am very impressed. There is very little flex when putting the power on & rolling resistance is better than the previous model. I recommend these wheels for winter & training use. Thanks Merlin Cycles
I love this wheelset. I'm always torn between wanting to upgrade and just needing a durable wheelset for year round commuting. Thankfully, this wheelset ticks both boxes. I've had a set on 3 different bikes now and they are great. Very durable, fit and forget and attractive. The Yskion Elite Guard tyres supplied are good for at least a 1000 miles, so don't be tempted to instantly swap them out for better rubber, they are a good tyre! Great price from Merlin too!
Dispatched and delivered promptly as usual with Merlin. Great quality wheels at a brilliant package price for wheels tubes and tyres. Delivered pre assembled and ready for fitting. For entry level wheels they roll well and after 60 odd miles they grip well and corner surely. I hit 45mph on Sunday and felt safe all the way.
Great value for money. Very smooth ride Feel strong and fast.
Having read good reviews of this wheelset I purchased them with a reasonable amount of confidence that they`d do a job for me. They`ve actually far exceeded expectations. For your £180 of the queens pounds you get smooth rolling and sturdy wheels that feel bombproof, tubes and decent grippy tyres. All made up and ready to go I got my local bike shop to switch cassettes from my old rear wheel and off we went. Hugely impressed and regretting not buying sooner to be honest. Could have got them a few quid cheaper elsewhere but I wanted them fast and Merlin have always delivered so.
Best robust road wheels around. Carry 115kg without a problem
Good set of wheels for training, not so light, but stiff.
Great training wheels with great tyres! no punctures, hubs and spokes very durable and braking is good in any weather unlike carbon
Awesome wheels, very light weight and smooth - used with Shimano 5800 11 speed without an issue.
I needed a wheelset to build up a spare parts road bike that could be used around my business for quick errands. After reading several positive reviews on the net I decided on this set. I would not have figured that the best pricing for me in the US, would have come from all the way across the ocean (including shipping). Put the wheelset on an older Guru Crono carbon frame with a SRAM Force 1 CX11 drivetrain and other random parts. They spin true and ride great. Spokes were all similarly tightened when I checked tension. Surprisingly less than 0.1mm out in any direction when I put them on my truing stand for a quick check. Definitely an excellent budget wheelset. Tires seem ok so far. We will see how they last before I swap for my usual Continental Gatorskins (not the best on rolling resistance, but keeps me from patching flats in the industrial debris field I seem to ride through). Fast shipping and great wheelset. Thanks Merlin!!
This is a bomb-proof wheel that is light enough to race with, yet solid enough for the city streets. I race on the Mavic Ellipse at the track, and I love them. I feel the Mavic quality is unsurpassed and you get the most bang for your buck with the Aksium. Add in the fact that you get tires and tubes on the Elite WTS for under $200; you can't go wrong. I will put some serious miles on them and add to my review.
Great wheelset for training or as an upgrade from your stock wheels. Reasonably light and stiff and for the money, I can't fault them
Good wheels, great price, fit narrow tyres, unlike the 2016 non-elite Aksiums. Seam on back rim wasn't quite up to mavic's usual standard - a little wonky (like 0.3 mm out), bundled tyres didn't look they'd last for long on urban roads...otherwise great! I hope these last as long as the last two sets Aksiums I've had.
A Great set of budget wheels for a price that felt almost like I was stealing. Much lighter and better than standard giant wheels. The tyres are questionable but ok, and will become my spare in case my current continentals wear or get ruined. Didn't come with a 9 speed cassette spacer the freehub, but they promptly sent me one on request. So 10/10 for service and a great product for a low end wheelset replacements.
Bought these to complete a total rebuild of my Giant winter bike. Arrived in perfect condition on next day delivery, tyres and tubes already fitted. Unfortunately the bike now looks too good to take out in the winter grime. Have managed a couple of 40 mile rides and wheels feel great and look superb. Bearings are a little tight but that's ok as i'm sure they will loosen up in time. Reasonable weight for everyday use and stiff enough without being uncomfortable. Mavic tyres don't tend to get good reviews but so far these have been fine, even in the wet. Very satisfied to date and the best price around. A brilliant buy!
Bought these wheels as a replacement for the Mavic wheels that came with my bike after an annual service showed that the braking surface of the rear wheel had worn away. Being Mavic wheels, the bearings on them are excellent with a smooth rotation and the supplied Mavic tyres are good, grippy with decent tread for mixed conditions. As an all round WTS for general commuting/winter training this package offers an excellent upgrade to the basic Mavic wheels, and great to look at if you have a limited budget. Merlin Cycles gives you some great deals on these wheels and they arrived promptly and well packaged so they can go almost straight onto the bike and out on the road. I recommend both the wheels and Merlin as a supplier.
I bought these wheels for a CX and they are wonderful! Smooth ride, tough, a bit on the stiff/riding side. Great support and price from Merlin. Highly recommended
Noticed a real difference in the handling of my bike immediately from my standard wheelset. Mavic askium elite was definitely the right choice.
These seem heavier than the Mavic's I replaced them with but being 100 kilos, I need tough wheels. The 25mm wheels and tyres do add extra comfort. Delivered on time as usual and I work in shipping.
Cracking set of training/winter wheels. Stiff and bombproof shod with the very grippy and smooth riding 25mm Yksion tyre set. Superb value for money at the best price around!
Very nice set of wheels, it came ready to run, it is very stiff and very nice looking, a great improvement from my old wheelset, the tyres are very nice, very recomended.