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Moon Meteor Storm Pro Rechargeable Front Bike Light - 2019
The Meteor Storm Pro front light features upgraded features for 2019 including, VLS (Variable Lumen System) which allows you to set any lumen you would want, from 0 to 1700 Lm. The Storm Pro also features 10 light modes letting you tune the light to your riding style, weather its commuting to trail riding this light has you covered.
  • Matrix LED System – Making the operation easier
  • Waterproof to IPX 5
  • Lumen and Run Time are tested under ANSI FL-1 Standard
  • Daylight Flash Mode – Making a cyclist more visible during the daytime
  • Light Memory Mode: Stay on the same mode even when you turn the light off
  • Lock Mode: Protect your battery and prevent accidental turnon
  • 2 pcs Cree XM-L 2 (U2) high brightness LEDs
  • Matrix LED Display
  • CNC aluminium heat sink casing
  • 1700 Lumen Full power mode with a boost mode of up to 2000 Lumens
  • 10 modes: Mode 1/ Mode 2 / Mode 3 / Mode 4 / Mode 5 / FL 1 / FL 2 / FL 3 / Day FLASH / SOS
  • Over heat protection system
  • Quick release LG lithium ion battery (3.6V 3350 mAh)
  • Quick release handlebar mount (fits 22-35mm)
  • Quick release helmet mount
  • Magnetic battery cover design
  • Low battery, charging and fully charged indicator
  • Automatic fully charged cut-off system
  • USB remote control system
  • Type-C Charging port
  • Side visibility
  • Water resistant USB port
  • Water resistant (IPX 4)
  • Mode Memory
  • Day Flash Mode
  • Size: 115.5 x 48 x 34mm
Lumen Output:
  • Boost: 2000lm - 2.00hr
  • Mode1: 1750lm - 2.30hr
  • Mode2: 1100lm - 4.30hr
  • Mode3: 120lm - 43.00hr
  • FL1: 100lm - 200.00hr
  • Steady FL: 200lm - 98.00hr
  • Day FL: 400lm - 260.00hr
Darren C Great light for night road riding. Can see everything and can be seen by everyone! Easily mounted with go pro adapter.
Mr Morillo The item arrived after 6 days, which is fast (UK-UAE), I love that it was as described, the package was secure. For the light, it looks and feel sturdy with accessories included (control and helmet mount) which you'll buy in other brands. It's so bright and with replaceable batteries which is I like. The only downside though is the weight, so I will not be using it with my helmet. But overall I'm really satisfied with the product and with my first transaction with Merlin Cycles. looking forward for more purchase. Thank you very much. Regards.
Anders Great product - solid build, good light spread with even lighting, good battery capacity and a better mounting clamp than some other lights I have tried. Several useful modes, both steady and flashing. The remote control and its clever function is one major reason I bought this light - I found a great combination as add-on to the fixed light on my bike when commuting to work: I`ve set a flashing mode as the default mode which is activated with a short press of the remote. A long press turns the light off. A double-click activates the brightest beam. This way I have a low beam from the bikes fixed light, a high beam for dark stretches and no oncoming traffic, and a flashing light for visibility when I come up on intersections and for alerting cyclists and pedestrians in town, all with easy access from the handlebar. If I have one wish it would be for an even stronger light, but as I don`t want a separate battery pack this is the best I`ve found. Highly recommended!
AndyC First off, I was getting fed up with the headlight and separate battery pack type set up, hence looking for something more self-contained. The Moon Meteor Storm Pro throws out a great amount of light on the higher settings, brilliant for unlit roads while the lower settings are good enough for riding in the city. I`ve not used the flash function though. I love the remote-control button that allows you to drop down through the lumens if you come across a car or a fellow cyclist coming the other way and you dont want to blind! Battery life seems to be in line with the advertised numbers. It also comes with a decent handlebar mount and a helmet mount. Overall, I`m really pleased with my purchase, and like any battery light I keep it indoors rather than in a cold shed overnight.
Andrew G Great light. Excellent brightness for early morning rides when its dark and long battery life. Only concern is its a tad heavy at 215g. No hesitation in recommending.
