Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Moon Comet Rechargeable Rear Bike Light is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 9th November 2018.

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Code: LAA 673
Moon Comet Rechargeable Rear Bike Light
  • 1 PCE COB high brightness LED
  • 30 Lumen output
  • Internal Li ion battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • 2 Hour USB charge time
  • Full beam 3 hours
  • Low beam 7 hours
  • Flashing and constant modes
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto charge cut off
  • Side visibility
  • Includes seat post and saddle mount brackets
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
Good light to be seen, not quite powerful enough to light the way on unlit roads/paths. I like the different brightness settings - the battery lasts me several half hour commutes when on lowest setting with flashing enabled. Waterproof enough for riding in the rain. I like that you can mount horizontally or vertically. The mounting bracket is simple to fit and can be the entire bracket can be removed very quickly if you prefer to take the whole light system when leaving the bike, or if you are transferring between different bikes.
Nice little product. Works well. Silly drivers should be able to see me now :)
Very bright and it definitely allows drivers to see you from further back when riding in the city. I love it.
Really great rear light, very bright and plenty of flashing and fitting options plus USB recharging. A lot of light for little money and extremely (read next day) quick delivery from Merlin.
My favourite rear light of those I've tried over the years. Even the dimmest of the 3 brightness settings is sufficient for most situations. The Switch is easy to use and it uses a standard USB plug for recharging so I don't have to go hunting around for a proprietary one when I need to recharge.
Second one, first one was so good I bought a spare
The light feels high quality, made from quality materials and is solid. Nice little anodized hex screws throughout, mounting hardware is also very good quality. The light itself is in fact very bright, it isn't focused like so many of my other lights and has a large angle. The light has 6 modes, saves your last mode, and easy and intuitive to swap through to the other modes. Easy to see why this is highly rated throughout reputable cycling sources.
Loved it from the first sight. Great item. Light at max power is like a car's one. I will definitely use 50% or less mode or less on most cases, however I never know when I will need 100% of it. 5/5. High quality item no less. When you take it you know it is TOP. Everything about it is great.
This is my second which I purchased for my friends bike. My original has been going strong as my primary rear light for a year now. For the price you can`t get much better.
Great lights, very bright and multiple fitting options, recommended!
Great rear led light, very bright and very compact
Very bright, seat fitting was quick and easy and rechargeable. Great light.
Mega bright light with a good range of adapters to fit onto any part of a bike. Especially good value with the extra discount.
Great with the under seat mounting, keeps the seat post looking clean.
I've come back for another Moon Comet. I've worn the last one out and it's still working fine!
Pros: very bright light, good weight and size, IUSB charging, different ways of mounting Cons: I was expecting the saddle mounting will sit closed to the saddle than it does so I could have both, the light and saddle bag. Managed to do with a bit of tweak on the bag; Battery could last a bit longer. Overall: quite happy with it so far (one week in)
Perfect rear light for dim condition, highly recommended. Thanks MERLIN
Good bright light for night/day! Good delivery time by Merlin.
Super bright with multiple mounting options, great light!
The light is bright and easy to see, but most of all I love the saddle mount...Very classy!
It is really incredible how bright this little rear light is in such a compact package. Truly an awesome light with three power settings & a flash/ strobe mode. Multible mounting options included for a great price.
Super-bright, easy to mount bike light. I find the overdrive setting even somewhat too bright (it easily blinds people in group rides). The rubber mount allows you to mount the lights either horizontal or vertical. Charges with mini-usb cable, lasts for 6 hours in 'normal beam' setting, which is bright enough for dawn/dusk rides.
Small package big light. Wide angle beam makes for nice coverage even from the side. Two mount options including hard mount to seat rails (really solid set up) or flexible strap for seat post (works great with areo seat post). Light snaps in either the horizontal or vertical position. USB recharge quick to full. 3 - 4 hour rides with medium brightness flash mode still has plenty of juice remaining. Different brightness levels in either steady-on or flash/strobe modes. I have many different rear lights and this is my new favorite.
I like the fact that this product was supplied with two different mountings. It's well made and the fittings are secure (my last light fell off when I went over a bump) Sensible (not too many) flashing modes. Importantly, the light colour is very bright.
Great light; easy to recharge; bright; slim design. Fits easily. Perfect.
Wow that's bright no problem with getting seen using this. Needed a light for work commute and a recharge in work via USB and not renew AAs !! This works brilliantly.
Very good light. Easy to clip on/off. Very bright. The recharge needed is a small orange flash instead of steady orange and not as easy to spot - caught me out twice but I'm used to it now.
Range of brightness is outstanding! Brightest setting is almost offensively bright but could see its utility in daytime riding and also foggy conditions. There's a standard flash mode as well as another "flicker" mode that could very well be seizure-inducing, but it just might pull some drivers' attention away from their latte or smartphone, which is the whole point of this device. Lastly, I have an aero seatpost. This light comes with a saddle rail adapter that holds extremely well. Even though my seat post clamps ride far back on the rails, there was enough room for the adapter. Very pleased with this product! Shipped out in timely fashion as well.
Robust, bright and easy to swap between bikes.
Really like this rear light. Very bright, many options and brightness settings. Appears to be very weather proof, good to charge at the desk via the supplied usb lead. came with a couple of fitting options, a very good permanent seat rail option, and a 'quickrelease' rubber band loop - both very secure. Good value.
If you can't spot this from a long distance you shouldn't be driving.
Very bright with great visibility, without being large or bulky. Good price from Merlin and quick delivery.
Bought at the same time as my Moon X-Power 1500 front light. Really impressed with this rear light, very bright and because you can mount it on your seat post, I feel it gives better visibility and light output compared than just tucking it under your seat. Very pleased with my Moon Comet and I feel much safer on the road now.
