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Pair Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp Folding Road Tyres 700c x 23mm is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp Tyres - Pair
Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp Tyres - Pair

This item was discontinued 26th February 2015.

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  • Special offer for a pair of these ever popular tyres, less than half the RRP
  • Fortezza TriComp Our most popular competition tyre, suitible for mixed conditions and all weather's. The 225g Fortezza TriComp from Vredestein features TriComp and Curve control technologies in a slightly more durable package when compared with the TriComp Slick.
  • Asphalt, paving stones, cobbles, sharp bends, dangerous descents, high speeds, varying weather conditions; all these factors demand the utmost of racers and their material.
  • And it is exactly in such changing conditions that Vredestein Fortezza performs best: the DuoComp for dry conditions and the TriComp for both dry and wet weather.
  • Excellent anti-puncture protection, very low rolling resistance and especially unparalleled grip are the characteristics of Fortezza which allow both professionals and recreational cyclists to push and extend their limits.
  • TriComp technology in combination with the Curve Control System guarantees unparalleled grip in corners, both in dry and wet weather. With the Fortezza TriComp, you reap the benefits in the bends.
  • In addition to the Fortezza, Vredestein also offers the Volante TriComp and the Fiammante DuoComp, and together these form a range of truly excellent tyres for training and touring.
  • By combining new techniques and materials with the input from the teams sponsored by Vredestein, we are constantly able to improve even further the product characteristics of the Fortezza. 
  • Size: 700x23C (28")
  • Compound: TriComp
  • Puncture Resistance: Excellent
  • Tyre Pressure: 8.0-12.0bar (min-max)
  • Weight: 225gms
  • Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Yello, White, Grey, Pink, Green, Orange
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Fantastic winter tyres, when everybody else is getting punctures these tyres didn't.
Have only used one other road tyre to compare with but these are grippier without sacrificing rolling resistance - great for the price. They require high pressure to get the best out of them.
Speedy delivery, incredible value and a smooth ride. Less rolling resistance than the stock tyres I had on there. Being a novice cyclist, these seem to be an incredible bargain!
I have used vredestein fortezza tricomp for several years on my best bike, whilst trying other brands on my other bikes. I think they are a brilliant tyre (120Tpi) with a very low rolling resistance, good pucture protection & fair longevity. I have found, however, that they do seem to collect more than their share of little nicks.
Great tires, roll well, and pretty durable as well. I have had these on my "summer" wheelset for over 1500 miles this year. The rear will be ready for replacement in another 500 miles or so in my estimation, but no flats or other problems yet.
Fantastic racing tires. They are very fast and great cornering. Slightly harder to fit in the first time.
A fantastic set of tyres, smooth, hard wearing and value for money. Would definitely recommend.
Initial reaction to these tyre are very good after 200 miles. Feel and grip is really good in comparison to other winter tyres I have used. Having looked at other reviews for them they have a great reputation which at the moment I agree with.
Have just done 200 plus miles while on holiday last week and was very impressed - comfortable, fast and no punctures. These make ideal year round training tyres.
Great tyre, strikes a good balance between weight, durability and grip in all but the worse weather. The transition from the center of the tyre to the shoulder is very smooth and confidence inspiring. They are fast rolling with little rolling resistance, currently running them at 120 psi. These are not out and out racing tyres and sit somewhere between a race tyre and a training hoop. They are my new favorite!
I bought a pair of Vredestein Fortezza Tricomps having previously read good reviews of them. They were to replace the stock tyres that came on my Specialized Hybrid which I found heavy and a bit slow rolling. It's too early to comment on long term durability, but after half a dozen rides all I can say is what a difference these have made. It's like riding a new bike. They roll along very nicely and have made the bike feel much more responsive. If they are also as durable as other reviews say, I will be extremely happy with them and will definitely consider purchasing another pair in the future.