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Northwave Devil Cycling Sunglasses

Light weight Cycle specific sunglasses with extended lens coverage for enhanced peripheral vision. Featuring impact resistant lenses with a water repellent surface treatment for protection and clarity on high intensity rides.

  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Interchangeable Lens
  • Off-center Lens
  • Water-Repellent Lens
  • Adjustable nose Pads
  • Megol details
  • Lens thickness: 2 mm

Frame and Lens Combinations:
Each frame is supplied with 2 sets of lenses for performance in a wide range of lighting conditions.

Smoke Lens - The Smoke lens is particularly suited to medium to bright light conditions with 22% light transmission for a high level of protection and comfort. The lens tint does not alter colour perception for a natural feel

Clear Lens - The clear lens offers optimum visibility in poor light conditions. It is particularly suited to use at night or indoor conditions such as track cycling to protect the eyes from airborne particles. Light Transmission: 92%

Mirror Red Lens - A mirrored lens offers excellent protection in very bright light conditions due to a high level of reflectivity. The red tint helps improve contrast perception and filters brightness from the greens and blues. Light Transmission: 12%

Mutli-layer Blue Lens - Multi-layer treatment increases the visual perception of colour and accentuates contrast outdoors, the blue tint filters brightness from the red and yellow parts of the spectrum, ideal for desert and rocky settings. The mirrored multilayer effect is not only attractive in appearance, but also reduces the percentage of infrared rays that hit the eye. Light Transmission: 18%

Polycarbonate Lens Material
Polycarbonate offers first-rate optical characteristics, excellent impact resistance and extraordinary lightness. It has a low refraction index and filters out ultraviolet light. All Northwave polycarbonate lenses are subjected to surface hardening treatments that make them resistant to abrasion and solvents.

Off Centre Lens Curvature
The accentuated curvature of standard lenses provides impact protection but may distort the field of vision. Northwave sunglass lenses have an off-centre base: the axis of the focal centre is perfectly aligned with the focal centre of the eye. This ensures that your field of vision remains perfectly natural and balanced, preventing image distortion and eye fatigue.

Water Repellent Lens Treatment
Northwave lenses undergo a treatment that leaves them exceptionally smooth, this allows drops of water to so simply slide down the lens rather than attaching to microscopic ridges found on regular lenses. Essential for clear vision in wet conditions.

Mr H Great lenses, very clear crisp view with not too much colour distortion. Sweat tends to pool at the bottom of the lenses even though there is no rim at the bottom.
Mr Sisson Great sunglasses. Excellent snug fit, and very comfortable around the nose. The two sets of lenses are great too - sunglasses are perfect - not too dark, whilst the 'clear' glasses are ever so slightly tinted which means you can wear them on cloudy days without issue, but still have glare protection if the sun pokes through. Perfect for UK weather 90% of the time. Only one gripe is that I found it really hard to change the lenses. Some reviews I read said you can ease them out by gently flexing the frame upwards and pulling on them at the same time. Not true. The only way I could change them is by flexing the frame back very vigorously until the lenses 'pop' out. Once this is done you realise the frame is actually extremely flexible and it's the lenses that give it its rigidity. Still, absolutely great glasses for the price. They look great, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair if I needed to.
uberkraaft Very well made and a lot sleeker than the Shimano Multi lens set they're replacing. Grip & fit is very good. Generally pleased with them, only downside is that changing the lenses is pretty tricky - it feels like the lenses will break or at least fail very soon - only time will tell.