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Mudhugger Shorty Front Guard
Most mountain bikers now accept that a good front mudguard makes sense to reduce the amount of mud or spray flying up off the front tyre and into your eyes, glasses or goggles. Not only is it much safer, it's also more comfortable (think, hurtling down a fire road at 30mph and being pebbledashed in the face by lovely welsh grit and mud) and means you can ride faster more safely. 
At only 60g in weight and 340mm long you won't even notice it's there due to tyre hugging profile. Don't be deceived by its stealthy looks though, the Shorty still offers awesome mud and spray protection in all but the very worst riding conditions helping to keep your line of vision down the trail clear.
It has the right length for my nomad 4 which is awesome enough to shield off Malaysias mud in most wet condition.
Great fitting mud guard. Much neater looking that the standard folding plastic version at a small premium price.
- fits perfectly in my boost specific fork - shields considerably more mud than other guards currently in the market
This is a top notch mudguard. I highly recommend!!