MET Stradivarius Road Helmet - 2016
MET Stradivarius Road Helmet - 2016MET Stradivarius Road Helmet - 2016MET Stradivarius Road Helmet - 2016
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MET Stradivarius Road Cycling Helmet - 2016

Gerald Ciolek appreciates how easily you can forget you’re wearing a Stradivarius HES, even during interminable races such as the Milan San Remo 2013 which he won in hellish weather conditions.

He certainly won’t be disappointed with the 2016 version. The new Safe-T Advanced occipital retention system is even lighter and more comfortable.

When you spend a fair amount of your life on your bike, it is even more important to know you are well protected.

In the event of an accident, the HES construction process, which involves fusing two homothetic shells allows the pressure which builds up at the point of impact to be spread across the helmet dissipating the shock more effectively.



  • In-Mould Intelligent Fusion Construction - Exclusive technology developed by engineers in MET’s Research and Development laboratory. In-mould construction involves fusing together, in the same matrix, the two parts of the helmet shell (the interior which is generally black or grey polystyrene and the coloured polycarbonate exterior) during the moulding process. This construction technique provides better shock absorption results than the Twin-Shell at equivalent volume and material density. Thanks to the In-mould Intelligent Fusion process, MET goes even further by using different densities of material depending on the characteristics of each model to improve the weight/volume ratio while optimising the shock absorption capacity.
  • Full wrap - The polycarbonate shell wraps the bottom of the helmet towards the inside of the shell.
  • Homothetic embedded skeleton - Spreads the pressure built up at the impact point, and thus dissipates the force of impact over the whole shell.
  • HES Construction - Homothetic Embedded Skeleton. In the event of an impact the pressure on the helmet shell is uneven, however, in reality most of the pressure is concentrated within a focused area. HES construction, which involves embedding a homothetic skeleton at the back of the helmet, spreads the pressure built up by compression at the impact point, and thus dissipates the force of impact over the whole shell. This exceptional design and a manufacturing technique, that today only MET has mastered, makes the HES concept a new reference in cycle helmet construction.

Size Adjuster

  • Safe-T Advanced - Lighter with broader contact area, the pressure is distributed in a homogenous way.
  • MET’s top of the range retention system provides the best weight and comfort ratio. 25% lighter than the Safe-T Smart, the Safe-T Advanced is welded which helps to reduce the weight. The contact points have increased comfort with a larger cradle surface area which is also designed to aid ventilation at the back of the head. The micro adjust dial offers very precise movements with 2mm per click for horizontal adjustment. The vertical adjustment offers 4 steps for the perfect fit. As standard on all of MET’s helmets, the retention features a full 360 degrees retention ring which fits around the head bringing unparalleled comfort with a very secure fit.


  • Air Lite straps - A revolutionary technique of weaving polyester fibres aids sweat evaporation and provides greater tensile strength with less weight.
  • Air Lite lateral dividers - Their ultra-flat design helps reduce aerodynamic drag.
  • Embedded straps anchoring points - Improves the aerodynamics and the straps’ tensile stress is more evenly dissipated in case of impact.


  • Full gel O2 padding - Hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, made from thermo-stabilising polyurethane morpho-gel. Keeps the head cooler.

Be seen!

  • Reflective stickers - At night or in tunnels, they make the bike visible to drivers approaching from behind.
  • Reflective logo - The MET logo on each side of the helmet is reflective too.


These Helmets are certified with a European CE EN1078 standard. This is a European standard and although the helmet is perfectly safe to use, specific countries may have their own certification which is legally required if you intend to wear the helmet recreationally or in a competitive racing environment. If you are unsure, please check your specific country requirements and check with the manufacturer to see if the helmet has received any additional certification.

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The helmet was delivered 3 days after ordering. It was received in a well wrapped carton, this is the third MET helmet I've bought, the other two both saved me from serious head injuries after accident's. MET helmets are quality items, stylish light and have good cooling vents with gel inserts. A top quality product at a very good price.