Mevlüt Super bright light with powerful battery and sometimes confusing 10 (5 steady/5 flash) modes. It is not a small light obviously, but when mounted on the handlebar it looks neat. It has a cabled remote which can be attached to hoods and makes changing between modes easy. What I liked most about it is its handlebar mount system which is sturdy and it is almost impossible for the light to drop under any circumstance. The mount is also quickly release so it is more stable than rubber mounts.
Mr Fernandes Very satisfied, a white light that turn the dark with a clear and wide view for details. It improved a lot my safety. I recommend.
Robin Very powerful and long life even at max power ! I love this one !
CSharp It's an excellent quality night light! It has a really good beam pattern that's symmetrically round no matter how you rotate it. The throw is pretty good! The other thing I like is the self-contained battery which can be replaced. Everything about this light is high quality, very well constructed, and very robust.The package that it comes in is also excellent - very well and neatly packaged in a small box that can be re-used. The only reason why I gave it a 4 star out of 5 is because of the weight. I would've given this a 9/10 or 4.75/5 or 19/20 if the rating is more granular. The weight of the light is on the heavy side, which is meant more for the handlebar mounting. At 208g (7.3oz) actual weight, it feels heavy on the head when mounted on the helmet! It will tilt your head or helmet forward. Guess I'll have to build up the neck muscles. The helmet mount also sits high, but very adjustable for the angle of the beam.
Leon Story The Meteor Storm Pro is superb! Fine design and machining, excellent light pattern, BRIGHT. Good stout screw-on bar mount; secure helmet mount. Replaceable 3350mAh flat-ended Li-on batteries. (Moon' s own extra batteries are outrageously expensive, whereas the best 3350mAh ones from major manufacturers -- LG, Sanyo, etc. --- run 5 to 10 USD each.) My only quibble would be that the cord to the remote switch is too short to use with a helmet mount. (Perhaps Moon has an extension cord, but I couldn't find one on either Merlin Cycles or Moon's own site). In any case, I'm extremely pleased, and may order the somewhat less bright plain Meteor Storm in addition, for a helmet light. This is a superb product! International shipping was very prompt.
Mr Midgley Excellent light, easy to operate and great service
Neil S. Absolutely top notch light for the money and very bright. Great also for off road MTB, which is why my wife, daughter and myself have all bought one. Can highly recommend.
Mr Rönström Very bright light in a compact format! + Compact + Bright + Wide and consistent beampattern + Cheap - Fiddly remote and connection - To many modes with nearly the same action. Most annoying is "short press" lowers output, "double press" turns on high beam. These two actions are very close to each other and makes it easy to turn on high beam by mistake if one lowers the output to quickly.
Shane The best light I have ever purchased. It arrived within 5 days of purchase. If you ride in the dark this is the light to get. Excellent
Mr Aguto Very bright light more than enough if your purpose is to be seen, good for dark roads when there is absence of light
martin Excellent product from Merlin, lasts longer than expected between charges and you won't find cheaper than this, excellent
McDonald Out the box and after a full recharge the light didn't work correctly and required the batteries to be removed and installed, lights are now working as advertised.
Mr DP The best bike light I've ever used by a considerable margin. It's so well thought out. The bar mount is excellent, it's very secure - no stupid rubber bands, just a rock solid clamp. There's also a helmet mount and a really useful remote thumb switch. The batteries are 2 very good quality 18650 batteries - I bought 2 more of these that you can easily swap over. In use the light is fantastic, seriously bright on the full power setting, far too bright for on the road, but great off road with a nice beam pattern covering the foreground and far enough into the distance. The only downside is that there are just too many settings meaning you have to click thru to dim the brightness if you come across a nighttime dog walker. I've had so many different lights from cheap Chinese to top end light and motion and I think this is the best compromise for an on bar light. No battery pack and light enough so as you don't notice it. May sound expensive vs some of the cheapo Chinese versions, but it's very high quality and well thought out.
Mrs HAJINLIAN Haaahh..... This light might be an answer to all front lighting questions. We just got this form Merlin to USA for $125.00, after some discount for promotion. Very nice power button action, user changeable battery, and mighty strong light for the value. Matrix display for light level and reserve power is very intuitive. USB charging was a must for us, and you get a free helmet mount. Just go for it.....