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The Michelin Power Competition Road Bike Tyre is the fastest tyre in the Michelin Power range and provides a -7.5 Watts power
The Power Competition tyre is designed to be fast, focusing on rolling resistance whilst offering the highest amount of grip and puntuchure protection. Michelin says that this equates to over a minute off the time to climb Alpe d’Huez or a weight loss of 1.5kg, 54 seconds on the 2015 time trial world championship course or 2.8m in a 30 second sprint.
  • 25% less rolling resistance. -7.5 watts
  • Compound: Race 
  • Aramid protek puncture protection
  • Clincher
  • Weight: Approx. 195g (23c)
Mr Vogel Happy with my tire choice and At good price
Mr Fonte-Boa Good tyre.
Leonard Light weight, smooth and fast. Excellent tire. So far no flats.
Mr coyle Easiest tyre to fit on my tubeless ready rims, great value racing tyre
Nicholas Great tyres! Grip is inspiring and puncture resistance has been awesome so far. I use latex tubes which supposedly helps and it seems to. Highly recommend.
Mr squire Love these tires! I`m close to 100 kg and have 250 k on them already. Prolly the fastest, grippiest clinchers I have used in 25 years of riding. Hit 79 kmh on a descent today and they felt solid as a rock . Will buy again for sure.
Mr Sufana Really low rolling resistance
Mr Brito Fantastic. Excellent. Weight real: 212g.
moto very good tire. Grip power is excellent although resistance is lower than before.
sanalytis This is one fast tyre! If you are looking for a fast Clincher tire this an excellent option. The don't last as long and don't have the same puncture protection as the GP4000s, but they do roll faster.
Mr Larsson They roll really fast and are quite grippy as well.
Mclaughlin A very solid tire. Although I was impressed with my previous Pro 4 Service Course tires over the last few years; these new Power Competitions appear to roll slightly better. I also noticed that the widths on the same Fulcrum wheelset were more true to form for the 25mm size. whereas the Pro 4's ran as wide as 29mm; these new Power tires, w/ a slightly different profile, run around 26-27mm. Great Michelin road racing tire at a great price!
Rollei Great upgrade to the Pro4. I like the tread wear indicator to show me when I need to replace the tyre.