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MET Forte Road Cycling Helmet is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
MET Forte Road Helmet - 2016
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MET Forte Road Helmet - 2016

This item was discontinued 15th March 2020.

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Code: 3HELM84F
MET Forte Road Cycling Helmet

Featuring the new Safe-T Duo retention system which provides easy horizontal adjustment. Sleek, light and compact, the Forte is excellent value for money with all the top end features.



  • In-Mould Intelligent Fusion Construction - Exclusive technology developed by engineers in MET’s Research and Development laboratory. In-mould construction involves fusing together, in the same matrix, the two parts of the helmet shell (the interior which is generally black or grey polystyrene and the coloured polycarbonate exterior) during the moulding process. This construction technique provides better shock absorption results than the Twin-Shell at equivalent volume and material density. Thanks to the In-mould Intelligent Fusion process, MET goes even further by using different densities of material depending on the characteristics of each model to improve the weight/volume ratio while optimising the shock absorption capacity.
  • In-Mould Intelligent Fusion Construction - Different densities of material, depending on the characteristics of each model.
  • HES Construction - Homothetic Embedded Skeleton. In the event of an impact the pressure on the helmet shell is uneven, however, in reality most of the pressure is concentrated within a focused area. HES construction, which involves embedding a homothetic skeleton at the back of the helmet, spreads the pressure built up by compression at the impact point, and thus dissipates the force of impact over the whole shell. This exceptional design and a manufacturing technique, that today only MET has mastered, makes the HES concept a new reference in cycle helmet construction.
  • Full wrap - The polycarbonate shell wraps the bottom of the helmet towards the inside of the shell.

Size adjuster

  • Safe-T Duo - Our new retention system for sport level helmets offers easy on the head adjustment vertically and horizontally for the perfect fit. As standard on all of our helmets, the retention features a full 360 degrees retention ring which fits around the head bringing unparalleled comfort with a very secure fit. The padded cradle provides great comfort at the back of the head.


  • Wide range of adjustment - A Forte for any head. From 52 cm (UN size) and all the way to 62 cm (L size).


  • Lateral dividers strong fit - positioning them correctly, then blocking them in the chosen position is child’s play.


  • Cocoon internal padding - Larger surface of contact with the head. Anti-allergenic fabric. Hand washable.
  • Padded cradle - High comfort for the back of the head through padded cradle of Safe-T Duo retention system.

Be seen!

  • Reflective stickers - At night or in tunnels, they make the bike visible to drivers approaching from behind.


Mr Harding Really pleased with this product helmet fits really well and can be adjusted easily
Mr Law Very nice matt black finish to the helmet, easily adjustable and very comfortable.