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Michelin Power Endurance Road Tyre - 700c is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Michelin Power Endurance Road Tyre
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Michelin Power Endurance Road TyreMichelin Power Endurance Road TyreMichelin Power Endurance Road TyreMichelin Power Endurance Road Tyre - 700c

This item was discontinued 15th November 2022.

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Michelin Power Endurance Road Tyre - 700c
The Michelin Power Endurance road bike tyre is the most robust in the Michelin Power range and provides up to +20% additional protection against punctures. The Power Endurance is designed to last, whilst offering amazing grip and low rolling resistance. This tyre is aimed at the sportive and long-distance rider.
  • Tread: +20% puncture protection
  • Compound: X-Miles
  • Aramid protek+ puncture protection
  • Bead: Folding
  • Clincher
  • Weight: Approx. 220g (23c)
Mr YOUNG Excellent tire. Rolls quiter than the vittoria it replaced and seems solid in the winter conditions
Webby I normally use the Michelin Pro4 Endurance and wanted to try these new tyres which sound even better on performance for rolling resistance and improving puncture proof. So far it’s been great really smooth to ride and I can tell the depth it’s deeper for improved puncture proof. I highly recommend especially for winter proof!
Mr Bedard My preferred tyre for road touring on smooth surfaces : long-lasting and puncture-proof Michelins are the best.
Steve G These are my first tyres from Michelin. Bought on the recommendation of a friend who has done thousands of kms on his Michelin Power Endurance without a puncture. I found them easy to mount using tyre levers! The 700X25 are 26mm wide on my Shimano rims. Much lighter and more comfortable than the Schwalbe tyres they replaced. I would recommend them.
Mr Terry Ridden Michelin tyres for many years they are robust and not too heavy, ideal for none too good rural roads and lanes . These feel just fine and am sure will last for many kms
Franc Only done a couple of rides on these and so far I've been impressed. I can definitely feel less rolling resistance on these compared to the Gator skins that I replaced. No marks on the tyres after a couple of rides on some rough terrain. They are a little tough to get on the wheel though..
Mr Bond The tyres are reasonable enough, but they're really quite challenging to fit onto the rim. I wouldn't fancy having to change them on the side of the road.
Grant A bit tight to get on, on a Campag rim even when only one bead was installed I was not able to rotate the tyre. The 28mm width ended up at 26.5mm, on a Mavic open pro it ended up 27.5mm. They roll well, replaced some Schwalbe one's and can't really tell the difference.
きゅまっ 対パンク性能が優れいているということで購入。
John Really impressed with these tyres. Much more comfortable, grippier, and faster than my previous 25s which these replaced. Easy to fit too. Would highly recommend.
Mr Totten My second pair of these tyres. Excellent grip in dry and wet conditions, good wear rate and they look the business!
Eugen Euu Love me some fat tires on longer rides. Extremely comfortable. Make sure your frame permits the width.
CNE Early days, but after 300 miles on the UK's finest cheesegrater roads these tyres haven't got a mark on them. The same roads caused puncture after puncture on my newish but now outgoing Schwalbe Duranos. So far so good and the Michelins haven't punctured. They were a bit of faff to get on initially. Strong thumbs are required and it may be necessary to resort to tyre levers. Really pleased with the tyres and would recommend them as a hardy winter tyre.
Mr Dressell Great Tires I was instantly impressed with the ride and watt gain because of the decreased resistance. I would buy these tires again and recommend them to my friends.
Paul Great tyre for winter. Been riding these for a couple of months 500 km in and they are feeling good. Corner well in the wet. Overall a great tyre
Mark Quality tire, that is reasonably priced. An improvement over the Pro series of tires that the Power series replaced!
David Great durable tyres for winter. Bought a single as I had a cut in one tyre, although on examination it was not through to ply so will be good for more use. However, like most road tyres these really do not like icy conditions.
Scott I’ve previously ridden the Pro 4 Endurance which was a very durable tire. I’ve only had two rides the Power Endurance and I expecting the same high mileage as the Pro 4.
Mr Nicholas This is my second pair of these tyres. I have found them to be very good rolling, wearing tyres I have used . Will be using them in the foreseeable future. Still trying too figure out why the difference in price between the colors .
Mark A good tire, and: a VAST improvement over the Pro 4 endurance tire.
Dr Lloyd Nice well made tyres. I've had them on for a couple of weeks and no issues so far.
Ryuji at Japan Feel soft but strong against punctures. Soft as Vittoria Corsa tubular and strong as GP4000 IIs. Strongly recommend
David I've been riding on Continental 4000 II s and I got tired of side wall blowouts. I tried these in red and everyone knows that red tires are the These actually roll well, they are comfortable, and look great. I had no problem mounting them. Time will tell how well they are with punctures.
Mr Morris Michelin Power Endurance 700X25 is the best tire I have ever ridden. Smooth riding, comfortable, stable, great traction, and gets twice the mileage of the Pro 4. Without a doubt the best tire I have ever purchsed and put my bike.
Eric This is my first time using these new tires from Michelin and so far they are really nice. They have a nice ride, they feel very light and responsive, and feel very similar to the Pro4 Service Course tires I am used to. I can't comment much on their longevity yet but I am very impressed so far and will buy these again next time I need tires.
Henri Excellent pneu aucune crevaison en 6000 km
Mr Lanvers I have 2600 miles on a prior pair of these. Never flatted, and still haven't blown through the wear indicator on the rear tire..... and I climb a lot which is hard on rear tires. Almost as fast and agile as the Competition line and last 3 x as long. This new Power series simply outclasses the competition.
Left Coast Dave I ran Continentals 4000 II S for years but I like the red tire and to my surprise I found these tire be outstanding performers and they hold up well - I have confidence of cutting corners at 23 - 25 MPHs I can't say anything more - my tires of choice
Left Coast Dave These tires are now becoming my favorites great grip and I'm getting good mileage as well - it's hard to beat Continental 4000 S II but these are as good and you can have a bit of color as well with these
Porter I've only got a few dozen miles on them so far but I absolutely love them. Noticeably smoother than the pro4 endurance's that I had previously. Will update once I put more miles on them.
Mr Shipe Great improvement over the Pro 4 series. Very fast rolling and quick with the same puncture protection. The 25's run a bit more narrow then the Pro 4's. Best price on the net by far.
Mr cruz I've been running Michelin Pro 4 Endurances for the past couple years now. I loved them. Never had Any complaints or problems with them. When I heard Michelin was coming out with new tires that were going to improve on the Michelin Pro 4's performance, I was a bit skeptical, but decided to try them out anyways. I've only been on these new Power Endurances for about 300 miles, but I can tell a difference. Although a not very big difference, I can say these tires are more "grippy" and seem a little faster than the Pro 4 Endurances. Didn't think it was possible, but Michelin came out with a better tire than the Pro 4's in my opinion.
Mr Filipek This tyre is a very good tyre with great puncture resistance, good rolling, and terrific handling. Highly recommend for a tyre upgrade.
Olds Great grip, firm sidewall. Can't wait to get more miles on them.