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Moon Meteor C3 Rechargeable Front Bike Light
  • 1 x Cree XP-G3 LED
  • 1 X ETI-3232 LED
  • 400 lumen output 
  • Day flash mode
  • Mode memory fucntion
  • 48 degrees total beam angle
  • 17 degrees spot angle
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery( 3.7V 1200mAh)
  • USB rechargeable
  • Water resistant headlight with durable aluminum alloy light cap
  • Quick release handlebar mount (fits 22-31.8mm)
  • Low battery, charging and fully charged indicator
  • Automatic fully charged cut-off system
  • High precision optical lens
  • Mode 1 - 300 Lumens - 3hr 
  • Mode 2 - 200 Lumens - 2hrs 15mins 
  • Mode 3 - 100 Lumens - 4hr 30mins
  • Mode 4 - 50 Lumens - 9hrs
  • Flash 1 - 20 Lumens - 48hrs
  • Flash 2 - 100 Lumens - 15hrs
  • Flash 3 - 20/400 Lumens - 12hrs
  • Day Flash - 400 Lumens - 30hrs
Many modes to chose from, which is good. The light is really powerful and I had no problem so far riding early in the morning when the sun is not up already. I rode on both lit and pitch dark roads in the park with no issue whatsoever. The mounting bracket looks solid but on very bumpy roads it tends to move a bit. I suppose if you tighten up the strap a lot you can reduce the problem, but still I am not too sure it would work on mountain bike trails. On roads and light gravel it's just fine. All in all, I would definitely recommend it!
Compact, bright, easy to use bar mount and good battery life, what's not to like?
This is a helpful and compact light. Can make your touring or bikepacking rides safer at nights
Very satisfying experience, the very precise durability and focus of light. Very pleased with the product
Easy to install with good brightness and battery life. The angle does drift up and down on longer bumpy roads.
Fabulous compact light. Battery life is exceptionally good. I've not yet run out of power!! It's bright enough to illuminate dark country roads. Flashing modes are bright enough for day time use. Not quite bright enough for serious mtg off road.
Good light, Bright enough for my daily commute and build quality is great.
Great light. Very bright and compact
Great light comes with a great price, I found it at Merlin in discount. It came with a waterproof usb charge cable; is a very thoughtful accessory for long rides. Led indicators are very useful.
Excellent frontlight The battery has a good life, and the brightness allows evening rides even in complete darkness for a couple of hours. Small but does a good job.
On day flash (400lumens) this thing could blind a bear! Fed up buying inferior lights that let me down, so went for the C3. Very happy as I feel much safer day or night then this light is on. Highly recommended
Small, powerful, fully featured light with USB charging. Four brightness levels, of which I use the lowest because it's enough for me. Handlebar mount is ok, but very stiff to quickly remove the light and the rubber band that wraps around the handlebar doesn't hold it very securely and I'm worried the elasticity will fade with time, especially in winter, but we'll see. Feature wise this is a fantastic value for money.
Great! Great design (The best I´ve seen) and very good light!
The Moon Meteor has been my favourite front light in terms of looks, lumens output for the size and light pattern. This latest version, the Moon Meteor C3, uses a CREE XP-G3 LED. Beware of fakes and older versions advertised as a Moon Meteor C3 using this CREE XP-G3 LED. The LED is mentioned on the product box. The one from Merlin Cycles is an original and is the latest model. The light output is fantastic for town and cycle path use. Compared to previous Moon Meteor models, the mounting bracket is easier to fit and more secure. Charging is now via a standard micro USB instead of the less common mini USB connector that was used on older Moon Meteor lights, so this is another plus. The light modes are also now more useful, and include a day-flash mode (although this does zap the batter quite quickly).
Great light and great price. Great that it comes in three brightness settings for both flashing and constant light modes
A really neat and bright front light with plenty of good features as a "be seen" light. Haven't had to recharge it yet after 5 hours use on a flashing mode. Easy to mount and dismount, and a neat handlebar mount that is easily detachable.
This is an excellent small medium-brightness light, and ust what I wanted for a helmet light. It has the same mount as does the Meteor Pro series. Good and inexpensive international shipping from Merlin!