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Moon Nebula Rechargeable Rear Bike Light
  • 1 pce 50 chip rectangular ring COB high brightness LED
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer batter 3.7v / 800 mAh
  • CNC aluminium heat sink
  • 8 modes
  • Quick release patented universal bracket fits all round and aero bars
  • 2 x O rings (20-35mm & 35-52mm)
  • Quick release saddle rail mount included
  • Low battery, charging & fully charged indicator
  • Automatic fully charged cut off
  • Side visibility
  • IPX4
  • Water resistant USB port
  • Belt clip bracket - ideal for clothing, backpacks & pannier bags
  • 270 degrees total light angle
  • 60 degrees spot angle
  • 93mm x 22mm x 17mm



  • Overdrive 100 lumens - 1 hour 10 mins
  • High 45 lumens - 2 hours 15 mins
  • Standard 30 lumens - 3 hours 30 mins
  • Low 15 lumens - 7 hours 30 mins
  • 100% flashing 100 lumens - 2 hours 10 mins
  • 50% flashing 50 lumens - 4 hours


  • Weight:45g
Leon Just received this item a couple of days ago and so far so good. Very bright light with a very good build quality. It feels sturdy and well built. The charging is quick and easy and the controls are intuitive and easy to use. Would recommend if you can get it for a good price!!
JJ Bright and last long, definitely but it is a bit big compared to normal rear light.
Mr C Much higher quality than the many look-alike versions out there, and the brightest setting is truly retina-burning.
John Although fairly expensive for a rear light it is well worth the money. This light is really bright and I would not like to be following too close. Perhaps not the best for a group ride but perfect for commuting. Lots of simple and effective fastening options. It is also rechargeable. Nothing to complain about. Highly recommended.
Dominique Excellent light, very bright, long lasting & well built. There also a very exhaustive mounting kit standard in the pack, good for all kinds of bikes aero or standard. Thnx Merlin for good price and quick delivery!
Mr Joeteo Bright and long lasting. Have used lots of lights before, this is my favorite!
Ann It is amazing the light this little bike light can generate
Mr Kuipers Works very well. Extremely bright. Fits snug under seat
Mark Townsend Fantastically bright rear light. Arguably 100 lumens straight in the eyes of following traffic may not make you very popular but the other lower lumen modes are superb. The on off button is a tad temperamental, sometimes needing a firm 2 second press to turn the light on and other times just a light press. Not a deal breaker but a bit annoying if you want to quickly reach down and turn on the light or up the intensity/ switch modes mid ride. One other minor niggle, it has a screw adjustment for angle when on your seat post but you have to remove the light to make any adjustments to the bracket, then put the light back on and see if it's right. Then repeat once you realise it needs adjustment or you moved it when putting the light on or off. Both minor niggles on an otherwise epic light. Great price too.
Matt Really bright and lasts a week of commuting for me. Great so far in Cumbria summer rain, will see how it survives winter. I use even in daytime as it's so bright it works like DRLs on cars.
Mr Hughes Fantastic light, very visible with a high number of settings for different conditions. Also held up on a very wet ride. Highly recommend.
Mr Henbury My riding is often at night around country lanes, 1 to 2 hour duration, whatever the weather. This is my second Nebula now, it is my back up, I run them an hour or two apart in charging cycles so I always have one working on the bike, usually two. I would only use the 100 lumen setting in fog or really heavy rain. It really is very bright. My only criticism is the on/off switch. It obviously works, but could do with being a bit more positive for use with gloved hands. But, its only a very minor point and hasn't put me off buying a second one.
Steve Great rear bike light. Long battery and can be really bright. Use it everyday to ensure I am seen on the road!
Egan Fantastic light. Be seen be safe. No more "I did not see him your honour" rubbish. The best light I have ever owned in 3yrs of winter rides.
Mr Smith This light is fantastically bright even on the lowest setting. Not sure about the burn times though. Very quick delivery from Merlin, ordered on the Monday night received it on the Wednesday.
amack I had Moon Comet for a couple of years before replacing it with this one. The usb charging port seems better designed, hopefully preventing any water ingress. It`s also much larger than I was expecting and it is very bright. Whilst I'm not sure how long this light will last, as these rechargeable batteries always seem to have a short lifespan, it is well made and the bracket options that come with Moon lights a very good. I particularly like the bracket that attached to the rails of your seat, no messing about with rubber bands, which often rub paint off and usually always break! So far happy with it, just have to see how long it lasts.
Gepp Very very bright, fantastic mounting kit for aero seat posts, best I have used. Better than cateye rapid.
Stephen Bought this light after a recommendation from someone, very happy with the purchase, very bright, easy to fit and quick delivery.
Mr Bolzan Brilliant rear light. Highly visible and excellent saddle mount. Very good during the daylight as additional security and brilliant in low light. Charges easily and well and seems to hold charge for 5+ hrs on flashing.
Mr Foord Great ultra bright light with many settings. The three mounting brackets make it suitable for mounting on all seat posts or saddle rails. Comes with good instructions.
Mr BARBENSI Great lights! Very bright and easy to use whilst on-the-go.
Harry S Very bright light, easy to operate while on the bike, the seat rail bracket is great (have a dropper post), loads of settings. Recommended
Nik H. Amazingly bright and good quality
kazee Stylish rear light which grabs everyones attention. Mostly from other cyclists wondering where I got it from and what brand it is.
Hayes This is a great rear light, easy to fit, easy to set and bright enough to get you noticed. I had good experience with a moon light so decided to try this light on my Giant propel advanced aero frame, love it. It looks cool too!
geekiad Great light, bright and lasts long. I use 50 lumens blinking mode at the night, more than enough. 100 lumens may be useful if used in daytime.
Mr SAWFORD Super bright rear light with plenty of different ways to fit to bike. I already use Moon brand lights for my front light and think they are good quality and really light up the road for me. Merlin had the best price on the web also.
Raskovic Still testing; had 2 long rides, about 4 hours running on flash, as claimed. And more than 8 hours on strobe.
Mr Majewski Completely different then model before. Little wider and more features, easy to use. Everybody now can see you on the road I am very happy have one like this.