Pair Vittoria Diamante Road Tyres & Vittoria Tubes
Pair Vittoria Diamante Road Tyres & Vittoria TubesPair Vittoria Diamante Road Tyres & Vittoria TubesPair Vittoria Diamante Road Tyres & Vittoria Tubes
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Pair Vittoria Dimante Pro IV or Pro Light III with 2 Vittoria Lite Tubes
Lightweight with a flexible 220 TPI nylon casing, the Vittoria Diamante Pro IV Tire has a performance advantage your can feel. Its highly technical, modern tread design is made with ISOgrip Compound for secure, confident handling in all weather conditions. With bead-to-bead flat protection, the Vittoria Diamante Pro IV Tire raises the bar on racing performance tires.
  • Weight: 170g (23mm)
  • Fast-rolling slick tread center
  • Grip pattern on shoulders
  • ISO grip compound
  • 220 TPI nylon casing for comfort
  • Size: 700 x 23
  • Bead-to-bead slick tread for outright speed
  • Flexible 220 TPI casing takes up to 11 bar inflation
  • Tubes: Vittoria Lite 48 or 80mm valve


Fantastic tyres that go on easily and provide excellent feel on the road
An intermediate tire with good rolling and excellent relation benefit / cost.
Good value tyre. I had to replace mine due to a flat spot after heavy braking but otherwise the wear was minimal, grip was good and rolling resitance quite low. This double pack was great value.
Great tires. Been riding them for years. Originally bought them for their suppleness and their ability to withstand high pressure and they don't disappoint!
Nice tyres! As said previously, a very nice upgrade from the Rubinos. Light weight and supple feel thanks to the high TPI count.
Look and feel right. Popped onto the rims ok. Plus: light, high tpi, true, no wobble, and too early to tell how good or bad against flats.
I started using Diamante Pros when I finally gave up on tubulars. These lightweight clinchers are better in every way. I've found these tyres to be easy to install, very round and true and with a reasonably smooth ride. I've had occasional pinch flats but I'm largely to blame for not inflating them sufficiently. I've found the Pro Light version to be somewhat less durable - that's the price for the lighter weight.
Its a bit early to review a tyre as I have only had them on the bike for a couple of weeks , They are considerably lighter than the Zaffirros they replaced. My initial impression is that the bike handles more precisely and it feels very secure when cornering at speed in wet conditions. Time will tell how rugged they are but at the discounted price and with the inner tubes included in the package I think they are good value. These are 23mm width. Unfortunately, my frame will not accept wider tyres . This did influence my decision in choosing these.
So far so good. Tyres feel very "grippy" and road surface friction is at a minimal
Purchased to replace an earlier version of the Diamante tyres that have adorned my summer bike for the last couple of years. I find the Diamante tyres handle well when cornering and feel faster when riding compared to Rubino Pros. A worthwile upgrade.
Great value, light weight set of tyres, ideal for indoor and outdoor track racing
Tubes are standard, not especially thin or thick. Smaller diameter worked well with the tires. Tires felt supple and light. Mounting the tires was hard, but not too difficult.
Lovely supple tyres. Very grippy and easy to mount. A hundred miles in and they're running very nicely. They compare very well to my old Diamante Pro III's.