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Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Road Wheelset

The 25mm wide rim shape is NACA compliant for low drag and excellent crosswind stability. It’s an innovative hybrid of alloy and carbon, utilising the best qualities of both materials. The alloy rim core is ISM (Inter Spoke Milling) machined to remove excess material between each spoke, which minimizes weight. The carbon rim flanges improve aerodynamics by increasing the rim depth and lowering drag. This is much more than a fairing, it’s a structural part of the wheel that adds the lateral and frontal stiffness that racers crave.

The rims are laced with patented aerodynamic spokes, saving another few watts. The Cosmic Pro Carbon comes with 25mm Yksion Pro tyres for improved rolling efficiency and comfort. The front GripLink tire features a supple 127 TPI casing reinforced by a strong Kevlar anti-puncture belt. The tread pattern is optimized for cornering, even on wet roads. The rear Powerlink tire also has a supple 127 TPI casing and a light nylon anti-puncture belt, along with a specific tread pattern for super low rolling resistance.


  • Patented elliptical spokes further enhance aerodynamics
  • Low Rolling Resistance
  • Instant Drive 360 freewheel gives you a fast and smooth ride


  • Rim: Maxtal and 12k Carbon Fibre, Clincher
  • Profile: 45mm
  • Brake Surface: Aluminium


  • Axle: Quick Release, Aluminium
  • Freehub: Shimano or Sram 10-11
  • Bearings: Front QRM+, Rear QRM Auto


  • Spokes: Front Radial, Rear Isopulse, Steel
  • Count: 16 Front / 20 Rear
  • Nipples: Aluminium, ABS
  • Shape: Straight Pull, Aero, Double Butted


