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Panaracer Gravel King Folding Tyre - 700c
Need a fast tyre with a bit more bulk for comfort, sportives or even cross riding? Go almost anywhere with the GRAVELKING, the new tough semi-urban 26/28c volume tyre from Panaracer. Designed to give you speed on the road but grip the towpaths and cycle tracks, and toughened with PT protection will keep you puncture free.
  • Ideal Use: Semi-Urban Performance
Absolutely fantastic tyres, but damned hard to get on! Prepare for bleeding fingers, scarred hands, and expletives ringing from the mountains as you try to get the bead seated properly. Once they are on, however, you might well - like me - be so smitten by them that they might just be the only tyre you buy in the future. I don't think I could ever go smaller than 38c now! Having just got back from a 10 day bike packing adventure in the Highlands and Islands on them, they provided fantastic rolling speeds thanks to almost no tread, but loads of confidence in the wet and dry, and the volume to soak up a tonne of bumps. I didn't get a single puncture in my 10 days of 10h of riding, and took them on some pretty shoddy 'roads'. Cant wait to get them back out again and go for a spin tomorrow. Remember to ride them with a low PSI to really feel the benefits of the volume though.
38mm tires at low psi is great. The gravel king slicks are super soft and roll fast. This was a good addition to my gravel/commuter bike
Roll really well on tarmac and gravel, grippy on the corners, faster than my slicks good buy!
Contrary to other comments, these tires are easy enough to put on. It comes down to technique. I found it quite hard the first time but after watching a video about mounting tires without tire levers, could do it just with my hands the second time. This tire replace the Compass Bon Jon Pass tire. Definitely not as supple as Compass but good enough for half the price.
Great tyres, super light weight for their size and an awesome option for mixed surface riding
These are excellent. I've used them in 32mm and 38mm and they're fast-rolling, grippy, comfortable, durable, puncture-resistant, cheap and lightweight. The 38mms I've got now are tubeless and only weigh around 320g. Highly recommended.
These tires are fantastic! Where I live the roads are rough. The extra air volume and supple rubber add quite a bit of comfort to the ride.
Tightest beads I can remember in years; I guess this should reassure most above and beyond the added hassle of fitting. Sidewalls not as supple as the tyres they make for Soma, Compass, etc. - this is the only disappointment, although I guess their partner companies would be pretty pissed if they were selling equivalent tyres at almost half the price. On a positive, there's no leakage, personally i'd rather suffer adding extra sealant and the faff that comes with it. Come up to size and weight as per manufacturer claims
The black/tan tyres look great & they roll well in the wet & rough. As mentioned in another review they are difficult to put on & I was unlucky enough to get a glass/flint puncture on my first ride......but they do look great.
Lovely tire, only he few rides in, but loving the supple feel and grip. Fast enough for rapid commuting and general riding on varied surfaces. Not a "gravel" in that it would grip on really loose stuff, but good enough for what most roads bikes will see.
It has been a real struggle fitting these tyres but it was worth it. Good quality, gets you through rough patches, dirt and gravel of your commute smoothly