Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Merlin Tacx Water Bottles is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Merlin Water Bottles
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Merlin Water Bottles

This item was discontinued 27th February 2020.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

Show your support for Merlin Cycles by using this water bottle made by Tacx. Available in 500ml and 750ml

These Shiva bottles have been manufactured by Tacx and offer the same high quality performance you would expect from a Tacx product but at a fraction of the price.


  • Sturdy water bottle with a powerful design
  • The screw-on cap features a lockable spout
  • Triangular form of the cap guarantees a secure grip
  • The bottle is easy to fill and clean
  • The special Bio-Bottle version is used for the Tacx cycling bottles
  • Available in 500ml 
Andrew Solid fit and looks good in the Merlin Sport Bottle Cages. Nice, understated logo. Let down by the poor nozzle. Not leakproof, and they half close when you take a drink, meaning you have to pull the nozzle out again every time.
Mr canillo simple, classy
Mr Dourado Love it, No plastic taste and very practical.
Giselle Light, easy to open or drink during my training sessions.
stefthechef Really good water flow in that bottle
Mr LI Good quality
colin Good quality and great price. Not as squeezable  as other bottles but that is not an issue for me.
Mr Best Great basic water bottle. Does the job.
Mr BIHARI +Very good usual Tacx quality. +Odourless from the first opening. +Triggered opening; sometime enough to just push it. Additionaly when it new start drinking with a gentle pull on the mouthpiece. Made in the Nedherlands :) +Massive cap. Not prone to breakage. +Standard size. As far as I know in all Tacx bottles have it. Avoid hot water and dishwashers -finaly it made a foul taste for its predecessor!
Mr Hayman Great bottle, easy to squeeze and doesn't leak. Looks cool, but has quite a small neck opening so not the easiest to scoop stuff into if you need too.
Michael Great design, really smart and subtle styling and unbeatable price.
Mr Sharrock Nice basic water bottle. Supple plastic. Holds water.
Mr Vafias All you need from a cycling bottle
Mr Pike Good low cost bottle - does the job just as good as the expensive ones!
Mr Hailey Great size and excellent water delivery through cap, fits well in Deda Gabbia bottle cage.
Steven Robust plastic, with a good sturdy top, easy to squeeze for flow.
Mrs Seo Cheap, doesn't smell, cap fitting isn't tight but doesn't seem to leak just yet. Overall OK.
Ty Great value for a large bottle.
Defy Rider Holds water and does not leak.
Mr o Shea Great size water bottle for those long cycles
WALLACE Great quality bottle! Absolutely love it. No bad plastic smell.
Mark Good quality bottle.
elvis Large bottle just enough for a quick 20 mile blast. Looks good too with the avant guard logo and matching tool bottle!
Gijs NOthing too thrilling about these bottles. But they do their work. Sometimes the nipple get stuck. It takes some decent teeth-pulling to get it loose again But that's something I get with all my Tack Shiva bottles. Not a big deal.
Mr D. Excellent. Will buy more with next order.
Mr Tong Great bottles, a bit hard to squeeze into my new elite bottle cages, but functionally good!
WILLIAM The large bottle capacity is enough to get my through 25 miles without needing a second bottle. Great price for the size as well.
Ms KIM This is for my dad. Tacx bottle is simple and nice. I love Merlin symbols mark.
JETT Great value. Good looks. Fits in small tight frames
Mr Waite Top quality, low price, wide mouth, absolutely no leaks. Delivered sooner than expected to the USA.
Atom Does not leak. In other words, does the job.
Mr Aulisio I have the smaller size. Perfect and easy to grab without slipping due to the groove in the bottle. Ice cubes fit in the bottle easily. Can't be beatfor the price. Very clean and simple design, and it does not leak.
Darkhorse00 Best value for $. Mouth piece is decent. Good buy.
Mr Liew For the price, it's value for money. Only minor complaint I have is the valve is rather loose when open for drinking, easily fall back to close. But when it's closed, it's tight and no leaks.
Kat Fortunato A simple firm sided water bottle that still seems to outmatch the quality of similarly priced cheap bottles. I only use uninsulated bottles in cooler months, but this will be a perfect addition, and cheap enough to throw out if they get damaged or develop a taste.
fod90 Good bottles to tag on an order. Flow well too, the standard High5 bottles for example you have to squeeze to get any appreciable amount of liquid out. I personally prefer these.
Mr Waite Pleasantly surprised with the premium quality of these bottles! Wide opening, no leaks and sturdy build.
Mr SEKER Excellent product. Using for both cycling and fitness. Easy and it gives a lovely feel.
Mr Law No plastic taste at all. Great price but can leak a little
MClark I bought the small bottle. I like it. Pro: Spout does not leak as you drink = no dribbles down your chin and shirt. Con: Top not Interchangeable with standard water bottles. Not a big deal. Will buy more on my next order.
Mr Şahan I liked this bottles. There is not bad smell or taste plastic. It' s just transparent. I recommend this.
Laura I love the clean minimalist look of these bottles, nice logo. And most importantly - the water tastes right; no plastic taste/smell at all. Very happy with these bottles.
Mr Fogerty Good quality bottles, easy to open and close whilst riding, see through enough to let you see level of liquid. Look great on my Merlin.
Rex H. Australia Great value bottle. I got the black Merlin tool bottle as well & both look smart on the bike
Mr SENER Tacx Merlin bottles is made in Holland. Very quality water bottles I like it.
Mr Cardenas Moreno The water bottles are excellent but the mouth piece does have this double opening if you will where if you squeeze a controlled stream comes out. Its kinda nice feature although some may find it strange.
Mr Özcan Why spend more money on other products? Simple is best.
Mr Moody Nice change from my "Clean Bottle". The Tacx has a more flexible construction and a simple closure system. Oh, and since I ride a Merlin Ti bike from the USA, the Merlin logo fits in nicely
La Bellezza del Ciclismo It holds my water so well that it's the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing before I go to sleep. 95% of the time I'd reach down while maintaining my vision of the road, usually on my mobile discussing contracts (pro continental or modelling) and I grasp that sweet piece of plastic I always wondered 'would any other bottle still be there'. I use the past tense as I've now become so accustomed to the bottle being there, I don't even contemplate other manufacturers bottle quality longevity and I think that really speaks volumes of the impact this bottle has had on me and could have on you. Buy it and you won't even know what regret is.
Tom Robinson Good water bottle for the price. Needed a couple of thorough washes before the plastic taste (which was quite strong) disappeared.
Mr Panda This product is simple and good . Is a necessary minimum , the cost performance is good .
Patrick Perfectly decent water bottles with trendy looking decals, looks great with the Merlin Fuse bike. No complaints...
Baris Onan Bottle design and logo looks fine, the bottle is said to be made in Holland. There was intense plastic smell when I received it, after washing and cleaning with a bottle cleaning tablet, it is way better, I use it as my regular water bottle, nothing wrong.
Lucas These are great and well priced. Can't complain. I also like the clear bottles because it's easier to know how much I have left.
Mr Siney Great bottles, light and they don't leak. Will be ordering more.
johnstone Nice shape, easy to drink from, and a bargain