Best back lights I have ever used, brightest for a small unit and so easy to charge with no batteries required
A surprisingly effective rear light bearing in mind its small size.
This is a nice, small USB chargeable rear light with a very good Lumen output. Very bright in both solid and flashing modes. The nice touch is you can vary the light output very easily. Fits nice and clean on the clip with no rattling or movement. Good running time and gets you seen most importantly.
Amazing option for a rear "be seen" light. It is super bright and lights up the area around ensuring you will be noticed. It doesn't have as great of a side on visibility factor (like its front counterpart), as it does viewing it from front on, so I would suggest being aware of that. Easy to mount in various positions with the rubber strap and can also be adjusted to tilt at several different angles in addition to the horizontal / vertical positions. For the price it's definitely a great deal.
As ever, Merlin do the best price around!! I use this as my second light for commuting all year round alongside a Moon Shield. The combination of constant Comet, with it's long narrow strip provide drivers good distance perception and he Shield on flash is just immense. I work on the principle that car drivers are given no excuse for not seeing me and the Comet alongside the Shield does just that!!!!
Great rear light. Super bright and good fixing systems although the saddle fix can only be used if you don't have a saddle bag. The bungee fix for the seatpost is fine. Good adjustability and light options. As usual the best price on the web from Merlin and super fast free delivery. Amazing, thanks. 5* for product and service.
This light does everything I want it to do. Riding in the dark never lasts more than a couple of hours for me, and this light has enough capacity to run for about 5 hours on the low setting, giving me two days of commuting. In reality, I just put it on charge every day when I get to work, it's so simple with the USB cable to plug it into the computer. The other great benefit is the seat rail mount. Our club chaingangs start early in the year and the first ones often finish at dusk, requiring lights for the 5 miles home. I have an aero seatpost and need a light that can attach to seat rails, which this does perfectly - no more cable ties and tape to keep the light on! The light it gives out is very powerful, it also looks the biz when mounted under the saddle. Very tidy and slim.
Excellent rear light. All settings are useable and even the lowest setting is plenty bright enough. Can be set up vertically or horizontally on the seatpost. I was a bit unsure about the rubber strap attachment but actually it works very well and stayed attached on the slackest notch over bumpy ground. Note it can only be angled on the horizontal setting. Also comes with bracket to attach to saddle rails. Box contains USB lead but no wall charger. I bought a moon 780 front light at the same time which does come with a wall charger.
Fantastic rear light, very very bright for a rear light even on it's lowest setting. Great package with USB cable supplied. Feel much safer on my bike in the dark.
This light gives off a mean, menacing glare that lights up the road below you and encourages other road users to give you a wide berth. It adds a 'KITT from Knightrider' feel to your bike, I'm contemplating purchasing a leather jacket to complete the look. This light is great value for money, especially when you factor in the USB charging which negates the need to purchase batteries. Buy it, Michael.
Best rear light you can get in my opinion.
Best rear light I have ever used. No batteries ( USB charging works perfect), good modes, easy to acess and perfect placement mechanism. Have it on all my bikes.
I got this light after seeing it on a club-mate's bike so I knew what to expect and it didn't disappoint. It is awesomely bright even on the lowest settings and the strobe function is so birght that you do have to pivot the angle down slightly! I'm v pleased with it so far and it is the neatest light I've seen with this level of power output. It would be nice to have a slightly longer battery life but it's easy enough to recharge on any PC.
Look at the rear lights on any car, and you'll find this is at least as bright. It's enough to get you seen, but not enough to put every other road user in a daze. The battery life is as advertised, which is impressive, and has definitely lasted me two days of my 16 mile commute on a single charge. As a testament to what a great light this is, I actually went and bought two, so that one could be set to flash and the other solid. My only criticism is that the side-visibility of the light itself is poor; however, there are very few times when dead-on side visibility is important, and on full power this light will light up the road behind and the back of your bike, which definitely creates some amount of side visibility. The mounts are good. I have one light set up on the saddle rail mount, and another on the stem itself. The saddle mount is definitely secure, and can be adjusted for the right angle. The stem one on occasion comes off angle, though not significantly, and it can't be tilted. You can also mount the light both vertically and horizontally - again, I have one light mounted horizontally, and the other vertically. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone. It definitely blows away similarly-priced competition, like the Smart 1/2 watts.
This is a fantastic rear light, it's very bright and almost too bright for my buddies behind me in the group. Luckily the bracket makes it easy to angle it down a click. Has different power levels as well to adjust brightness and it remembers your last setting. Big button is easy to operate with full finger gloves. Looks pretty weather proof, but I will be putting some Vaseline on the usb rubber port as a pre-caution. Fits my Giant TCR SL Aero set post no problems.
Very bright rear light which certainly increase confidence whilst night riding. Feels well made and like it will last, but only down side is the switch is difficult to locate if you are already riding.
So pleased with this light. It's very neat & compact, but ultra bright & I feel very confident of being seen. The mounting brackets are easy to use, & the standard one (not the seat rail version) means you can swap it between bikes easily. Would definately recommend this light.
Excellent rear light. On its highest setting this actually hurts your eyes as its that bright. I would highly recommend this light to anyone. The clip is is easy to fit and secures well and plenty of settings for a rear light. The only downside to the light is that it doesn't seem to be easy to fit to the rear of a saddle bag and because of how bright it is there is probably a good reason that it should be mounted properly so make sure there is room on your seat post or elsewhere to mount it.
Using a small but extremely powerful line of chip led's it gives a wide red glow on full power. Mounting system is very good and it would appear to be a quality product.