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Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST Clincher Road Wheelset - 2018 is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST Road Wheelset - 2018
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Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST Road Wheelset - 2018

This item was discontinued 26th August 2020.

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Code: KSY-E1-18
Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST Clincher Road Wheelset - 2018

A rider favorite for more than a decade, Ksyrium Elite is now updated with UST Road Tubeless system. With UST Road Tubeless, no tube means no friction. So you experience less rolling resistance and higher speeds. UST Road Tubeless lets you ride with lower tire pressure for a smoother ride and a reduced risk of punctures. This updated version makes it easier than ever to experience the benefits of riding tubeless. Integrated with Yksion Pro UST Tubeless tires, the system makes installation, removal and maintenance simple and hassle-free.

The rims are engineered with patented Fore Drilling to form a stronger connection between the spokes and the rim. Isopulse lacing improves stability and boosts lateral stiffness while sprinting or climbing. Exclusive patented ISM 4D process strategically removes excess material from the rim while maintaining it around the spokes, where tension is applied.


  • Rim: Maxtal Aluminium
  • Profile: Front 22mm, Rear 25mm
  • Brake Surface: Aluminium


  • Axle: Quick Release
  • Freehub: Shimano/Sram
  • Bearings: Sealed Cartridge


  • Spokes:Steel, Straight Pull, Flat, Double Butted
  • Count: Front 18, Rear 20


  • Includes:Skewer, Rim Tape
  • Weight: 1520g (Without Tyres)
  • Tyres: Yksion Pro UST 700x25c