  • Includes: Skewers
  • Weight: 1690g (Without Tyres)
  • Tyres: Yksion Pro GripLink (front) & PowerLink (rear)
Andrew Hughes Straight out of the box, I was impressed with this wheel set, the carbon fairing, the straight pull spokes and that minimalist mavic branding leave this product looking stunning. The first thing I did was hold that rear hub and spin it up, it sounds beautiful whirring away like a purring cat. The tyres and tubes come pre-installed which is another touch of excellence that mavic provides, so all you have to do is pump them up to your desired pressure. Having not ridden on yksion tyres before I wasn`t sure how they would handle, but I was pleasantly impressed by the grip, rolling efficiently and feel that they provided, being front and rear specific tyres and having unique tread patterns certainly sets them apart from other more well known brands. In fast, hard cornering the front wheel did not flex, nor did the tyre laterally roll under the wheel, coming out of the corner, the instant drive rear hub shows its worth allowing you to get power down instantly, building up that speed that you had to lose braking into the corner. For both amateurs looking to upgrade from wheel sets that come standard on pre-builds bikes to those seasoned old hands that are building a new bike from the ground up, these wheels more than just do the job, they excel in both performance and aesthetics, roll up to your club or sportive with these and heads will turn, fly past your fellow cyclists on that uphill climb or through that tight corner and they`ll all be asking you where they can get a set. A worthy product to invest your hard earned money into. To top all this off though is the friendly and personal customer service that Merlin cycles provides with fast shipping and affordable finance options available for those that don`t have all the money to purchase these to hand, you really cannot go wrong, I`m already pricing up my next parts list and I will be purchasing them from this retailer.
Jeffrey Relatively light for an aluminium brake track aero wheel. No complaints with supplied tires so far. Great freehub sound
Mr Harvey Excellent Wheels. You can really feel the difference on the flat and the downhills. They also look / sound great!
Stefan A set of aero wheels with aluminum brake track is exactly what I've been looking for. The built quality is superb. It's relatively light and it looks great too! The best upgrade to my bike!
Mr Vandette Package received on time with contents in great condition, even thought the box was slightly damaged. Performance of the wheel thus far is great (have approx. 180 miles on them). Smooth running, quick and responsive, great looking wheels. Thank you Merlin Cycles for answering all of my questions.
Mr Maywood Bought these as an upgrade to some lightweight 30mm section wheels. The Pro Carbons are a little heavier but there is the whole aero v weight debate and I have gone with aero. They are certainly not heavy. I am a bigger cyclist 85+kg and 185cm. Not noticed any reduction in speed on hills, but feel fast on the flats certainly. Stiff enough to not cause any brakE rub. The freewheel is quieter than my previous wheels but sounds great as do the wheels on the tarmac. The big surprise is just how much smoother and more comfortable they are, I am guessing combination of the carbon and the tyre sitting wider in the rim, this is a real positive. The braking surface is excellent, noticeably better than my previous wheels. I am a terrible descender so wanted the Alu surface on carbon wheels, this is a definite plus point too. Has not been very windy but not noticed any problem with side winds. I am off to the Etape next week so let's see how they fare there, on that point, I did take out the tube on the front wheel in part to see how easy the tyres are to get on and off (Easiest ever!!) and to look at the inner tube which was massive! Weighed it and came out at 135g so swapped in lightweight tubes on both to shave off an extra 100+g. Slightly excessive I know. The last and most important thing here is that they look superb, my bike is all black and the dark label makes it very stealth like. Looks pro but not too pro for a weekend MAMIL like me.
djmc Great wheels, highly recommend, feel great on the road and have improved my ride in every way.
Hendey Great value wheel set. I've owned Zipp, Reynolds etc and these are by far the best bang for buck. I use these for Crits due to the aluminum brake track for durability etc but aero benefits of a $2000 set. Zero flex when sprinting (6'5" 200lbs) shipping speed is insane!! Ordered Mon eve and waiting at my door Thurs .. added cassette and boom they're ready for weekend races. Merlin rock. Thx
Andy(USA) So far I am very impressed with these wheels. I removed the rear cassette and installed on the new wheel set in about an hour. I did have to re-calibrate the brake calipers to the new wheel width. After a quick test ride around the block, I could tell these wheels were much lighter, quieter and stronger than the old ones. Looking forward to a many long rides on them!
LALIBERTE Awesome wheels. Ideal combination of lightweight, aero and braking efficiency with Mavic quality construction.
B One Easy to mange in windy conditions. Predictable braking performance. Lightweight. The included tubes and Mavic 25mm tires handle well. Love these on my Cervelo S3. First transaction with Merlin and very happy. Great prices and fast delivery.
Metten The wheels are definitely lighter than stock wheel, yet the aluminum brake track keeps strong braking and lateral stiffness. That said they aren't as light as Roval or Easton wheels. For the price though they are tough to beat. They have added a good 1-2mph onto my average speed. The rear freehub doesn't spin as freely as my hope hub did, but I called Mavic and they said that could be due to the 4 bearing design and the "break in period while the bushings wear a tiny bit" Otherwise I have had zero crosswind issues in the windy canyons. Merlin has been extremely helpful and they are now my favorite online bike shop. Seriously just their customer service alone really adds value to the products they offer. Overall, I'm happy!
Mr holzmann Money Well Spent! These were delivered to my home in TEXAS within three days, which was incredible. I will say the box was beat up but the wheel set looked great and came fully assembled with tubes and tires. First inspected was great and when I got them on my bike (Bianchi Infinito CV) I felt the different right away. Prior to the Cosmics, I road alu Fuclrum 5s, which were great but the Cosmics are incomparable. I would greatly recommend these. Can't do better than the price and the ride.
Mr Skinner I am a retired racer who rides 250 -300 kms per week and had been looking at these wheels for months before finally making the purchase. I received these wheels promptly and in perfect condition. Shipments to Canada often take 3 weeks but this package arrived at my door exactly two weeks after being despatched. I quickly put these wheels on my Cervelo RS and went for a test ride. I have four other wheelsets that I switch around depending on the type of ride I'm doing. My Easton EA90 TT's are great all round wheels and light at only 1550 gms and are terrific for all types of roads. My Specialized Rovals are even lighter at 1450 gms and they're super for long climbs. I have two pairs of Fulcrums: Racing Quattros, 35 mm wheels; and a brand new pair of Fulcrum Racing 5's which I bought from Merlin. The Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbons though are my first 50 mm Carbon wheelset. First impressions were how smooth and responsive they are. The wheels feel stiff and accelerate quickly, hold corners extremely well and roll fast. The 25 mm tires give the ride a velvety feel and that's good comfort for me because most of my roads are over mixed asphalt, smooth or cracked and broken sections or rough, pebbly asphalt. My first ride was a 75 km regular route that has some long, straight sections with cross winds, and some 4 - 5 km climbs at 6 -8 percent. The Cosmic Pros exceeded my expectations! They were very stable in cross winds and I was expecting some wind effect lateral movement but noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Climbing they were fine and along the straights and downhills they were amazing! Fast, stable, smooth and confidence inspiring. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a high end wheel set for every day riding on a variety of routes. How the tires perform over the long haul is still to be determined but given Mavic's reputation for first class quality, I'll be surprised if they wear out quickly.
Mr mahuta The wheels are great, they were plug and play with my Cervelo P3, the tires needed to be replaced because they grew to interfere with the frame when inflated to riding pressure.
Mr Smith I have been rolling with these wheels for close to two months now, and I love them. They are a great upgrade from my old wheels. It did take some adjusting to riding in a cross breeze with them.
Mr Perez Love these wheels! very smooth and effortless. Great performance and stiffness, plus they look awesome!!! These are a huge step up from my stock fulcrums. Shipping was very fast and Merlin had the best price by far.
Mr Jones I have only managed to use these wheels a handful of times since delivery but what I can say is they are super smooth and effortless, looking forward to setting the bike up in TT mode so I can get the best out of these fantastic wheels.