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Moon Shield-X Auto Rechargeable Rear Light
The Shield X Auto brings a new level of technology to the rear light. The Shield X combines both a spot Cree LED and COB light set for optimum visibility.
  • 1 x Cree XPE LED
  • Integrated light sensor
  • Auto safety mode
  • Mode memeory fucntion
  • CNC aluminium casing
  • Daytime flash mode 150 lumen output / 25 hours runtime
  • Includes universal bracket, saddle rail bracket and belt clip bracket
martin Fantastic little light, very bright and has a daytime run mode, battery life is very long and comes with many options for fitting, recommended.
Bill Great and effective light that provide multiple setting to ensure cars and people can spot you on those dull and dark nights!
Mr Oh good bright light. Almost too bright.
Daniel Brilliant light, only slight gripe is you can’t mount vertically for aethsthetics and difficult to turn on/off when mounted and on bike-need to stop. However, brilliant battery life and features and brightness
jonathan Excellent
L davidson A brilliantly bright light + very adaptable as to where you can put the light!! Great buy.
James Well it comes down to do you want to be seen or if you want to be road kill. If you want to be seen, this light does the trick at a price and run time capability that puts it at the head of the class. It has an excellent daylight visible mode with 150 lumens with an optical lens to make it visible for many 100's of meters even in daylight yet it also has a 25 hour run time in daytime flash mode. Compare this to any other rear light out there and regardless of price they don't compare. When you include the cost, buying this is a no brainer. Look, the Cygolite Hotshot 150 is nice, the Niterider Sentinal & Sola 150 are terrific lights also but for example, the Solas in Daylight Flash is good for 4H 30 M so not even close to the 25 hour run time of the Moon. How Moon gets their incredible run times I have no idea but using their lights I have no doubt they are reasonably accurate. When you compare output visibility, to features, to cost, Moon just stands out. One complaint, if you call it that, is that when you mount this light to the terrific flex mount it comes with, be sure to mount it with the charging side toward the mount. If you mount it with the on-off/mode button toward the mount, you can slide off the rubber push button and make the unit unoperational if you lose that little piece of rubber. Minor design error on the mount system but once you realize this frailty, it is still the best mount out there.
Jason Ellul Quite a bright light with a good selection of mounting options, and plenty of different modes. The only downside for me is the finicky button, sometimes you hold it to turn it off but instead it changes from flashing to solid mode. Other than that it's excellent!
Dubai rider Very visible in the road. Nice light for the price
david Great light, only used a couple of times, very bright with lots of modes convenient usb charger. All the fittings including aero seat post mount. Bargain price from Merlin Cycles with fast delivery
Mark This is a large rear light that is well designed with several different post, seat or helmet mount options.
Mr Vincenzo The brightest light on the market by a long long shot. Battery life lasts a week on flashing mode. I have used these for three years now and won't consider any other light.
Mr Cho Fast delivery and high quality. When it gets dark, the light is automatically turned on. Because of this, the battery is also maintained for a long time, which is very helpful for riding. There are various modes and it is easy to use. I am sorry that I can not tell you more because I am a poor Korean:)
Chrisp Great light, I appreciate that it can be mounted at a number of different angles as I have limited room on my seat post. Also excellent that the light comes with seat rail and saddlebag mounting options.
Mr Lee This rear light is great. Very bright light and long battery time. I must buy more for my second bicycle.
McDonald This is my 3rd rear light from Moon. Turn the light on and twice I have found the light not operating. Great light however it needs to be on when riding for it to do its job.
Reid Very bright. Very solid build and good functions. Recommended
Mr Aguto High quality rear light. I only wish that they put the on/off button in front, but nonetheless happy with my purchase
Ernesto Mostly use on day mode at the moment, which is very bright. Cars definitely give you a wider berth and I feel much safer on those murky days out on the country lanes.
Robius Great rear light with 150 lumen Daylight Flash option. I really liked mounting parts and there is enough mounting options and accessories for 2 bikes. Saddle rail mount looks great on my MTB.