Mr Mair Very pleased. Arrived safely, ready to fit and a joy to use. Thank you to all at Merlin Cycles.
Mr Yandel Nice solid wheelset!!! Great price for some of the best wheels ever made!
Mr Wright Great wheels, light and fast. Included tubeless valves, great value.
Mr Mac Great upgrade to my factory supplied wheels. First time I’ve gone tubeless and they are super easy to set up.
Mr Dawson No issues with getting the tubeless tyres mounted and sealed with simple track pump. Roll nicely, too early to comment on resistance to buckling etc. Hoping to get 50,000kms plus like my previous set of Kysrium Elites, that seemed bullet proof (other than the occasion screaming freewheel every 10000kms that the older Mavic freewheels were known for - hopefully fixed on the updated Ksyriums). Great value on special with Merlin - by far best price.
Mrs Myers Wheels are great - this is not the first time we have purchased these wheels. They are fabulous for the price point and would highly recommend them - as we have done already.
Mr Tanner My 1st tubeless wheelset and it was a painless experience to set up and ride. Initial impressions from my ride on the weekend was that these are another quality product from Mavic at a very reasonable price
Mr kamei This wheels are so light at this price . I can reach and keep the 35km/h easily with this wheels.
Isabelle Excellent wheelset - spin up to speed well and are super stiff yet surprisingly comfortable wheels - no loss of energy or flex at all. Wonderful finish to rims, hubs and spokes from Mavic and now bonus as tubeless - piece of cake to set up - tyres already fitted. Speedy delivery from Merlin and excellent service / pricing.
Old 55 Have bought these to replace a 10 y.o. set of Askium Race wheels which were original equipment on the bike. The Askium's have been an excellent wheelset, still true and smooth bearings after 30k km's. So keen to stick with Mavic. The Askium Race have moved to another bike where they were a big improvement. By contrast, the Ksyrium Elite felt no different to the Askium's which was surprising considering a total wheel and tyre weight advantage of around 700grams. Average speed and trip times have been similar for set rides. Perhaps a small improvement over small bumps but no different over larger bumps, the Askium's were shod with 28mm GP 4000's. Not a criticism, just the Askium's were obviously very good . I removed and refitted the front tyre to check the claim of tool free fitting. I used the supplied levers to start and finish the job, it makes it easier so no big deal. They are certainly tighter than the average folding bead tyre I'm used to. There are some good Mavic and You Tube video's about this wheelset regarding fitting and puncture testing that are worth watching. Also there is a reveiw of the 2018 tyres compared to earlier versions. The 2018 tyres are made by Hutchison and supposedly more grippy than the versions which were made in Taiwan and widely panned for being deadly in the wet. The tyres are specifically measured to fit the rims perfectly so fitting is easy and inflation only requires a floor pump. I might add the fitting on one of my floor pumps wouldn't hold the valve when inflating, fortunately the 2nd was okay. I haven't seen the tyres for sale separately though they may be available later. Recommended tyre pressure is 80psi and is heaps for average riders, and will require topping up before riding, no big pressure loss though. I'd certainly buy these again, definitely a quality and durable wheel and tyre set. Might not be the fastest but for lots of climbing and fast descents they are ideal.
Louis I trashed my Fulcrum Racing 1 clinchers (...front wheel hit a rather large rock) and was tossing up between these and Fulcrum Racing Zeros. I took the 'cost effective' option, which proved to be a good call. Have done about 200-300km (with lots of climbing) and these Ksyrium Elites feel just as good as the Racing 1's (..and much cheaper). Have never had tubeless, so didn't know what to expect, but Mavic's UST tubeless system was a breeze to set up. Having fitted the cassette it took literally minutes to add the sealant, pump up the tyres (with a standard track pump) and get them on the bike. I would, however, strongly recommend you check the pressure before each ride -- it's a small price to pay for what are very good wheels. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade to or replace wheels similar to the Racing 1s, and especially if you're thinking of going tubeless...And did I mention the price??
William Hubs spin quiet and true, and the braking surface is nicely machined. Good replacement wheelset for my older Ksyrium SC rims that I rode for many years.
sddk31 Very pleased with the Ksyriums. An updgrade from a PR2 Giant wheelset on a 2014 Giant Defy. Noticed higher velocity on non-pedaling descents. Setup was very easy without any issues. Only tip is to allow some of the sealant fluid to move to different parts of the wheel before removing the syringe from the presta valve or else you may get some of the fluid burping out of the valve when removing the syringe.
Mr K Setshogoe Awesome set of wheels. I bought these as a replacement for a accident damaged pair that I bought in March this year. Really a good set of wheels
Alan Beautifully made and comes with the tyres already fitted and all the other parts you need to get them set up and ready to ride in a jiffy. These are actually lighter than the carbon wheels they`ve replaced. So comfortable too and now some riding buddies are considering these wheels for themselves. Process from start to finish with Merlin was flawless and the price was super cheap. Done deal.
Torsten Have been on these wheels for a few weeks now and can honestly say they are seriously fast for what is certainly not a high end price tag. On the flat they roll very well letting you hold your speed in the bunch easily but in the hills they come into their own especially the technical descents where they are sure footed and corner beautifully. Highly recommend.
Mr Nystrom Excellent wheels, they feel smooth as silk on the road, and I love the tubeless design! They even came with tubeless tires on them!
Paul Followed the Mavic instructions regarding filling the sealant and inflation. What a sensation! Smooth fast rolling absolutely brilliant superb wheelset and tyres.
Mr Harvey I have had nothing but problems with another brand of UST wheels and I decided that I couldn't deal with them anymore so I replaced them for these Mavics and they are ace, no issues with tyres seating or the air leaking out past the rim tape!!! I should have done this a long time ago, they are great wheels, roll well and they a made so well and delivery was brill, well packed and swift! Cant fault you merlin cycles at all, Happy days!
CSECBE The wheels turned up in perfect condition and were ready to go with a little air and install of the cassette. It could all be in my head (but according to my Garmin too) but I am finding the wheels have improved my overall performance on the flats and in the hills. As a heavier class rider (>95kg) I'm finding these very comfortable and are running at lower pressure than I would normally. To date, no problems with the wheels at all and with the Mavic tyres fitted I've had no flats. Overall, very happy with the price and quality of these wheels.
Paul, Sydney Australia I love these wheels. I have recommended these to so many of my friends
Erik Best price on this wheelset by a long shot. I thought I was missing a spacer and contacted Merlin Cycles and I received an answer within a day. As for the wheelset I am very happy with how they are performing. They were a significant upgrade from my stock parts on my caad9. I'm a pretty big guy at 220lbs and these have definitely helped with the comfort of my ride. The combination of wider rims and tires do seem to glide better too. I'm looking forward to many miles on these.
Mark I received these wheels and promptly added the Mavic sealant and then inflated the tires to 100psi. The whole process was very quick and easy. The only small issue, was some of the black spoke paint was "rubbed off" possibly in transit. Overall these are great wheels highly recommended.
Mr jack Only been out three times, but you hardly notice you are at a lower presure. Quick up hills and seem to be able to carry more speed out of the corners.Very easy to set up and put the sealant in. These could be the future.
Geauxfast I am loving these wheels so far. The setup was easy out of the box. Just add sealant and repump tires and you are set. On the road the wheels roll smoothly.
Marco Awesome! Totally awesome! These wheels are exactly what I expected from Mavic. I've taken them up and down hills, on and off road. They were easy to set up, just put in the goo and pump them up, no compressor required.
Andrew Superkalfrigenawesome! Great tubeless system. Quicker than my 23s and a lot smoother ride.