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Pair Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Tubeless Ready Road Tyre & Tubeless Kit is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Pair Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Tubeless Ready Road Tyre & Tubeless Kit
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Pair Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Tubeless Ready Road Tyre & Tubeless Kit

This item was discontinued 20th November 2020.

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Code:: PV527
Pair Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Tubeless Ready Road Tyre - 700x25
The Fusion 5 is literally an all rounder, designed to combine grip, efficiency, durability, puncture resistance and comfort. This combination enables this tyre to reach a high level of performance when out on the road.
The Fusion 5 Performance benefits from Kevlar reinforcement. Ideally used by demanding competitors who are not comfortable choosing between performance and durability. This version of the Fusion 5 combines both seamlessly, still performing at an optimal level but providing greater durability and protection.
  • Road Tubeless Ready: Tubeless "ready road tyre that is used in conjunction with ProtectAir Max latex sealant to make the tyre airtight.
  • More comfort and deformability
  • Light and resistant.
  • Bead to bead sealing reinforcement.
  • 127TPI casing light and resistant.
  • Pressure Guide: 80 to 166psi
  • Ideal pressure: 99psi (70kg)
  • Weight: 255g approx (700 x 25)
  • Kit includes: 2 x Tyres, 1 x Protect Air Max, 2 x Tape and 2 x valves
Mr Rodriguez Me ha resultado genial este kit de cubiertas tubeless. Se nota en los tiempos el ahorro en resistencia al rodaje. No es tan sencillo de montar como en la MTB, porque hay que ser muy meticuloso en el montaje por las presiones que llevamos en carretera. Me costó un poco talonar la primera vez con mis ruedas Campagnolo Calima, y las válvulas hay que instalarlas bien para que no pierdan aire alrededor de ellas. Supongo que con unas ruedas "tubeless ready" sería todo más sencillo. Ya llevo 650 kms y muy contento.
Mr Humphries Really good tyres. Good fitting kit. Fast service from merlin cycles, happy
Mr Boisjoli One of the best tire tested for five years that I ride in tubeless. I will not say it is faster than another manufacturer, but surely one of the softest and very, very easy to mount on the rim. For all those who have ever rolled on tubeless Vittoria Graphene Plus (the best tubeless) know what an exceptional tubeless it is. The Hutchinson Eleven Storm tubeless is almost his equal, but with much less puncture.     Have a good day.!
Mr Rothery Used to replace an existing tubeless tyre set up. So didnt use the valves and rim tape. 200km so far and happy with it.
Scott Kit is easy to use. The tyres have been used on my commuting bike for 6 months without a puncture.
Mr Ward Package comes with tubeless rim tape, sealant and valve. I didn't expect that. A nice rolling tyre but doesn't seem to be any more puncture resistant than the faster rolling Schwalbe Pro One TL.
Herman Good grip and lightweight tyre, very impressed with the tape that was provided with the kit. Installation of this tyre was the easiest Tubeless setup on a road rim I've had so far. I have tried Schwalbe, Panaracer, Vittoria and for an overall score this one is on top.
Erik Easy to install, great to ride (comfort, cornering), a bit lower quality of valve ((not fully airtight, a bit of extra glue was needed). I would suggest to add an option to choose from various valves (length) due to various deepness of rims, or information that extension might be needed (to add a proper one to the basket with this purchase. Otherwise, very satisfied.
Felix I tried these after I wore out a Schwalbe One in just 2 months. Only done 300k on them so far, but they are clearly more durable (the Schwalbe's were showing signs of wear almost immediately). Great performance and cornering.
Kyle The Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance rated well on so I thought I would give them a shot. This is not the exact version that was reviewed on BRR, but rather the Tubeless Ready version. The main difference between the Tubeless Ready and the Tubeless versions is the lack of a butyl layer. This lack of layer makes the tyre lighter, but also means you must run it with sealant. Since most of us tend to run sealant anyways I thought these more suitable. There is one other difference that is hard to tease out from Hutchinson's website, but it's that they chose to go with the Hardskin reinforcement rather than the Kevlar Pro Tech. This knocks it down to a 4/5 on performance (vs the tubeless version) and 4/5 for grip, but ups it to 5/5 for lightness. If you dig more into their literature, it would seem that the Hardskin is a bead to bead reinforcement (vs. contact patch only) that is spec'd on their endurance tyres, so I would tend to think it may have a bit more protection. I'm sure I've given up a watt or two, but I thought it good to have the bead to bead reinforcement for sidewall cuts. In the kit are two tyres at a width of 25mm, a bottle of hutchinson sealant, two valves, and two rim strips - the kit says tape, but they are more like a plastic strip that hugs the wheel. I used the plastic strips to hold down tape that I was too impatient to set with a tube. I did not use the sealant as I prefer orange seal. Mounting the tires was a dream - it was very easy to do on a set of Boyd Altamont. I used soapy water, but it really wasn't necessary. The provided valves were subpar for my use - I had to reinforce them with a patch of inner tube and an O ring to get a good seal. However, they got replaced by Boyd stems which were far superior due to better sealing and their awesome wing nut. I put the tyres on, pumped up to set the bead, then popped off the cores to add sealant and it just worked. One thing I did notice is that there was no definitive popping noise of the bead setting. It might just be my rim/tyre combo. So how do they perform? Beautifully. On my Boyd rims (19.75mm internal) they sit ~27.5-28mm wide @ 90 psi once stretched out. This is absolutely perfect for someone of my size (85 kg). They roll wonderfully smooth and the tubeless experience is wonderful. I did set a PR on a downhill segment by being able to trust the sidewall grip and took a hairpin at 40 km/h, so they do inspire confidence in the corners. In ~700 km my front has not experienced cuts or nicks, so thats good. The rear is a different story - hit something nasty at 30 km/h that gashed my sidewall ~7mm and my tread 2 mm. Sealant couldn't fix it and I trashed the tire at 100 km. Still, I bought another kit so that I had a spare. So far, I am happy, but time will tell. I am curious how much more rolling resistance the Hardskin layer adds, but right now I am happy so maybe ignorance is bliss. :)