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Northwave Core Road Shoes - 2019

About as light as road footwear gets, the Core Shoes from Northwave feature plenty of breathability for sumptuous comfort kilometre after kilometre. Four breathable mesh inserts and reduced seams work together to make the Northwave Core Road Shoes one of the most comfortable experiences you can have in the pedals. Not only does that optimal ventilation work to keep you cool when the intensity starts to rise, but it also does a great job of wicking sweat away from the skin quickly as a result too. Meanwhile, the NRG Air Carbon reinforced sole has enough stiffness to keep you upright, and the 3-piece Velcro closure gives you a secure fit.


  • NRG Air Carbon Reinforced sole with 8.0 and 5 fan stiffness index for perfect airflow
  • Compatible with SPD pedals. Plate not included
  • Upper with unibody construction without seams reduces pressure points. 4 inserts in breathable mesh and micro-holes along the entire surface ensure optimal ventilation
  • 3-piece closure with velcro