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The Michelin Power Endurance Road Bike Tyre is the most robust in the Michelin Power range and provides up to +20% additional protection against punctures.
The NEW Power Endurance is designed to last, whilst offering amazing grip and low rolling resistance. This tyre is aimed at the sportive and distance rider.
  • Tread: +20% puncture protection
  • Compound: X-Miles 
  • Aramid protek+ puncture protection
  • Bead: Folding
  • Clincher
  • Weight: Approx. 220g (23c)
Feel soft but strong against punctures. Soft as Vittoria Corsa tubular and strong as GP4000 IIs. Strongly recommend
I've been riding on Continental 4000 II s and I got tired of side wall blowouts. I tried these in red and everyone knows that red tires are the These actually roll well, they are comfortable, and look great. I had no problem mounting them. Time will tell how well they are with punctures.
Michelin Power Endurance 700X25 is the best tire I have ever ridden. Smooth riding, comfortable, stable, great traction, and gets twice the mileage of the Pro 4. Without a doubt the best tire I have ever purchsed and put my bike.
This is my first time using these new tires from Michelin and so far they are really nice. They have a nice ride, they feel very light and responsive, and feel very similar to the Pro4 Service Course tires I am used to. I can't comment much on their longevity yet but I am very impressed so far and will buy these again next time I need tires.
Excellent pneu aucune crevaison en 6000 km
I have 2600 miles on a prior pair of these. Never flatted, and still haven't blown through the wear indicator on the rear tire..... and I climb a lot which is hard on rear tires. Almost as fast and agile as the Competition line and last 3 x as long. This new Power series simply outclasses the competition.
I ran Continentals 4000 II S for years but I like the red tire and to my surprise I found these tire be outstanding performers and they hold up well - I have confidence of cutting corners at 23 - 25 MPHs I can't say anything more - my tires of choice
These tires are now becoming my favorites great grip and I'm getting good mileage as well - it's hard to beat Continental 4000 S II but these are as good and you can have a bit of color as well with these
I've only got a few dozen miles on them so far but I absolutely love them. Noticeably smoother than the pro4 endurance's that I had previously. Will update once I put more miles on them.
Great improvement over the Pro 4 series. Very fast rolling and quick with the same puncture protection. The 25's run a bit more narrow then the Pro 4's. Best price on the net by far.
I've been running Michelin Pro 4 Endurances for the past couple years now. I loved them. Never had Any complaints or problems with them. When I heard Michelin was coming out with new tires that were going to improve on the Michelin Pro 4's performance, I was a bit skeptical, but decided to try them out anyways. I've only been on these new Power Endurances for about 300 miles, but I can tell a difference. Although a not very big difference, I can say these tires are more "grippy" and seem a little faster than the Pro 4 Endurances. Didn't think it was possible, but Michelin came out with a better tire than the Pro 4's in my opinion.
This tyre is a very good tyre with great puncture resistance, good rolling, and terrific handling. Highly recommend for a tyre upgrade.
Great grip, firm sidewall. Can't wait to get more miles on them.